Merry Christmas everyone! I started to get a little bored with just doing the Naruto Yuri fics, so now I'm branching off into something else for a while.

Now, about this, this came to me when I saw a few photos of women cosplaying as Lara Croft, and trying to develop my own Drake costume for next halloween. So, here it is! R&R and enjoy!

Rated T for now.

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"So she shot ya down?" Sully chuckled as he plopped down into a beach chair next to his longtime partner Nathan Drake.

"Not exactly, she just said she needed time to think it over." Drake replied with a hint of depression in his voice as he examined the diamond engagement ring he held. He had proposed marriage to his girlfriend, photojournalist Elena Fisher, with less than desirable results.

She had seemed flattered, but soon after declared that she needed time to think about it before giving her answer.

"So she packed her crap and left you high and dry. Well, good riddance; women bring nothing but trouble." The older man declared and placed a cold bottle of beer next to Drake's unoccupied hand, "Now drink up, this is somethin' to celebrate!"

"Celebrate what?"

"Me being right! I've always said that women are good for a quick fling, but once you try to take it further, they step on ya."

Drake frowned and picked up the drink, "She didn't step on me. She just kinda…"

"Kid, face it, she trampled ya like a fuckin' wild bronco during amateur hour at the rodeo." Sully flashed a cocky grin as he took a swig of his beer and replaced his cigar, "And frankly, I was startin' to get sick of all the lovey-dovey crap you two were throwin' around."

"Do you think it had something to do with me dressing up like one of those Shambhala Yetis on April Fool's?"

"Ok, that's it!" The older man slammed his beer into the cup holder of his beach chair and snatched the ring from Drake's hand, "For three days you've been sitting in that damn chair staring at this damn ring acting like a damn woman."

Immediately Drake was on his feet, "Give me that ring, Sully." He held out his hand. "Not until you A, take a shower, and B, get your balls back. Consider this," he shook the ring box, "your man card. You can have it back when you come back from this delusion of love."

Sully turned to go back into the hut the two shared on their little island paradise, pocketing the little black case. "Sully! Give it back!" drake shouted and talked the mustached man from behind, his hand going for his pocket.

"Nate, what the hell is your problem?"

The two wrestled for a few moments in the sand, Sully trying to keep the seemingly deranged archeologist away from the ring box, and said adventurer clawing for it. After all, he had spent good money on that.

They were brought out of their conflict by the sound of a horn. A boat's horn, to be exact.

A small schooner was approaching the small dock where Sully kept his own boat docked. The two men sat up and stared at it for a moment, "Looks like we got company." Sully stated as Drake stood up and grabbed a pair of binoculars from the small table next to his chair.

He peered through them at the lone figure standing at the bow of the boat. It was a man of average height, about five foot nine, dressed in what looked to be a formal grey suit and a white Panamanian hat. As the schooner came to a halt and dropped its anchor, the man stepped down to the deck and picked up a small brown briefcase before disembarking.

Drake and Sully both made their way down to the tiki bar they had built at the head of the dock.

The man strode up to the bar, a seemingly arrogant stride in his step. "Mr. Drake, I presume?" He said with a mild British accent as he held his hand up to Sully, who chuckled and pointed to his companion, "Sorry, buddy, but I'm too good lookin' to be him."

"Oh, my apologies," the man turned his attention to the real deal and shook his hand, "I had assumed from what I'd heard of you that you would be…"

"Be what?" Drake enquired with a cocky smirk, "Older?"

The man cleared his throat, "Yes, well, erm…" the man was obviously embarrassed at his mistake.

"Where're my manners, please, have a seat…" he paused. "Plithiver." The man said as he took his seat, "Benjamin Plithiver."

"Riiight. Do you want something to drink? I think we got something…"

"Thank you, no." Plithiver cut him off, "I'd like to get, as you Americans say, down to the 'nitty gritty'."

Drake merely shrugged and plopped down into a chair opposite the Brit. Plithiver set his briefcase on the table and opened it, "Have you heard of the Fountain of Youth, Mr. Drake?"

"Sure, it's a tourist attraction in Florida and Bimini, first found by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513. It's nothing special." He shrugged as the British man placed a photo of said attraction on the table.

"Well, I'm here representing a very wealthy benefactor, whom is willing to fund an…excursion to find the real fountain."

"The real fountain?" Sully chimed in from behind the bar. "Yes, my client believes that there is an actual fountain from the legends that can grant eternal life to whomsoever bathes in its water."

"Sounds familiar." Drake said coyly, remembering the horrors of Shambhala and the Tree of Life. "And who exactly is this benefactor of yours?"

"He prefers to remain anonymous, but I can assure you, he will pay you well for your services, whether or not you find a fountain."

Both Drake and Sully choked on air as Plithiver spun around his briefcase, revealing quite a hefty sum of money.

"Two-hundred thousand US dollars up front, and more once the job is complete."

"Deal." Drake spoke without taking even a second to consider.

"Excellent. There will be a reservation for you at the Plaza Hotel in St. Augustine." Plithiver stood up, "The reservation will also be for a guest, I assume that your… friend here will be coming?"

"A free vacation in Florida and the Bahamas? Hell yeah I'm goin'!" Sully proclaimed, clapping his hands together.

"Very well then, I shall phone my client and have the reservation set for the twentieth of this month. Good day, Mr. Drake." He bowed his head before turning and leaving for his ship.

"Two-hundred grand and a free vacation." Drake said in disbelief once Plithiver was out of earshot. "And all for something that's already been discovered. God, I love my life." He grinned and turned back to Sully, "Now, about that ring."


"Yes, my Lady." The man confirmed as he sat across from the noblewoman he was trying to hire in her spacious common room, "We are willing to pay you greatly for anything that you come across. You may keep anything you find to at to your… collection."

"That's all fine," the brunette across the table replied, resting her chin in her palm whilst she stared at the money in the briefcase, "But I'm telling you, there is no such place, just a sulfur pool for tourists and a gift shop. In reality you're just paying me to take a vacation."

"It may seem so, but I can assure you that my client has a firm belief that there is something there. Either way, you get paid."

"Very well then, Mr. Plithiver, I accept. But I assure you, I will not find anything."

"Thank you, my lady, I assure you that my client will be satisfied either way. Your reservation will be set for the twentieth of this month at the Plaza Hotel in St. Augustine, and will include two guests. I will be in touch should you need me."

"Thank you. Winston will show you out." She waved her hand and her butler gestured for the man to follow.

"That guy doesn't sit right with me." The woman turned around to see her tech-support, Zip, leaning against the banister on the second level. "Me neither, but it's a free vacation and a little extra pocket change."

"You're packing heavy aren't you?" he said with an amused tone.

"I always do."

Ok, there's chapter one! sorry it's a little short, I'll work on that. Tell me what you think!