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When Edward became extremely rude to the young human woman, I took away his senses. "You need to learn some manners, Edward. My mother taught me I was to treat everybody with respect, especially women. You would get a great deal farther in this existence if you did." I took a quick glance at Jane. I was surprised she snarled at the poor human. Mother had taught us both to respect others. Yes, Aro is our uncle, but what harm could a human do to a vampire? I am curious as to how she knew his name.

I smelled salt. The human had begun to cry. "Now look what you've made me do, Alec. You made me cry."

I was really confused. "How do you know my name?"

She smiled. "Let me say this. Jasper was right. The night we both speak of, an illusion was cast on the two parties involved. One party saw a brother die, while it now seems the other saw me die. It disgusts me how treacherous some vampires can be." She giggled after a moment.

Uncle Carlisle walked up behind her and spoke. He was so quiet that we all had a difficult time hearing what he said. "Was the night you speak of 298 years ago?" What?

The girl turned to face him. "Yes. Yes it was."

Uncle Carlisle swept her into his arms, while he began to sob. "I can't believe you are alive. After so many years…" What was he talking about? This girl was human. Wasn't she?

Uncle Aro cleared his throat. "Care to explain?"

The girl, Bella I believe her name was, gently stepped out of Uncle Carlisle's arms. "I will. But I do believe it would be easier to show you." Show us what?

She changed right before our eyes. The first thing I noticed was her scent, honeysuckle and sunshine, my mother's scent. She's dead! How can I smell her scent? I looked at her, and I was shocked. There, standing before me, was my mother. The whole room had come to a standstill. Uncle Aro stood in front of his throne, shaking with the force of his emotions. "Is… Isabella?"

Mother smiled, venomous tears filled her eyes. "Hello, brother."

Uncle Aro ran down the steps of the throne and stroked her cheek. "You're really here," he whispered. She slowly nodded. He crushed her into his arms, the two beginning to sob. After a few moments, they broke apart. Mom looked toward Jane and me.

That broke the spell. Jane and I ran to her, becoming engulfed in her arms. Jane snuggled into Mom's neck, returning to the same comfort spot after so many years. I burrowed into Mom's side. We all were crying. "My babies. My precious babies," she mumbled. I lost track of how long we were wrapped in her arms. All the memories of her teaching us what it meant to be a vampire, the vacations we had, and all the times we just hung out as family were swimming in my head.

The peace abruptly ended. "Would anybody explain what on earth is going on?"

All eyes turned to Edward. He was furious and confused, and the demented fairy beside him seemed dazed. "Be silent you insolent fool," Caius snarled. I chuckled softly. Uncle Caius could be scary at times, especially when a member of the family was threatened. Mom's his little sister, and when he realized the two idiots had hurt her, well, let's just say things will not be pretty.

Edward cowered back, while the fairy was coming out of her daze. She was scared. "What did you see, Alice?" Mom was smirking, a joyful glee in her eye. She apparently knew what Alice saw in her vision.

Alice was shaking so hard she could not speak. Edward, however, did. "She saw the upcoming conversation, but it must be a lie. The Queen has been long dead."

Mom laughed. "As you can see, that is not true, boy. I am as alive as anybody in this room."

Suddenly, Jasper Whitlock was crouched in front of us. "Whatever you are planning, Edward, it won't work. I won't let you lay a hand on her."

Edward dropped into a hunting crouch. "Oh, but I will, Jasper." Edward launched himself across the room.


Life as a vampire for all eternity no longer holds any appeal. I almost became a living statue after the death of Didyme, my beloved mate, but Isabella, my darling sister, always had a way to get me to talk to her. After her death, I shut down. If I had to communicate with others, I would give Aro my hand so he could read my mind. We had our sister back, and we would fight to the death to protect her.

It was heartwarming to see Jane and Alec back in their mother's arms. They had become so dependent on each other over the years, hardly talking to anyone but each other and Aro. However, I became alarmed when Mr. Whitlock, the God of War, crouched protectively in front of my sister and my niece and nephew. I was still in such shock I did not hear what he said.

Suddenly Edward Cullen went into his hunting crouch. "Oh, but I will, Jasper." He launched himself across the room.

Before anyone else could act, Carlisle intercepted Edward's attack, tackling his supposed child to the floor. "Don't you dare attack her, Edward," Carlisle snarled. His family was shocked. They had never seen him act this way.

The two were circling each other, waiting for the opportune moment to attack. Suddenly, Isabella crumpled to the ground. "Isabella!" Carlisle, concerned about his sister, chanced a glance at her. Edward decided to strike. I could stand this no more.

I realized Edward would not play fair in this fight so I had prepared myself to help Carlisle when the time was right. But no one, not even I, thought about Esme's response to Edward attacking her mate and family.


I could not believe Edward has been controlling us for so many years with Alice helping him. The family and I have been in a constant state of shock since stepping inside Volturi castle. My sweet daughter was the long believed dead Queen, Jasper and Isabella are true mates, and Carlisle is fiercely protective of his sister and family.

Carlisle and Edward were circling each other, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Suddenly, Bella collapsed, unconscious. "Isabella," Carlisle gasped. He turned his attention away from Edward for a split second, and that is all Edward needed.

Edward grabbed Carlisle by the shoulders, pulling Carlisle to him. He wrapped his arms about Carlisle's neck, the perfect position to remove his head. "Tsk. Tsk. Whatever happened to the peace loving man I knew," Edward chuckled darkly, "I will enjoy killing you before I dispose of that worthless vampire that stole my pet from me."

I started shaking with rage. No one threatens my mate. An ungodly roar filled the room. Every eye in the room turned to me. I made that sound? I just noticed that I was in a crouch, ready to attack the boy that I once considered a son. A constant growl was sounding, venom coating my teeth as time progressed. "NO ONE THREATENS MY MATE AND FAMILY! No One!"

Edward smirked. "Today is just full of surprises. Father tries to attack me, and now my mother is threatening me."

"You're no son of mine," I snarled.

"That hurts, Esme." Edward laughed, "Oh well. Say goodbye to your mate." Edward began to tighten his hold on Carlisle. Before I could move, Edward was slammed into the wall.

"You will not harm my brother, boy!" All eyes turned to Caius. "Take him and Miss Brandon to the dungeons, Felix. Demetri, help him. We will deal with them later." Felix and Demetri nodded and grabbed the two shocked vampires and quickly got them down to the dungeon.

I ran to Carlisle, hugging him to me tightly. "I was so worried about you. Never ever do that to me again. Edward may be a young vampire compared to you, but he could still hurt you."

"I am sorry my dear. Edward was threatening my sister and daughter. I was not about to let him harm her and her children. Speaking of children, Bella is still unconscious." The family and the Volturi were gathered around Bella and Jasper. We went to their side, hoping Bella was okay.

Carlisle crouched beside Jasper, going into worried father and doctor mode. "Bella, sweetheart, can you hear me? If you can squeeze my hand." Her hand barely moved, but it was enough to calm some of our fear.

"Darlin', please wake up. I need you here with me. Edward and Alice are in the dungeons. They can no longer hurt us. Please wake up." Jasper was shaking with suppressed sobs. They are truly mates. I just pray my daughter will wake.

Bella's eyes began to flutter open. They were no longer the warm brown we had all become accustomed to. They were a glittering topaz belonging to me and my family. "Jasper," she whispered. He wrapped her in his arms, never willing to let her go again.

Someone cleared their throat. Caius was staring at Bella with longing. Jasper helped her stand, and she darted to Caius. He did the same as Aro. "Never again sister. Never again will you leave us with the thought you had been killed."

She chuckled slightly. "The same applies to Aro and the rest of the family. There has been too much heartache to last for a long while from what the Romanians did to us."

"I agree."

Suddenly, Emmett broke up their conversation. "BellyBoo!" He gave her a giant bear hug, swinging her around in the air.
"Hello dear brother bear. It is nice to see you again." The rest of the family followed Emmett's example, giving her our love once again after such a long time apart. The Volturi brothers and Carlisle had Bella in the middle of their group hug, their family once again together.