Chapter I: The Nightmare

Coruscant's destroyed surface, littered with debris and death, plagued Quantano Mazar as he ran through the streets looking for one of his Jedi companions, a sound, a scream, anyone. He just wanted to simply see or feel life so that he could be reassured that he wasn't the only person left on the planet.

As he ran, his green lightsaber lit, there were only the sounds of his panting, the wind and his boots crunching beneath broken class and concrete. The ruins of the Jedi Temple still stood tall and Quantano ran towards it thoughtlessly, as if there just may be a glimmer of hope inside waiting for him.

As he entered the temple, Quantano discovered a shadowy figure in a black cloak standing just beyond the main entrance. There, the shadow stood silently, his back to Quantano. The sky grew a darker shade of grey as Quantano drew closer, ever slowly.

"Who are you?" Quantano shouted with uncertainty in his voice. The presence seemed familiar to him in a way, yet alien all at once. It was as if someone he'd known once before just took on an entirely different persona and this was just felt by the shadow's presence. He wasn't sure if it was to be trusted, whatever it was.

Just then, the shadow began to chuckle darkly and walked towards Quantano slowly. It's true dark nature became known, as it lit a red lightsaber and proceeded to dismantle one of the Temple's statues with the force and launch it at Quantano. The sudden surge of power and dark energy took Quantano by surprise and he was knocked down by the large pillar, but soon recovered.

Rapidly jumping into fighting position Quantano looked around him, not seeing the presence or feeling it, either. The Sith Lord was toying with Quantano. "Show yourself!" Quantano urged angrily to the mystery Sith.

"Oh, but I have shown myself."

Quantano felt a searing slash against his leg, groaning in agony.

"You were just too blind to see it. You all were."

Another lighsaber slash to his arm seemed to appear out of thin air.

"I have succeeded. You have failed. The Sith have spoken."

The shadow appeared in front of Quantano finally, his bright yellow eyes glowing with evil and triumph, striking feelings of anger and betrayal into Quantano's soul.

"The Sith will rise again. You, you and your brethren have already fallen."

With that, shadow proceeded to pierce Quantano Mazar's torso with its lightsaber, Quantano's vision ending in a sudden twist of screams, dark laughter and white.

Quantano awoke with a start, panting and sweating in the night. The nightmare had plagued his night once again.