Welcome Home

Noah had insisted on driving them home despite's Kurt's protests of wanting him to relax but Noah had quieted him with a soft kiss to his temple paired with a low "Lemme take care of it babe" and a secure hand resting on Kurt's thigh the entire ride.

Kurt had insisted on helping put the kids to bed, especially when he knew how downright grumpy the twins could turn when they were jarred from their sleep but, Noah had insisted harder that he be the one that dealt with the terrible two and had pushed Kurt in the direction of their bedroom.

Kurt had been at a loss as to what to do with himself when he entered his-their bedroom. Should he change into his pajamas and get ready for bed or should he get himself ready for something else? For once that night, Kurt didn't fight against his husband's insistence when he came into the room, took one look at Kurt and guided him towards the bed.

"Noah, I want to take care of you." Kurt whispered against his husbands' lips, halting the fingers that'd slowly begun unbuttoning his cardigan. He opened his blown eyes and felt Noah sigh, and rest his forehead against his.

"Babe, please." Noah said, eyes shut tight. He kissed Kurt once more, softly begging.

Kurt let his eyes slide closed, nodding into the kiss, relenting. Having the feeling of those large hands chase after his clothes as they slid off his body was wonderful, it was safety. Having that firm, muscle lined body cover his own delicate, softly muscled person was glorious, it was security. Having him finally enter his body, eyes always connected, breaths frequently shared, kisses abundantly given, was beautiful, it was solid. Having his deeply missed husband settle in behind him, leg in between his, arm set securely across his torso and head resting comfortably above his, was familiar, it was home.

"Merry Christmas, Kurt, I love you."

Kurt, blissfully sedated, smiled softly, eyes closed. "Love you too, Noh. M'so glad you're home with us."

The feeling of lips pressing firmly to his head and a warm body engulfing his, is what sent Kurt drifting while the snow outside their window, fell quietly.

A/N- Hey all! So yeah, this story is no longer considered "complete" anymore. I decided to add more; just little one-shots of the family at X-mas time. I honestly think I'm just doing this because I want it to hurry up and be Christmas already! :) Hope you enjoyed it!