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Kissing You

"Gods, Luce," Sirius moaned as he thrust even deeper into the inviting heat of his mate's entrance. "You feel... amazing."

"Thanks," Lucius panted as he pulled his mate in for a scorchingly short kiss. "Savor my figure while it's here..." He paused to moan. "In a few months time I'll-" but he was stopped by Sirius's mouth crashing over his.

"Don't even talk like that," Sirius breathed huskily. "Just the thought of you pregnant and riding me..." He shivered delightfully and Lucius moaned his appreciation, "is enough to send me over the edge."

"Really?" Lucius asked with a small smile.

"Really," Sirius said, accenting his honest word with a hard thrust. Lucius screamed and wrapped his legs around Sirius's waist, pulling him as close as he could. Before Sirius had a chance to bring his beautiful mate to completion, a red pulse of power shot through the tower and did the job for him. Lucius came fiercely with a cry of his mate's name. Sirius followed immediately after.

"W-what.. the hell... was t-that?" Lucius panted as his body shook from his orgasm.

Sirius pulled out of him and spelled them clean. "I have no idea... But we can investigate... later." He fell weakly next to Lucius and wrapped his arms protectively around his abdomen.

"It was amazing," Lucius sighed as he snuggled into the warmth of the brunette beside him and pulled the blanket over them.

"Aye," Sirius yawned with a smile. The two fell into a content, unworried slumber.


"A Half-Blood?" Draco and Harry asked with a worried look. "I think something has happened to Severus," Draco said as he grabbed Harry's hand and the two jogged back up to the castle. The rest of their party followed as well.

Surely enough, as they stepped into the Entrance Hall, Filch was yelling orders at nosy students who were surrounding Lustro and Fiore as they walked by with an unconscious Potions Master levitating in front of them. A red light was surrounding Snape like flames, various potions covered Snape's robes and seemed to dissolve as the flames engulfed him. Draco and Harry pushed their way to the front of the growing crowd of students. "What happened?" Draco asked loudly.

Lustro never broke eye contact with Snape's body and his lips were barely moving in a constant Legare spell to search for the source of Snape's ailing. No one else seemed to notice.

"We shall know as soon as we get him to the Infirmary," Fiore answered as he moved one particularly nosy student out of they way.

"ANY STUDENT STILL STANDING IN THE HALL IN THREE SECONDS WILL LOSE TWENTY HOUSE POINTS!" Hermione Granger bellowed as she held her wand to her throat. Draco smirked at the witch's terribly Slytherin antics and vaguely wondered when she had come in. Her faerix sat amused on her shoulder. "ONE!" Hermione yelled when no one made any move to leave. "TWO!" Everyone bolted until only the adults, Harry and Draco, the rest of their party, and Hermione remained.

"Thank you, Head Girl," Fiore smiled with a small bow. They then hurried up to the Infirmary.

Lustro carefully placed Snape on the farthest bed from the door. He turned to the small crowd behind him. "Draco, Harry, Fiore... you three can stay. The rest of you need to wait outside or go back to class. Thank you Miss Granger," he said with a breif nod. She smiled in return and helped usher everyone out of the room. "Argus," Lustro said turning to the custodian squib, "I'll need you to find Professors Black and Malfoy. It is not urgent so take your time." Filch scowled, yet nodded anyway. He limped away with Mrs. Norris following closely at his heels. He closed the door securely behind himself.

"Alright, Fiore..." Lustro grabbed his mate's hand and the two stood on either side of Snape's bed. Fiore nodded and began to whisper legare spells, Lustro followed suit. A look of realization crossed Draco's face as he stepped forward and placed a hand on Snape's forhead. He began to whisper words in a language Harry had never heard of before; it left him entranced.

Fiore smiled gently over at Harry and broke his whispered chanting. "He speaks in the tongue of the Dragon Lord... The Half-Blood King... Only two outsiders in the world are permitted to learn the language. Your mate was selected; it is a great honor."

"An honor..." Harry smiled warmly. He watched Draco continue to speak in the alluring language and a small flame was born in his chest... And as if time had abruptly halted only to start again with a loud bang!, everything came together in Harry's mind. His raison d'├Ętre had been found. Now he knew why he could ask no questions since his birthday, why they weren't necessary.

The Malfoys were his family now. He would never be alone again... And every second he spent with Draco would erase the remains of his human life until only the pleasant, legare existance would be left.


"Ugh... Where in the ruddy world am I?" Severus groaned when he finally awoke two hours later. He slowly sat up and clutched at his throbbing head. The lights around him seemed more luminescent than the sun and did nothing to help his dour mood.

"You're in the Hogwarts Infirmary..." a deep voice crooned warmly into Severus's ear.

The sound eased away the Potion Master's headache and a small whimper escaped him. He turned slowly to his left and nearly cried out when he saw the figure standing next to him. The Potions Master could not stop the quickening of his heart beat as the figure stood to his full height. Hoping his voice did not betray how flustered he felt, Snape sent the tall figure a glare. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Am I not allowed to worry about my future spouse?" the figure chuckled. His icy blue eyes sparkled with a seductive swirl as they looked over Severus's face. He bent back over the Potions Master and gently caressed his cheek. "You have been trying too hard to avoid me..." he whispered growing serious. "I am not a toy for you to play with at your every beck and call. I disposed of McGonagall, as you requested." He pulled away with a frown. "I will not be used while you continue to ignore me. Your body called out for me... Until we are united as one, you will continue to suffer as the incomplete Half-Blood Prince." He turned away and readied the curtain to be pulled open. "Your body needs me whether your heart does or not, and we will be married over Christmas break. Do not hesitate to come to me should you need to." As he opened the curtain his body faded away into golden mist before vanishing completely.

"Cha-" But Severus was silenced by the most annoying voice at Hogwarts.

"Sevy! What in the bloody hell happened!" Sirius barked as he flew in through the curtains. Lucius calmly stepped in right behind him.

"Dog breath, I'm touched to know you care," Severus said with a roll of his eyes. "And it's none of your damn business."

"Glad to see you're still your viscious self," Sirius laughed. He lightly punched Snape's arm.

"When am I free to go?" Severus asked as he grabbed his wand from the side table and aimed it at Sirius.

"Now, if you wish," Lustro said as he strode into the small space. "I understand that there is nothing I can do should this happen again." Snape nodded and put his wand down. "Draco did a fantastic job with the incantations." He allowed his hand to hover over Snape's chest for ten seconds before he was satisfied that nothing was ailing the Slytherin Professor. "Do nothing strenuous," he ordered as he turned and left to find Fiore.

"Come, Severus," Lucius smiled as he handed the Potions Master some fresh clothes. "Your class has been successfully Obliviated so none shall remember the incident."

"Though I did make sure to collect some Pensieve memories so I could enjoy your falling and making a mess of your own classroom over and over... and over!" Sirius laughed.

"If you and Lucius were not mated I would have rid the world of your poor sense of humor and bad jokes long before you could pollute it with another one of you... Hopefully your children will take after the better half!" Severus snapped. He threw a wandless stinging hex Sirius's way. He yelped as it hit.

"Alright, that's enough," Lucius said as he stepped in between the two wizards about to duel. "You two are acting more childish than the first years."

"Snake-brain started it," Sirius pouted as he pulled Lucius into his embrace and away from Snape.

"And I am ending it," Lucius said. "I do not wish to hear you speak to each other for the rest of the day."

"I'll keep to myself if you can keep your dog on his leash," Snape said trying to get one last biting remark in.

"We should put you back in the cauldron you crawled out of!" Sirius barked before clapping a hand over his mouth. He glared darkly at Snape. Then he smiled at his mate and removed his hand. "I'm done, I promise."

"Good," Lucius smiled. "Now, while you were asleep Draco and Harry introduced us to their new school assignments. Our half-giant professor has arranged for Aethon faerix to be paired up with the sixth- and seventh-years in his class."

"Aethon faerix?" Snape questioned impressed. He wandlessly switched his night clothes for the clothes Lucius brought as he stood. "How did he manage that? The last I heard, the Aethon had gone into hiding."

"As did I," Lucius nodded. He lead the way out of the Infirmary. "Hagrid found them somehow."

"Intriguing," Snape whispered as his thoughts drifted away from the mystery of Hagrid's new creatures and slowly went to thoughts of the tall red-head who had visited him not moments before...


"Is all well with your royal one?" asked the deep voice of Arbutus the Dragon. The very large dragon's metallic blue scales shimmered in the sun as he stood to greet his master, easily towering over the man of 6'5". Arbutus stretched his navy wings and craned his long neck before settling his glittering white eyes on his Dragon Ryder.

"His distance is no fault of mine," Charlie Weasley said as he patted the snout of his beloved dragon. "How long must I be expected to wait for his stubborness to dissolve?"

"Take comfort," Arbutus said. His booming voice was as soft as a whisper in Charlie's mind. "Look into my eyes and tell me you are at ease."

Charlie smiled at the Dragon. "I am at ease, though it is not myself I worry about."

"In time you shall have your marriage and he will enjoy a long life full of little ones for me to watch over." Charlie smiled at the thought of his fierce, warrior dragon acting as a nanny. "Shall we now return home?" Arbutus then asked.

"Not right away," Charlie said as he glanced in the direction of castle he had called home for seven years. He climbed atop the saddle on Arbutus's back and settled himself in.

"What then is your will?"

"I'll not leave him right away," Charlie smiled. "I trust my company will be sought out before the week ends. For now," he chuckled, "I know one particularly lively professor who may enjoy your presence."

"Another Ryder?" Arbutus questioned as he pushed off the ground with his muscular legs. The two were instantly one-hundred feet off the ground.

"An old friend," Charlie replied with a smile...

[Author's NOTE: The dates in my sister's original story are quite wonky... So I will try and clarify what day it actually is from the beginning...]

Harry Potter was mad.

Harry Potter was absolutely furious... Just after he and Draco had left the Infirmary the most wonderful plan had begun to form in his head. He wanted to show Draco just how entranced the dragon language had left him, how sensual the foreign words sounded to his heigtened hearing. There had been no intention, on his part, to have sex with the blonde until after they were married, (an inevitable and romantic event he could not wait to experience in front of the entire Wizarding World if he had his way...). He only figured that a physical display of affection would be enjoyable to both his mate and himself; it seemed to him that he hadn't felt Draco's fangs in weeks, though it had only been a day or two... So when Nearly Headless Nick had informed Draco that Dumbledore requested his presence just as they reached Draco's Head Boy room, Harry had only wished that their beloved Headmaster had come to retreive Draco himself. The pleasure of telling the old man to sod off could have made Harry feel less irritated...

Yes, Harry Potter was unhappy, very unhappy...

"Young one," Prince Ror said with a smile, "Your anger is quite thrilling but I feel that if you continue on with this rage, you may do something harmful to your health or someone else's."

"The only person I'd like to hurt is Dumbledore," Harry said with a huff.

"And he is your Headmaster?" Ror asked curiously.

Harry nodded. "He's was due to retire thirty years ago."

"I have yet to meet him," Ror informed. "He does not sound like enjoyable company."

"He isn't," Harry chuckled. "The twinkle in his eyes is quite unnerving and he just seems to know things. Things he shouldn't know without being told. I've spent the last six years as a mindless doll he had under his control. When I got Draco, an entirely new way of looking at the old codder helped me see just how awful he truly is."

"Codder?" Ror laughed. "What is the meaning of that word?"

"I do not know," Harry laughed. "It seems like a Dumbledore word though." He sat down on the loveseat of Draco's Head common room.

"Do you have class?" Ror asked as he sat next to Harry.

"Not for another thirty minutes," Harry answered as he laid his head back and closed his eyes. For some reason the idea of going to his next class was highly unappealing, and it was only the first day of classes. He would definitely be asking Draco for that massage later that night. Neville and Andon could cover for him if he did not return to the Tower. "Divinations isn't an important class," Harry mused to himself.

"You wish to not go?" Ror asked with a smile.

"I'm still debating with myself," Harry smiled.

"Well, we can always start your lessons about me and my people. I can quite guarantee that my lectures will be far more interesting than those of any mortal teacher," Ror added smugly.

"You've persuaded me," Harry said as he sat up. "I won't be missing anything Professor Trelawney was planning to falsely predict."

"Very well," Ror smiled with a clap of his hands. "We shall start right away."


"Draco, my boy," Dumbledore said with the same twinkle that seemed to be ever-present behind his half-moon spectacles, "I hope I have not pulled you away from anything of too much importance."

"More important than whatever task you'll have me do next, I'm sure," Draco replied with no intent to whisper his complaints. He would make damn sure the old man in front of him knew just how pissed he was at being called away from his mate for the second time that day.

"Well, in that case, I'll get right down to it," Dumbledore said with his smile still in place, just like his twinkling eyes. "Would you like some tea?"

"Is that why I was call up here?" Draco nearly growled.

"Of course not, I was simply playing the part of a proper host," Dumbledore chuckled.

"Should I be playing the role of a proper guest?" Draco asked sarcastically.

"If you wish," Dumbledore said as he poured two cups of tea anyway. While taking a sip from his own cup, Dumbledore watched as Draco merely left his cup untouched and with no intention of taking it. "I called you here to inform you that as Head Boy it your responsibility to uphold all school rules and policies. Your actions must clearly reflect your ability to follow rules and your willingness to maintain the image of perfection and discipline."

Draco had no idea what point there could possibly be for Dumbledore to reiterate what his Head letter had already told him over the summer break. He allowed the Headmaster to continue. "It has come to my attention that you and young Mister Potter are trying to develop a relationship. I must warn you that toying with the emotions of a fragile teen like Harry will not in anyone's best interests. And I must strongly-"

"Harry and I are not trying to do anything," Draco growled as he stood to his full height while Dumbledore remained seated. He could feel his anger boiling beneath his very skin, a slight crackling in the air around him warned that his glamour may simply fall away as he tried to not tear the old man limb from limb. "I am toying with no one. And, if I may," he said with the coldest glare the Headmaster had ever seen or felt, "if I so much as see your twinkling eyes look in the direction of my mate you will want to pray to whatever crazed loons you worship that you had never even heard the name Draco Malfoy whispered in your darkest nightmares... Have a good day, Headmaster."

Dumbledore had never before felt fear in the presence of a student, not even when the widely-known and feared Thomas Riddle had been seated in the very same seat Draco had just vacated. No matter, the Headmaster thought as he finished his tea with one last gulp, his thoughts and suspicions had only been confirmed. Now he had business to attend to. He pulled out a small piece of paper and scribbled in his barely legible script a brief note. Fawkes, his phoenix, was ready to deliver his message as soon it was tied to his leg. Dumbledore did not even need to tell him where to take it or to who. "Hurry back, my pet," he smiled, the twinkle in his eyes even stronger...

"That old bastard has no idea who he just pissed the bloody hell off!" Draco bit out harshly as he strode down the corridors angrily. Students heading to their last class of the day avoided him like the plague, and wisely too.

"Is that what humans call a teacher?" Yin asked from his perch on Draco's shoulder. Since he had been ordered not to leave his assigned human, Yin had used the unique ability to shrink and accompanied Draco. "Such a sight was disgraceful and insulting to young, fragile minds everywhere. His very words came out like venom to poison even the minds he has never before come into contact with."

"I'm glad you see so easily what everyone takes to years to," Draco said as he narrowly avoided running through a group of nervous first-years. One little girl even had tears running down her rosy cheeks. Her next class must be potions, Draco thought absently with a dark chuckle.

"I saw a lot more than his poor mind," Yin said gravely. "Lesson one: We see no glamours," he said to remind to young one.

"Dumbledore has a glamour?" Draco asked as he stopped dead in his tracks. The corridors were nearly empty now as class doors were being closed all around him.

"His very essence is surrounded by a glamour," Yin answered lowly as a straggling Hufflepuff ran past them. "Some of them are nearly fourty years old... I've never seen something so disfigured."

"This is very strange," Draco said as he began walking again. "I'll need to inform Father as soon as his next class ends. Dumbledore needs to dealt with soon. I cannot promise to keep my composure if he decides to take my threat lightly. I dare the old bastard to even think about looking in Harry's direction. I'll rip him to shreds."

Yin, from his place on Draco's shoulder, silently hoped the Headmaster would try and test his young charge. There was no doubt in his mind that he had picked the student most like him: willing to shed blood for the love of his life. Draco meant every word of his threat, if one would call it that. Draco himself considered it a promise he never intended to break...

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