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In Los Soladad

Ben, Michel, Pierce, and Gwen walked inside the old military laboratory.

"I still don't get it what happens when Kevin Gets here" Ben said curiously to the Gwen while the other two were glaring lightning at each other again.

"I think that's were I come in." said an Unknown voice.

All of them turned their heads to see a tall, muscular, blond, guy a gray t-shirt with a basketball shirt over it and he was in tight shorts.

The figure smiled at them.

"Do I know" Gwen asked then it her like a big yellow school bus.

"Cooper" she asked in audible shock along with Michael and Pierce.

The figure known as Cooper then scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"I had a growth spurt" he replied in his deep soothing voice.

Ben walked up to him.

"Yes you did" said observing this new muscular more manly Cooper.

"Uh hi Ben, always glad to you…you know help out" Cooper replied while blushing under Ben's gaze.

Then the two in the back (who you've probably all forgotten about) were now directing all the anger towards the shy giant.

Still glaring at Cooper Michael.

"Our twitter paged young genius has agreed to help build a machine that will allow us to use the powers in this" Michael held up the Dominus Librium.

"I don't like it but if its the only way we can get Kevin back I'm willing to try" Ben said his eyes softening when he looked at the artifact.

Coopers and Pierces eyes just softened when they heard Ben say that.

Owe Ben the two thought while Michael grip on the relic just tighten after hearing that.

Why can't he look that way at me thought the villain angrily.

Gwen cast a hand on his Shoulder.

"Glad your seeing it my way" she said with a smile.

He shrugged off her hand and turned to Cooper with his serious face back.

"How long will it take?" he asked referring to the machine.

Cooper snapped out of his longing gaze and started to build the machine with his telekinesis.

"Uh a couple of hours" he responded while focusing on the machine.

"You think we delay Kevin anywhere near that long" Pierce asked angrily but Ben held up a hand to come him down.

"Sounds like you guys could use some help luckily I know a great mechanic that can help" Ben smirked.

This left the others to question what he just said by looking at each other with just as confused faces.

At Gwen's house

Kevin stood outside of Gwen's house and ripped the front door out of the wall.

"Anyone home" he yelled and got a blast in the back as a response he turned to see Pierce with his needles sharpened.

"Gwen's busy right now can I help you" He asked while having his spikes up and ready.

"Not who I was expecting but you'll do I've been meaning to steal your powers anyways." he lunged at him bet Pierce very sexily jumped into the air back flipping and smashed the bottom of his foot into Kevin's head.

"And I've been meaning to do that to you for awhile, you deserve it for hurting Ben" Pierce said as he was a good distance away.

"Don't talk about him" Kevin tried to sap him but he put a long spike in the ground and it hit it.

"Did I also mention I can change the dexterity of my spikes into any solid metal." he asked with a smirk.

Kevin lunge at Pierce who just took out another spike made out of titanium and smacked Kevin aside.

"Okay Pierce I got it from here" Gwen said walking out of her house.

"I'm gonna get you Gwen" Kevin grew plants around Gwen trapping her.

"silokis melez sisytotyowe" Gwen read from the floating spell book and five golems burst from the ground.

Kevin looked at the creatures then to her.

"You summoned charm casters pet monsters." he smirked.

"Sorry I had to do this Kevin" Gwen said sadly.

"I'm not" Pierce said as he cut her free.

The creatures surrounded and covered Kevin.

"Come on that won't hold him for long." he said as they ran into Ben's car and started to drive away. Kevin absorbed the golems mana and flew after them.

Back in Los Soladad

Cooper, Michael, and an another figure were working on the machine when coopers phone rang and he used his telekinesis and brought it up to his ear.

"This is Cooper go ahead." he said

"Were almost there and Kevin's right on our tail." Said Gwen.

"We're not finished yet Gwen" Michael took the phone.

"But we will be." he said hanging up.

"I'll finish up here you two go slow him down" Michael told them.

The unidentified figure nodded and went outside. Cooper turned to Michael.

"How am I gonna delay Kevin" he asked with knitted brows.

Michael looked at him with his eyes half lidded.

"This is an abounded military base think" he said in a monotone voice and caused the other to smirk.


Coming out of Roofs of buildings walls and the water tower lasers cannons came plus missiles from all over the base and started to shoot at Kevin.

The a missile hit Kevin which gave Pierce an opening to drop Gwen off and then drove away to find a safe spot for Bens car.

Kevin took out all the missiles and cannons and he was standing in front of Gwen.

"So Gwen what's it going to be this time run or fight" he asked while approaching her.

"Nope she's chosen door number three" came an Unknown voice and then Kevin was rammed in his stomach by what looked to be an bronze hover bike. And Just as soon as it came it disappeared into thin air. (a/n guess who)

In its place was a 16 year tan skinned male with dark hair that was about two inches taller then Gwen. He wore a blue topped white bottomed t-shirt with a red jacket over it. He had black pants with blue lines. He was wearing a pair of goggles over his eyes.

"You loose thank for playing" he said cockily.

Gwen just gaped at how cocky this guy was.

It was at this time that Kevin rushed Gwen but Cooper ran at him.

"Stay away from her" he shouted but was lamely just picked up by Kevin and thrown into a running Pierce.

"I don't know who you are but you messed with the wrong guy"

"Yeah like I haven't heard that line before" the guy said again.

Just then Ultimate echo echo flew in.

"That's enough thanks, now I need you to do something else" Ben then mumbled something in the others ear who nodded and went back into the building.

"Kevin I can't let you hurt anyone else"

"But Ben you promised to try it my way first" Gwen said as she ran over to him.

"Yeah I lied" He pushed her out of the way and super sonic-waved Kevin

Kevin then magnetized Ben and made a metal pillar hit him a tank was about to hit him two but Ben blew it up with two of his diskettes.

"Sorry Kevin I'll try to make this a quick as possible"

Ben threw his diskettes at Kevin on each side and they multiplied around him creating a circle.

"Sonic Doom" Ben yelled and from each diskette Kevin got the full blast from each side until he blacked out.

The disks went back to Ben and one popped out off his ear and hovered over Kevin checking his pulse.

"One more should do it" he was about to finish him off when Gwen Stopped him.

"Ben no he's still our friend, its not him doing this it's the powers."

"Paradox said I will be the one who will do what has to be done and I intend to do just that"

Inside Kevin was hooked up to a machine while Cooper was powering up the machine while Ben, Pierce, Michael, the mysterious guy and Gwen were waiting.

"Are you sure it work?" Ben asked

"Pretty sure" Cooper Responded not looking up which made Ben worry. Cooper then saw this and said.

"I mean Diffidently" he reassured with a smile which Ben then responded with a smile of his own.

Cooper then flipped the switch. Then a bright yellow light shot out of Kevin and into the relic. Kevin then was turned into his human self in nothing but his jeans. Gwen ran to him.

"Ha ha ha" they all turned to the source of the laughter and saw Morning star glowing gold and floating in nothing but his underwear.

"You fools this was my plan from the very beginning now no one can stop me from making Ben mine" Michael said.

The Mystery guy said "Ya! like we all didn't see that coming"

Ben opened a panel that revealed a large red button which he pressed and Michael went back to normal.

"What what happened" Michael asked

"All the power you stole and all the Power Kevin stole went back to its original owners" Ben answered.

"And returned us from oblivion." said the hydro-electric being.

"Thank you Ben Tennyson"

"And that's the least of your problems" the mystery guy said and then right hooked Michael.

"Come to think of it I didn't catch you name" Pierce said and the guy turned towards him.

"Names Rex and I do Believe its time for me to cash in for my payment" He said turning and walking over to Ben.

"What?" Shouted Gwen Pierce and Kevin who was still injured from the transformation back.

They turned to Ben who looked away while scratching the back of his head.

"Well you see Rex wouldn't do it for free so I promised to go on a date with him." Ben blushed

Rex came up from behind and wrapped his arms around Ben's waist and put his head onto Ben's shoulder.

"Nuh uh you promise me five dates." Rex showed holding up his hand to prove his point smiling a closed eye smile. Ben just blushed harder. Gwen was shocked, Kevin went back into unconsciousness, Pierce was grinding his teeth and Cooper was blushing and trying to fight back the Bonner he was getting from thinking bout those to together

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