Chapter 12:
The Aftermath

Well, here it is. At long last, the final chapter to One Person Does Make A Difference. First off I want to thank everyone who have reviewed this story. Also, if I messed up on the ages of the kids and when they were born I am sorry. Hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I had writing it, even though it is a little short. Before I start, I don't own digimon. If I did this story would be on the show.

"Daddy, David is being mean to me again." "David, how many times have I told you to be nice to your little sister?" "But dad. She started it." "I don't want to hear it you two. Now go get ready. We'll be leaving for the party in a little while." "Okay dad." Both children went to go to their rooms, giving me time to get ready as well. "What am I going to do with that boy?" "You know, he reminds me of a certain someone that I know." Turning around I saw my lovely wife leaning on the doorway. "And what do you mean by that Kari?" "He acts just like you did at that age. Always causing trouble." "Oh, you are really funny." "I got it from you."

After sharing a quick kiss we finished getting ready and got in the car with our children and digimon and drove to the party. The party was the reunion of the DigiDestined. Due to our busy lives we all couldn't be at the same place at the same time, we decided to set one day in the year were we would come together to swap stories of what has happened since the last reunion and relive past memories.

We arrived to the location of the reunion which was being held at the place where it all started. The place were Tai and the older DigiDestined got their digivices and were sent to the digital world for the first time. Things sure have changed since that day.

It has been a little over nine years since MaloMyotismon was defeated which has been referred to as the 'day of freedom.' Both the real world and digital world has managed to fix up all the damage that was done over the years. Humans and digimon have been able to coexist in harmony. In fact, when children reached the age of ten they got their own digimon partner. Things have change for us as well.

Tai and Sora got married a year and a half after the day of freedom and have three kids. An eight year old boy name Davis, who they name in my honor. Another son Jerry who was seven and a six year old daughter named Samantha. Tai became the ambassador of the digital world and Sora became a flower designer. Me and Kari keep in close contact with them. Our sons are close friends and have become better soccer players than me and Tai were.

Matt and Mimi got married as well and they have two boys named Jonathan and Henry who were seven and five. Matt became a famous musician while Mimi became a famous fashion designer and on occasion sang at some of Matt's concerts. All of Matt's songs had become big hits all around the world. Especially the song that was a dedication to our final victory which was called 'Soaring Freedom.'

TK is now a well known writer. He had wrote about all of our adventures we had in the digital world. As he was doing a book signing he met up a girl that he met back in France by the name of Catherine. They got married a year later and have a three year old son named Terry and as we found out they are expecting to have another kid in six months.

Ken and Yolei got married shortly after Matt and Mimi. They have a six year old daughter named Jennifer and a four month old son named Sam who was named after Ken's died older brother. Along with Izzy they research the digital world and the effects it has on the real world and vice versa.

Speaking of Izzy. When he isn't doing research he is spending time with his wife and three year old son Michael. Besides his research and family, he made a computer program that was being used in nearly every military computer in the world.

Joe lived out his dream and became a doctor in the real world and throughout the digital world. He has discovered several medical break throughs in finding cures for diseases. He has a wife and a two year old son named Brad.

For our youngest team member Cody. He followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a police officer. He got married a little over a year ago and he and his wife have a three month old daughter named Alice.

You maybe wondering what has happened between me and Kari. Well, we got married a little over a year after the day of freedom and had two kids. Our eight year old son David and our six year old daughter Melissa. Kari lived out her dream by becoming a kindgarden teacher while I went down a different path. When the world got back on track they decided to form a privation group to stop humans and digimon from causing trouble for the real and digital world. It was called the Digital Force. Surprisingly, they voted for me to lead the Digital Force because of my leadership skills during the day of freedom. I gladly accepted the position. But no matter what, I always put my family first and spent as much time as I possible could with them.

Throughout the reunion we talk about what had happened since the last reunion. All us guys were talking about how our lives were going and all the girls were talking about how things were going with their families and giving congrates to Catherine and her unborn baby. While we were talking, all our kids, except for Sam and Alice who were being taken cared of by their mothers, were running and playing around. Taking a closer look we saw that David was saying something to Jennifer which was causing her to blush.

"I think we are seeing the beginning of a future relationship. Isn't that what you see Ken?" "I do. I just hope he doesn't try anything funny with her." "What do you mean by that? That's my son you are talking about." "I didn't mean it like that. I am just saying that she is my little girl. I don't want anything bad to happen to her." "I understand what you mean. We had a lot happen to us in our lives. Some good, some bad. We went through hell to make sure that our children would live their life's in peace. I would do everything in my power to keep it that way."

Me and Ken continued to talk until Kari came over and joined us. "What are you two talking about?" "We were just talking about how your son is becoming quite the ladies man." She didn't understand what we meant until we motioned over to David and Jennifer. "I see what you are getting at. Davis was like that when we dated." "He did? Now I am worried." "Hey, I don't see anything wrong with that. Just be glad that I only got two kids." "I wouldn't be too sure about that Davis." "Huh!? What do you mean Kari?" She just smiled and patted her stomach. I immediately understood what she was getting at.

"Kari, does this mean that..." "That's right Davis. You are going to have another son or daughter in a few months." In pure joy I let out a yell and spun her around in a hug. "Ha, ha. I guess you are happy with this latest news." I answered her by giving her a passionate kiss. Soon everyone knew about the news. All the girls were hugging Kari and telling her they couldn't wait to see the new Motomiya family member and all the guys were giving me their congrates. "Congratulations Davis. You are now going to have another kid." "And I was just getting used to have only two kids I get another one." "I went though the same thing as you did." said Tai. "They might be a tough job but it will be all worth it." "Your right about that. Lets get back to the party."

We continued the party until nightfall. Saying our good-byes we went to our homes. We arrived to our house a little after midnight. After putting our sleeping kids into their beds, me and Kari went to our room. Soon we were in bed with each other in the other's arms. As I was drifting off to sleep I looked back at my life. I was just an ordinary boy until me parents and sister were killed. Then I met up with Kari and after that everything was changed. After that I got my D3, digi eggs and my own digimon partner Veemon. As we search for the others, our love for one another got stronger and stronger until we confessed our feelings to one another. We were then able to defeat MaloMyotismon and freed two worlds in the process. Now I have a lovely wife, two great kids and another one coming soon. If you gave me the opportunity to change everything that has happened in my life I would have told you that I wouldn't change a single thing.

It's finally over. After months of writing this story I am finish. I have enjoyed ever moment of writing this story. Since I am done with it, I am going to take a little hiatus from writing any new stories/chapters for a while. So don't be surprise if you see another story by Anthony appearing on Until next time, see ya.