Hey, I've decided to do a holiday fanfiction for Hetalia, but now that I think about it, this particular story isn't really holiday-ish… But um…It's in the snow…And snows…in the winter holidays right? –is shot-…Anyway just enjoy this story: D SwedenXFinland and DenmarkXNorway

"…His teeth are glistening, crystalline and sharp as daggers!" The young man seethed out, his hands splayed wide, eyes scanning the face of the boy before him. The small boy clutched his crudely made puffin doll, whimpering slightly. The story teller, a tall blonde man, smiled viciously.

"His hair is the color of bright corn, like flames licking up from burned villages! His eyes are the colors of the mighty sea that swallows up brave men's ships. He carries around a great sword that weighs more than ten boulders! He is rumored to be the size of a great ash tree, and he has the temperament of a bear!" The blue eyed blonde gnashed his teeth and snarled like a growling grizzly, making the child in front of him jump and twist with fear; soft tears welled up from his eyes.

The man immediately jumped up and tried to quite the child, placing his hand over the little boy's mouth to keep him from making noise, but instead the child just bit down hard on the man's gloved hands.

"Ouch! Ya' damned brat! I'll feed you to the bears-" The man was about to finish his threat when he heard the soft patter of footsteps and two skinny, pale males walked into the room, one of them carrying a tray of steaming hot mugs, the other holding a basket of small little cakes.

"Mathias, I hope you were not about to do something bad to my brother?" The dull eyed man who brought in the cakes said in a monotone voice. The story teller, Mathias, smiled weakly, dropping the small boy from his grasp.

"Ah…No, Gretel. I would never touch a hair on his cute little head…" The man muttered sourly, scooting over to a low table and grabbing a piping hot mug. He sneakily plucked the ear of the little silver haired boy, a scowl on his face. The little boy stuck his tongue out before nuzzling his toy puffin.

The second male, who had violet eyes and snow blonde hair smiled cheerfully. He handed a small cloth napkin with a spiced cake to the little boy who had stopped crying and was now chewing thoughtfully on the sweet treat.

"Sip the mead carefully Danmark, It's hot." The vapid man said to Mathias, who ignored him and instead took down large gulps of the drink. Once he had his fill he laid back and smiled a lazy smile on his lips.

"Mhhh… Tino you make the best Mead, and Gretel, you make the best spiced winter solstice cakes." The Dane said happily, tugging Gretel's hand and pulling the emotionless man on his lap.

"I might just marry the both of you for your good cooking ha ha." The Dane laughed heartedly, causing Gretel to smack the Danish man on the head with a nearby log next to hearth.


"Ouch! I was kidding Norge!" The tallest of them all growled out, rubbing his sore head. The Norwegian just frowned.

"Denmark, if you suggest anything that stupid again I will kick you out into the cold until your ass freezes off." He said evenly, pushing himself off the Dane to sit next to his brother,Björt. Gretel gave the child another small cake before turning back to the Dane.

"What story were you telling him?" Tino, the smiling male asked, taking a small sip of the warm honeyed drink. Gretel's little brother immediately blanched and coward behind his brother. Mathias smiled eerily, setting his cup down on the low woodened table.

"The Tale of the Sve Troll." He whispered, his eyes flashing. Björt shuddered and closed his eyes tight, his silver hair being patted by Gretel.

"Not that silly tale again…" Tino chuckled, taking a weaved blanket from a small wooden chest and wrapping it around him. Tino remembered the tale well. His father used to tell it to him to get Tino to behave, for if he didn't, Sve the Troll would come and gobble him up. But by Now Tino had out grown the tale and no longer believed a word of it.

"Does Sve really steal children in the middle of the night? Is he really as tall as an Ash tree? Does he really sleep in a cave with bears?" The small Björt asked, his eyes were wide with a mix of fright and curiosity. Tino smiled softly and hugged his small cousin tightly.

"As long as you're a good little boy and help Gretel around the cottage with the chores, the giant Sve will not harm you. You forget Björt, Trolls are only mean and beastly to humans who tease them!" Tino said, patting the Icelandic child on the head. The small boy, seeming to be comforted by the Finn's words smiled and let loose a yawn.

"Looks like it's time for someone to get to bed." Gretel said helping pick Björt up in his arms.

"Nn… I'm not tired…" The little boy protested weakly, trying to muster up the strength to sit up from the Norwegians grasp.

"Now, now, don't make me call out the Sve Troll. You don't want me to tell him that you've been a naughty boy who's not listening to his elders?" The Norsemen said warningly, a bit of amusement in his voice as the child's eyes widened. Iceland—as the others call him went to bed without a fuss, leaving the three adults alone in the living room, the Solstice fire now dwindling down to ashes.

"Well, I best be off." The little Finnish man said as he hugged his cousin and his cousin's soon to be husband.

"You're going to go at night? But Finland, there's the beginnings of a storm outside. We have enough deer hides and furs; you can sleep in the living room?" Gretel said his voice spinning with worry.

Tino waved his hands back and forth. "It's fine. I don't want to impose. Plus, I have to get used to living alone in my cottage now, since you two are getting married in the spring." Tino said, smiling to Gretel and the Dane. The Norsemen blushed softly when the tall and broad Mathias wrapped his arms around the Norwegian, kissing his hair softly.

"You know Tino, maybe you should look into the married life as well. It would make living in that little cabin more bearable." Mathias suggested, helping Finland into his wool coat. The violet eyed man laughed softly, a sad sort of laugh before turning to look at the door.

"Denmark, I'm never going to find a husband or a wife by spring for the marriage festivals, and I've accepted it." The Finn sighed and made his way to the door, tugging on the heavy latch. Norway placed a small basket of spice cakes and a jug of mead for the Finn to keep him warm on his short journey down the hill. Tino smiled at the pair before wishing them a happy night and trudging in the snow, hearing the crunching under his feet. Then he heard Denmark's voice over the slowly starting storm.

"Watch out for the Sve Troll, Tino!"He warned the edge of laughter in his voice. Tino smiled and shook his head.

After a few minutes he felt the gnawing hunger of the frost seeping into his wool coat and goat hide boots. Damn if it wasn't the coldest night of the year, he thought bitterly.

He was halfway down the hill from his cousin and Denmark's cottage when he heard a low groan and in an instant a giant tree bow from a pine had cracked under the pressure of the heavy snow and collapsed on top of the Finn.

Tino screamed, shrill and loud, but the blistering wind carried it away into a soundless whisper. Tino desperately clawed at the tight ice, trying to free his body but finding with growing desperation that one of his legs was numb and probably broke under the tree bough. It was a couple of seconds before the pain and reality of the situation took effect and Tino felt hot tears coarse down his chin.

He was going to die. No one was going to come looking for him. Gretel and Mathias would probably find his thawed off body in the spring. Tino let out another guttered cry before letting his eyes roll back, his body shutting down under the coldness of the moon.

Berwald sighed once again at his barren trap. It had been three days now since he caught fresh meat and he was starting to become sick of the taste of dried old salmon and hazel nuts. His stomach growled venomously, making Berwald groan in frustration. The winters were always the hardest for him, as he couldn't go into town and get supplies as he had no money. So, he usually just scavenged silently along the mountains and forests, until, usually coming up empty handed he would return to his little cave at the bottom of his little hill and sleep the cold nights away. He smiled to himself, we was just like a common bear.

Berwald decided he would double back and follow his footsteps to his small cave and see if he could find any food along the way home, who knows maybe he would come across something interesting? Hopefully something like food, he thought with dulled enthusiasm.

He was making his way along the small trail when his foot got stuck in a nearby fallen tree branch and his body was thrown to the floor. He winced and tried to sit up, but looked back over his shoulder and saw that his leg was still caught in the branch. He growled in frustration and with a good sharp tug, got the tree out of the fallen snow and tossed it over behind him.

He then sat up and proceeded to dust the ice off of his pants and long cloak. He picked up his sword that had fallen along with him and slung it over his shoulder. He was about to trudge back down the hill and be on his merry way when he heard a small, faint moan. He turned behind him and saw the sleeve of what looked like a person's coat.

Berwald, instinct taking over him, pulled out his long sword and held it ready while he brushed the packed snow away. What he saw made the breath in his lungs freeze. It was a young girl, or maybe a boy? Anyway it was a person, and they had been trapped in the snow! Berwald put back his sword and hurriedly shoveled the snow off the person. After a few second he had dug out the body, which was ice cold. Berwald frowned. He placed his ear over the person's chest.

Berwald smiled. The person was still alive. His heart beat was faint, but it was there none the less. Berwald tugged on the throng that held his cloak in place, letting it slide over his shoulders. He then wrapped it up tightly around the body, making sure to tuck it in to keep the person as warm as possible. Once he was satisfied, the giant Swede lifted the person effortlessly, marveling at how light weighted they were.

"Has ta' be a g'rl." Berwald commented to himself. No man could ever be this light! Berwald balanced the person in his arms and made his way to his cave. Well, at least he did find something interesting on the mountain side. It may not be food, but Berwald was a lonesome man, and maybe the company of a cute girl would help him feel happier. Berwald blushed slightly at the thought before shaking him head and rounding around a crag of rocks. He looked up and saw his small modest cave and smiled.

"Home…" Berwald breathed into the cold air, as he made his way up the rocks, balancing his human cargo in his hands all the way.

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