Hey ppls! Shade x Rein short series! This time it's not that serious and gloomy like the Separated Twins so have fun reading this Winter Havoc!

Rein sighed while looking outside through the window, "It's winter…" They were in a café outside of the Kingdom of Sun. It was a usual place to meet up with their friends whenever they had time.

Fine turned around while stuffing left over candy canes in her mouth, "Huh, did you say something Rein?" Rein just sighed at her twin sister. Christmas has already past and she was tired of candy canes. She wanted to do something exciting.

Rein stood up from her chair as she stated, "I was thinking we should do something for this winter break!"

"Like what?"

"Like maybe um…"

Suddenly Bright came over and took out four tickets, "Why not go to the Kingdom of Snow? I just got free tickets for four."

Rein marveled at the sudden entrance of her prince charming, "That's a great idea Bright-sama, but how did you get those tickets?"

Bright showed his charming smile as he glanced over at the window nearby, "I just happen find a kind person who offered it." There by the window Altessa shyly watched over the group. It was never her intention of showing kindness to anyone, especially those stupid twins, but she did something guilty at the Christmas party. She accidently tripped over her gaudy dress and smashed the Christmas cake to Fine's face. Fine did not seem to mind it because she finished the mess on her face within seconds. Still, the feeling of guilt lingered inside. This was not kindness; it was only paying back her debt.

Shade approached to the group as he also looked towards the window, "A kind person huh…" Fine and Rein confusedly looked towards the window, but Altessa successfully hid away from their perspective.

Bright chuckled as he escorted the twins, "Anyway it's all set so let's go!"


The group got off from the train as they looked around their surroundings. The scenery could only be described as pure white. Little twinkles of crystals slowly fell down from the sky as Rein puffed white smoke as it slowly faded away. It was fascinating to see air that was just inside you form into a cloud, but it was also sad to see them slowly fading away. Just then a new cloud of smoke emerged. Rein looked up to see Shade breathing out air next to her. Rein stepped back a few inches as she questioned, "What are you doing?"

Shade just nonchalantly replied, "Nothing, just thought that if I puffed out a smoke it would entertain you a bit."

Rein stepped back a few more inches and wore her fake smile, "Oh wow, how kind of you."

Shade sighed, "The action does not justify your words you know."

Rein replied as she slipped on ice, it was a completely new experience for the princess of Kingdom of Sun where every year is summer, "If I were to be happy with just a puff of smoke, I would be degrading myself to a baby or a monkey."

Just when rein was about to fall, Shade caught her wrist and pulled her as their faces were just a few centimeters apart, "That may be so, but didn't you get fascinated by it?"

Rein blushed as she tried to flick Shade's hand away, "N-not really."

But Shade did not intend to let go of her as he grinned mockingly, "Hm really?" Their breath intertwined together as clouds of smoke surrounded them.

Bright exclaimed, "Fine, your hot chocolate!"

Fine just stared at the two as she finally realized that her hot chocolate was dripping on top of her clothes, "Huh? Whoa!"

Rein pushed Shade away as she rushed to her sister, "Are you ok, Fine? You're not burned or anything right?"

"Yeah I'm alright…" Though she said this, Fine was mentally far from ok. Her mind was in chaos. She still did not understand why she was this shocked about this, but she was.

Bright worriedly looked at Fine, "You should clean up. The hotel is nearby." So they walked to the hotel and greeted the lady at the front counter.

The plump old lady reacted enthusiastically, "Oh yes! Yes! You must be the two couples that was on the reservation list."

Bright blushed, "Two couples? Well I guess…" It was four people so it was true to say that there were two couples.

"Oh then I should take you to your room!" The lady led them to there rooms. There were only two rooms as each of them were decorated as if they were from a love hotel. Patterns of bright pink heart marks overwhelmed the rooms. What was even worse was that each room only had one bed.

Rein shouted in surprise and fear, "Wait! What is this set up?"

The lady grinned tactfully, "I heard that you two were very lovey dovey and must be treated in utmost care."

Bright stumbled with his words as he exclaimed, "Nevermmind abouttt that! We are going to change the room!"

The lady soon switched to a troubled expression, "Oh, but there are no other open rooms besides these ones."

Bright, who did not calm down yet, turned to Shade, "Alright then Shade, sleep with me!"


Shocked Bright turned to Shade, "Why?"

"I would rather sleep with Rein than you, plus that last sentence just sounded wrong."

Bright just couldn't take anymore of this as he shouted, "Oh you know I don't swing that way!"

Shade grinned; he just loved teasing people, "Yep I know."

Bright grabbed shade as they stomped into the room, "Anyways just come with me. Goodnight princess Fine and princess Rein." The two princesses just watched them go as they went to their own room. Can the two princes handle it?

Being out of breath, Bright stated weakly, "I cannot take this anymore…" The two princes spent the hour in the same bed and it was just too uncomfortable to sleep with another person, on top of that a GUY. While Bright was disturbed, Shade actually had waited for Bright to get impatient. He also wanted to change room partners, but not for Bright. To give a final push, Shade shifted his position to give a quick blow into Bright's ear.

"GYAAAA!" Bright stumbled out from the bed as Shade woke up, "Hey what happened Bright?"

Flushed with tomato red, bright pointed his index finger at Shade, "Y-you!"

Shade precede to his plan as he smooth talked his way, "Oh, I see you were too uncomfortable to sleep with me after all. It cannot be helped then. We have to ask the Rein and Fine." Shade grabbed Bright and exited from their hotel room as they knocked on the twin's room. Shade waited a few minutes as he finally heard a noise of the door opening. It was Fine, who looked sleepy, opened the door.

Shade made his expression as sincere as possible as he made his request, "Sorry to intrude, but can we change partners?"

In an instant Fine woke up from her haze, "Why so sudden?"

Rein was right beside of her twin as she also exclaimed, "No way!"

"Actually it was not so sudden. It's just that Bright became uncomfortable sleeping with a guy."

Bright pulled away from Shade's grasp as he pleaded to Rein, "Please! I feel like I'm in danger if I sleep in that room with this guy…"

Shade laughed, "You make it sound like I'm going for you."

Bright cringed, "Well…it's not like that, but…"

Fine sighed and opened the door wide, "Ok fine then you can sleep with us, but the guys have to sleep on the floor."

But Shade stopped, "Wait. The room is not big enough for four people."

"So then what do you want to do?"

"Why don't we do this in a lottery. There will be two blue and red painted tipped paper and everyone will draw it out. Depending on the color we will determine who their room partner will be."

Fine lifted her brow a little, "So if you get blue and Bright gets blue it will be the same as it was."

"That's right."

Rein declared energetically, "Ok let's do this!"

A little surprised at her sister's change of reaction, Fine questioned, "Rein, you sound so enthusiastic about this."

"Oh nothing," Rein actually hoped to be room partners with Bright. Even if it only had a possibility of one in a million she could not resist this chance.

Shade grinned as he held out four paper sticks, "Ok pick them."

Fine and Bright stated at the same time, "I got red."

Rein fearfully stated, "I got blue." Please just don't tell me it's this guy.

Shade held out a blue tipped paper stick as he walked towards Rein, "What a luck, you got me,"

Rein immediately turned to the pink haired girl, "Fine, change it with me!"

But before Fine could say anything, Shade went in front of her as he looked at Rein, "That's not really fair is it?"

"But I don't like it!" Rein was acting like a child now.

Shade called out Bright who was across the hall way, "Bright thinks that it's fair right?" Bright was not very clear in his answer for a while, but after a few considerations he nodded his head. Although staying in a room with a girl is immoral, he still wanted to be with his beloved princess Fine. Moreover, he didn't spend time with Shade even a second. Bright just escorted Fine as he entered their own room.

Horrified, Rein just stared at the closed door, "This is going to be hell…"

Few reminders, this will NOT be rated M. I have no plans of writing erotic scenes, but if you think this level is just too much then please tell me and I will make it to M category. And also this is NOT yaoi or shonen ai. Thankyou and wait for the next chapter~