A couple of weeks passed since Neal had been released from the hospital. His arm was out of the sling but it still ached a bit along with the occasional twinged from his broken ribs and head injury but Dr. Monroe said he was healing well on his last check up.

He went back to June's after spending four days with the Burke's. June had been more than happy to see him, glad they no longer had 'suits' as Mozzie called them hanging around the place. She had thanked Peter, asking him to also thank his superiors for the guard. It had made her feel safer.

That was a few days ago, now he was alone, staring out over the city from the terrace and looking rather thoughtful.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

Neal turned to find his friend there, Mozzie with a curious look on his face.

"Robert Frost. Where have you been hiding?"

He walked back inside, closing the terrace doors and making his way to the small kitchenette. He pointed at a bottle of wine, Mozzie nodding.

"Here and there, just in case... So everything is ok? I saw El was working again. She looks nervous though. Can't blame her." He was frowning, taking the proffered glass of wine as they moved to the sofa and sat.

"Yeah. Peter went to see Jarrell after the shooting. He killed most of his allies off and the Feds got the rest. He's going away for a long time. He played his last card with that hit man and he's dead."

Neal took a long sip of his wine then leaned back, eyes closed. Green eyes stared back at him so he opened them up again. Mozzie seemed to notice the reaction.

"I can get you something if you're having problems sleeping. Good stuff. I use it off and on when I have insomnia." Mozzie was looking at him over his wine glass as he took another sip. He was worried, noticing the bags even Neal couldn't ignore under his eyes. Cucumber slices wasn't cutting it but he was never one for drugs either if he could help it. He was still on a regiment of ibuprofen from the doctor, a fairly high dosage that was leveling off to less and less as he healed but helped and kept him more alert. He was still off work as was Peter. He was supposed to go see the bureau shrink, Peter offering to go with him since he was already seeing them. The agent didn't seem happy about it but he was dealing as best he could.

"I'm ok Mozzie but thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind should the situation change. So, I heard someone called the Feds in when I went to see Jarrell. Any idea who that was?"

He saw his friend stare into his now empty glass, rising up without a word and going over to the kitchenette to pour himself some more.

"This is a really good Burgundy. Is it one of June's or did you buy it yourself?"

Neal couldn't help but chuckle, the little ache from his ribs as he did worth it as he smiled at his friend.

"Thanks for having my back."

Mozzie gave a little half shrug, still a bit uncertain.

"Someone may have called Junior Suit about a tip that someone was going to their eventual death visiting a dangerous criminal. I'll take the credit if you want."

He smirked ever so slightly, Neal rolling his eyes as the little guy walked back over and sat down again. He looked serious again, putting his glass down as he looked at the younger con.

"You know there are other Jarrells out there, Neal. Maybe... well, it wouldn't hurt to have the Suit look up their whereabouts, get an idea where they might be just in case. Of course that's what got you in trouble in the first place. He didn't know but at least this time, we'll be ready."

He took a long pull of the wine and finished it off as he stood up again.

"I'm feeling a might peckish. There's a new French cafe down the street near the park. It's in your radius. Couldn't hurt to try it."

Mozzie sounded like a little kid suddenly, his eyes glittering behind his glasses. Neal nodded as he finished off his own glass of wine and picked up Mozzie's.

"Sounds good. Let me put these in the sink and we can go. Maybe I'll pick up a few snails to go for Peter."

He smirked at the joke which went right over Mozzie's head.

"Escargot for the Suit? He likes that stuff? I thought his palette was simpler than that. The man eats deviled ham for Pete's sake... nevermind the pun."

Neal started to explain the joke then stopped, shrugging with a grin.

"Just a bad joke. Let's go. I wonder what their wine selection is like."

(The End - For Really!)


Author's Note: Had to do the whole Mozzie and Neal thing. He was pretty essential throughout. Felt bad leaving him out so here he is. Hope you enjoyed the story!