I'm back. I've started this new story because I don't see a lot of stories where Bella is the sister to Aro. I thought it would make a great story. So here I am on another trip. :) I do not own Twilight or its characters. All I own is the plot in the story.

For future reference, here is a list of people's POV that will be in the story (as of right now in my head):

BPOV-Bella (Isabella)


CPOV- Caius

MPOV- Marcus

JPOV- Jane


FPOV- Felix

DPOV- Demetri

CCPOV- Carlisle

EsPOV- Esme

ACPOV- Alice

EPOV- Edward

EmPOV- Emmett

RPOV- Rosalie

JWPOV- Jasper

On with the story folks! Before you ask, Carlisle first started living with the Volturi in 1701 in my story.




"Demetri! Jane! Go to the west wing. More newborns are to trying to get through!" My brother, Aro, shouted. The Romanian coven had created an army of newborn vampires to try to overthrow the Volturi so they could rule the vampire race.

"Isabella! Go back to your tower where you will be safe!"

"I will not hide when my family is in danger! You know I am an excellent fighter." Aro knew it was a hopeless cause to argue with me. We began fighting back to back, protecting each other as the fighting began to escalate.

I felt someone grab me, and I could not escape their hold. I screamed. "Aro, help me!" The vampire was pulling me out of the castle, away from the only family I had left. I looked up at his face. It was Vladimir. "Let me go this instant. Aro!"

"Isabella! NO!" Aro roared. He was looking to his left, away from me, seeing something that was not real.

"You will not get away with this." I spat.

"Oh but my dear. I already have." Vladimir pointed to where Aro was standing. As I watched, a newborn was slowly creeping up behind him. Before I could alert him, the newborn attacked. I was in shock, and my heart was breaking. The last thing I saw was my older brother being ripped apart and burned.


We had been alerted that the Romanians were going to attack. It was not mentioned that they would have a newborn army with them. We got Athenodora and Sulpicia to their tower where only they were able to reach. I was about to check on our other queen, my sister Isabella, when the attack began.

They came from all sides of the grounds. Alec and Felix took off running to the northern corridor, along with five other guard members, where the amount of newborns was greatest. Afton, Chelsea, and three other guards went to the eastern corridor. Newborns began spilling into the main chamber. Let the fighting begin.

I could hear more vampires trying to break through into the western wing. "Demetri! Jane! Go to the west wing. More newborns are trying to get through."

I turned back, and there was Isabella. "Isabella! Go back to your tower where you will be safe!" I wish she would listen that way I know she would be safe, and I did not have to worry about her.

"I will not hide when my family is in danger! You know I am an excellent fighter." I did not have time to argue with her about this. She was an excellent warrior, but I knew all warriors fall at some point in their life.

We began fighting back to back, protecting each other. I tried taking on more of the opponents to keep Isabella safe and unharmed.

Suddenly I heard her screaming. "Aro, help me!" I looked to my left and saw a vampire with his arms around her. It was Vladimir, smirking at me in his triumph. His brother, Stefan, came up to them, and together they ripped apart and burned my sister.

"Isabella! NO!" Vladimir and Stefan vanished. I was about to run into the flames when two arms locked around my waist. "Let me go! I can save her!" The arms just tightened their grip.

"Aro, there is nothing you can do. She is… She is gone." I looked back into the eyes of my adopted brother, Carlisle Cullen. They were full of sadness, pain, and devastation. "If you jump into that fire, you will add to the pain of everyone here. We have all lost a sister or mother with Isabella's death. Don't add to the pain of losing a brother or father as well."

I nodded and let Carlisle hold me. I do not know how long Carlisle and I sat there, sobbing for the loss of our sister. I eventually realized the fighting was over. Everyone gathered around Carlisle and I. "My mate what has happened? Are you hurt?" My darling wife and mate, Sulpicia, gathered me in her arms. I tried to speak, but I could not. I just continued to sob.

"Brother?" Caius asked me softly. Caius was the oldest of the three of us. He changed me after he found me close to death in the Roman Coliseum. He then changed Marcus when Marcus's father killed his mother and tried to kill him. He let me be the main leader because of my leadership skills and power but still pulled the big brother card.

I shook my head and looked to Carlisle. "Please." I begged. I know it is the coward's way out, but I could not bring myself to speak the horrible truth. If I said it aloud, it would become all the more real.

Before Carlisle could speak, Jane asked, "Where is mother?" Jane and Alec always thought of Isabella as their mother. She saved them from dying after their village accused them of being witches and was to be burned at the stake. After she changed them, they were glued to her side for three months. Thinking about Jane and Alec no longer having their mother caused me to sob harder.

Everyone could hear Carlisle take a shaky breath. "Is… Isabella w-was k-killed by V-Vladimir an-and Stefan. She is gone!" He lost all strength to stay strong for us all and began sobbing so hard he would have been sick had he been human.

"Mother… Mother is d-dead?" Alec whimpered. Athenodora wrapped him in her arms, Caius held Jane, Marcus held Carlisle, and Sulpicia held me. Everyone broke down and cried out for the loss of their sister and mother.

Nine Years Later



It has been a long nine years since Isabella's demise, and an even longer twenty years that I have been here it seems. The whole guard changed for the worse. Sweet Jane, the apple of her mother's eye, used her power to torture others for fun, making them feel the pain of her loss. She used to despise her powers, using them only if it was a last resort. Now it is the first choice for the guard. Alec no longer speaks, unless it is to his sister. They are now called the Witch Twins. Demetri and Felix ceased to play practical jokes. The Wives stay in their tower in permanent mourning.

The worst change was in the brothers. Marcus, always quiet after the death of his mate Didyme, would no longer say a word. If he must speak, he gives Aro his hand. Marcus would always appear in a better mood if Isabella was in the room. Caius went from warm and loving, to cold and bitter. He would make snide remarks about anything and everything, just to bicker with his brothers. Aro got the short end of the stick. He was the appointed speaker and leader of the Volturi so he had to keep up a front for all that came to the castle. He tried to be the same person before her death, but it was a farce. Every time he would increase his 'happiness' because a memory of her popped up, he would come off as insane. He also became slightly power hungry, trying to find a vampire with the same gift as Isabella.

Unfortunately I am to add to the sorrow of this family. I have decided to leave, for I must find my mate and start my own family. I slowly walked to the throne room and stepped inside. Most of the guard is here, including the brothers. "I need to have a word with you all, if I may."

"Go ahead, brother." I winced, knowing that what I was about to do would add more misery.

"I am leaving." I got no further with my explanation. The whole room erupted into shouting and screaming, except for two people: Marcus and Aro.

"Silence!" Aro commanded. He walked down to me and grabbed my hand. He was looking through my memories to see why I had chosen to leave this family. Once he was done, he looked at me with sad eyes. "I understand brother. I hope you find whom you are searching for, and that she will be perfect for you. Best wishes brother." Aro calmly walked back to his throne. "Carlisle is leaving to find his mate and start a family of his own. You all know of the burning passion you feel to find your mate. Carlisle has another burning passion that my brothers and I have: to start his own family. Many create covens in order to survive in the vampire world. Our family is seen as a coven by most except by those who know us closely. None of us can begrudge him the right to follow his heart."

"Carlisle, you may leave, but please," Aro stared into my soul with eyes so full of pain, "please do not forget us. If you start your own family, please let us know of them. I fear what will become of this guard as the years go by. Good bye brother." Aro stood once more and left the room. I would be crying if I were human. The others on the guard came and gave hugs, wishing me well on my journey. That night I caught a ship to the New World.