One Person Does Make
A Difference

As always, I don't own Digimon.

Why am I here? Am I here to do something important? These are some of the many questions we ask ourselfs through out our life. During my life I believed that I wasn't that important in the grand skim of life. That I wouldn't make much of a difference. But after what I have recently I have to believe that one person could make a difference.


It has been over four years since MaloMyotismon took control of both the real and digital worlds, and since then I have been on my own. My parents died trying to protect me and my sister from being captured and my sister, Jun, was taken away and I haven't seen her since then.

After taking control, MaloMyotismon sent his minions into the real world to capture every human. Once they were all captured they were sent to his human slave camps and were he forces us to build monuments of him and make his dark towers so he can make sure no digimon can come along and defeat him. And as it stands right now, no one has come even close of defeating him. As if their was anyone strong enough to defeat him in the first place.

Many hoped to believe that the DigiDestined would be able to stop him. Unfortunately, they were unable to defeat him. Now the DigiDestined are considered a endangered spices. No sooner after both worlds were taken over, every DigiDestined and their digimon were either destroyed or sent to camps were they are brutally turtured. But what I have figured out is that out of all the DigiDestined, MaloMyotismon only considered one group as even a threat. And that group were the DigiDestined of Odiaba Japan.

That is right, the same group who were from my hometown. The same group that eight of the thirteen saved both worlds all those years ago. Even though I didn't know that any of them were DigiDestined I knew some of them.

I knew Taichi Kamyia, also known as Tai. The person I considered my idol. The leader of the original DigiDestined, the bearer of the creat of courage and partner that is considered the strongest digimon compared to MaloMyotismon, WarGreymon. His sister, Hikari Kamiya, otherwise called Kari. The bearer of the creat and digi egg of light and partner of Gatomon. A member of both the original and new DigiDestined groups. I had many classes with her before any of this occured and even had a thing for her. But I let her go when I saw that she seemingly liked someone else. Besides, with what I have to go through, I am more concerned about trying to survive then worring about a crush. Finally, their is Takeru Takaishi, or T.K. for short. The owner of the creast and digi egg of hope. Like Kari he is a member of both original and new DigiDestined teams. Was somewhat declared the unofficial leader of the new team. It was also rumored to have a relationship with Kari. As for the others, I know little or nothing about them. Other than that basically they were my age or a bit older. Also that one of them once was the Digimon Emperor, but he saw what he was doing was wrong and switched sides and join the DigiDestined.

But from what is known is that in the confrontation with MaloMyotismon, they tried to fight back, only to be defeated by him. Ever since then none of them or their digimon have been seen. But it has been rumored that instead of destroying them, he locked them up in seperate locations so to prevent them from ever coming together to take him down. I don't know weather to believe that or not. But I guess that we all need to have something to give us hope.