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"I said wait!" Rein broke away from Shade's grip and looked at him frustratingly. "Why do you always decide on things so fast? Confessions aren't supposed to be like this! It's supposed to be a very essential and important thing to do. Not using it as a game or contest."

"Rein…." Shade's expression grew darker. "I'm sorry Rein…I just wanted you to cheer up so I decided to enter the contest. It was so fun and exciting that I got carried away and pushed my feelings to you." After much more silence, Shade continued on, but this time his gaze was straight towards Rein, "You're right. Confessions aren't supposed to be like this. Confessions are sincere and something very important. So I will confess to you right now." Kneeling down, Shade took Rein's hand and kissed gently, "Rein, I love you. I need you. I won't ask you to love me back, but… please stay by my side."

Rein would have normally reacted with a blush or panic, but this time it was not it. The girl looked at the man, "Shade…" She was confused by her own feelings. Mix of sadness, joy, and perplexity swirled around her.

Shade smiled sadly as he turned away, "I guess I said it in the wrong time. Sorry about this whole stuff, just forget about it."

The sudden image of Shade abandoning her, left Rein frightened as she shouted, "Don't leave!" The girl ran towards the man as she gripped strongly to hold him back, "Don't leave…."

Astonished, Shade looked at the girl, "Rein?"

Rein was shivering and on the verge of crying. Shade was confused by the girl's action. At one time she was angry and said to stay away and now she begs him to not leave. Whatever was going on, one thing made sense. Shade didn't want to see Rein sad. Softly caressing the soft cheek, Shade smiled sadly, "Don't make that kind of face, please…. I can only give you this much, but please stay smiling."

But that wasn't the word Rein wanted. She desperately looked at Shade, "Re-."

"Well that went well. Now you guys are hooked up!" The couple turned their head only to meet their companion.

Rein blinked, "Bright-sama and Fine?"

Shade cautiously stared at his friend and asked, "Why are you here?"

Placing a nice happy smile, Bright announced happily, "Well I had some good news to tell you. Fine and I started to go out."

Rein and Shade widened their eyes and exclaimed in disbelief, "What?"

Fine blushed as she slapped Bright's back hard, "Not go out. We will have a relationship that is more than friends, but less as lovers."

Despite the pain on his back, Bright continued to smile sheepishly, "Well we are close right? And you never know what might happen. We might someday start going out."

Fine rolled her eyes, "Someday, but not today."

Still shocked, Rein turned to her sister, "Fine so you two…?"

The red hair worriedly looked at her twin, "Yeah… sorry Rein."

Rein shook her head and smiled, "No, it's alright, be happy ok?"

Fine was relieved that her sister did not break down and cry. She expected at least that much when she decided to announce the relationship, but the worst case scenario did not happen as Fine replied cheerfully, "Yeah." But soon after Fine replied, Rein raised her hand and slapped herself. Everybody was shocked by the absurd action the girl did. Fine asked, still thinking that she just saw an illusion, "W-what are you doing?"

Rein just shrugged, trying to hide her pain from her obvious swollen cheek, "No, nothing. I just felt like doing it."

Shade suddenly grabbed Rein's shoulder and nearly yelled, "You can't do this stuff just because you feel like it! Now let me see." As if dealing with a fragile ice sculpture, Shade touched the swollen part, "…It looks painful."

Rein made a nonchalant façade and turned her head away from Shade, "It doesn't hurt that much."

The prince wanted to examine the injury as he delicately turned the princess' head back to where it was, "Just please don't do something like this again."

Shade's eyes were glistening with worry and sadness. Rein's heart was almost heartbroken as she slowly nodded her head, "Alright… Sorry Shade."

After bringing some ice for the swollen cheek, Shade finally stated, "Despite whatever you say, I will always love you." The melancholic smile as well as the loving stare quickened Rein's heart rate. She wanted to somehow erase the misery and replace it to a smile. The thought of this made Rein unconsciously take an impulsive action. Shade widened his eyes, as well as everybody else in the contest arena. The soft pinkish lip had suddenly approached and kissed Shade's lip.

Rein was also surprised by her own action as she soon broke away and blushed. Shade opened his mouth to speak only to meet with intense pain on the cheek and a high pitch scream, "GYAAA!" Everybody just blankly stared at the girl hastily running away from the stage.

Bright was still confused at the whole situation as he asked particularly to no one, "…What was that?"

Fine looked at the equally shocked man, "Uh…Shade?"

Shade touched his red cheek as he burst in anger, "What the hell was that!" He swiftly jumped from the stage as he ran to chase Rein.


Rein was naturally good at physical activity, but Shade was even more of an athlete. He soon caught up to Rein and shouted, "Wait Rein! You're going to fall again!"

Hearing Shade's warning, Rein slowed down her pace, but was unexpectedly pushed down by the falling piles of snow from the tree branches, "Kya!"

Shade stopped his running as he walked over to the piles of snow, "Or be snow covered…"

The snow was soft and the piles were not very much, Shade expected Rein to get up and shake off the snow, but no matter how much he waited, Rein never shook off the white veil. The man sighed and grabbed one of Rein's visible hands to lift her up from the snow. The girl just looked down shamefully as Shade flicked off snow from her clothes and hair, "Look at me." Rein didn't move, as if she was a broken down doll, her heart seemed to be not there. "If you don't look at me I will send this picture to the entire kingdom," Shade took out a picture of him carrying Rein in a maid costume with cat ears.

Rein immediately stood up and tried to take the picture from Shade, "When did you-!"

Shade adeptly avoided Rein as he put the picture back into his pocket, "You finally looked at me. I'm glad. By the way I asked one of contestants to take this picture for us."

Shade winked cheerfully at the girl as Rein went back to her depressing self, "I-I'm so ashamed of myself."


Slowly opening her mouth, Rein chose her words; she had hard time trying to express her feelings into words, "When Bright-sama told me that Fine and he liked each other, I didn't feel anything. I should feel angry and sad, but somehow I didn't feel anything, as if I didn't even like Bright-sama from the start." After a short pause, Rein looked down to not meet Shade's eyes and continued, "If that was true then the feelings that I had for him was just false and I'm only a liar. I feel so guilty because instead thinking about Bright-sama….I was thinking about you…"

Another silence past by, Shade was still waiting for Rein to continue as she sighed, "After you showed that sad expression, I became worried that you might reject me forever. The thought of never seeing you again felt as if my heart was crushed into million pieces." The man noticed a certain change as the girl talked, her speech was getting faster and her body was shivering, but it was not due to the cold, "but the worst part was when you told me that you would always love me…I became so happy. I didn't feel anything when Bright-sama announced his relationship with Fine, but I was actually filled with joy when you confessed to me." Inhaling and exhaling, Rein stated the last phrase and waited for Shade to get disgusted and run away, "I'm the worst so just leave me alone for a while."

Although there was silence, Shade did not seem to have any form of animosity in his face. On the other hand, he tenderly took Rein's hand and squeezed it. The warmth of his hand felt almost relaxing as Rein looked at Shade. Shade smiled affectionately, full of love in his eyes, "I don't want to. Didn't I say before? Whatever you say and do, I will love you forever."

A smile and tears appeared in the girl's face, "Shade…I hate that I'm so happy."

Shade laughed and hugged Rein, "What an irony."

Rein also laughed and put her arms around Shade's wide broad back, "I guess that's what life is; full of ironies."

Snow silently fell surrounding and hiding the couple from everything else. The slow paced warm breath along with the poignant affection of embrace made it seem like time itself have stopped ticking. Rein wanted to stay in this position forever; even if it meant the end of the world. The cold fingers leisurely stroked the girl's long blue hair as Shade used his velvet voice and spoke in her ears, "So this means that you like me right?"

Rein couldn't stop shivering from the addictive, resonating voice, "Wha-?"

Shade was slowly coming back to his sadistic self as he formed a charmingly crooked smile, "Since you became so happy when I confessed to you, isn't this something logical?"

The milky voice along with soft breath tickled Rein even more as the princess tried to think, "Uh well…"

Shade leaned closer as his breath was now on Rein lips, "Hey try and say `I love you'."

Rein instantly blushed, this is a very very very bad situation, Rein was in a danger zone of being kissed and this was her first too. Rein hastily thought of a way to get out of the jeopardy, "I…l-l-l-l. LIKE LEMON!"

"….Huh?" Shade blankly stared at Rein; the girl's unusual reaction messed up Shade's pace.

The blue haired girl swiftly broke away the intimate position as she faked laughed, "Yeah, I absolutely looove lemon. We should get back to the hotel and drink lemonade or something."

It was frustrating and unsatisfying to not be able to do the things he wanted, but that was also the reason why he loved Rein. It stimulated his mind to want and seek more of her. I guess I too am a hopeless lovesick idiot. Shade sighed and walked back towards the contest area, "…Alright then. I will let you go for now." Rein sighed in relief as she innocently walked next to Shade, but wolves cannot hide their nature.

Shade stepped in front of Rein and leaned closer to her face, "Hey Rein you have some snow on your face."

"Where-?" A sudden touch of soft feeling on the lips made the girl widen her eyes. Shade did not release the girl as he continued kissing with tongues intertwined together and invading Rein. Rein immediately struggled to break away from the kiss, but was locked in place because of Shade's strong hold. The longer they were in contact, the longer Rein felt her mind melting. Just when Rein felt like she was about to collapse, Shade released her. Cool air soothed the inside as Rein sucked the air gratefully. Then she looked at Shade, still shocked of what just happened. Not only they kissed, it was deep and erotic too.

Shade stuck his tongue out as he laughed, "You have to give me this much credit."

"Y-y-y-ou…!" Rein stuttered, her mind was going in haywire.

Shade acted as if he was innocent as he casually jogged back to the contest area, "Geez no big deal right? Since we already became lovers and did a grand kiss back at the stage." Rein needed to release her frustration; she needed to kill something and what is the best thing to do? Beat Shade to death. Rein yelled Shade's name as she chased her new love through the winter wonderland.

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