Chapter 1

Walking along the beach was a young man. His red and white baseball cap down over his eyes his shirt was baggy, the muscles on his arms tight and his skin glowing lightly under the sun. His sandals held lightly in his hands so his bare feet walked in the sand the water occasionally coming over his ankles. Sweat dripping off him lightly giving his skin a shine. He took off his hat letting his short dark hair fall in spikes in front of his face. He reaches up and ran his hands threw it and looked out at the water his eyes dark blue like the deep sea. His set jaw and high cheekbones made his face look like a child's, cute and innocent.

Suddenly gasps came out from around him. Girls in bikinis with a beach ball in one's hands stopped and stared at the person they overlooked. Then slowly heads started to look at the surprised blinking boy.

"Erik Samuels!" a girl screamed excitedly pointing at him.

"Oops," He said throwing the hat back on but it was too late. Girls started screaming and charging toward him. He quickly turned and ran. Erik was one of the new uprising stars in a chick flick movie series. He was very popular and only rarely got to go out in public by himself, and if his manager found out about this he would probably be banned from going out by himself again. He ran up to the sidewalk and ran across the street not caring about the "Do not walk" red hand was telling him to stop. He ran past the shops incredibly fast then darted down an alley. On the other side was the international marketplace, easier for him to disappear into the scattered crowd. Then out of nowhere an arm came out and grabbed him then with amazing force it pulled him threw a door in the side alley. He blinked surprised and fell over the threshold on top of something small and warm. The door quickly shut behind him then there was pressure against his chest. He looked down to see that he landed on a small girl. He looked down at her then blinked surprised again as she looked back up into his eyes. Her eyes were the color of emeralds shinning bright even in a room as dark and abandoned as the one they were in. Her face cute and child like with soft round cheeks and full lips. Her hair was long and black with spiral curls fell all around her. Her skin was barely dark so obviously not a local but it had a wonderful glow that he just couldn't figure out. He realized she was really beautiful and a shiver ran down his spine when he looked and saw her hands on his chest then the rest of her body. She was wearing a bikini top that was brown and had the Roxy® logo on it and simple denim shorts. Her stomach showed a simple nice pack of abs that would only fit a sports girl and her legs were small but toned. Her whole body was smaller then his but that was usual for a big guy like him. In his mind she seams smaller and more fragile. A voice broke off his admiration and study.

"Could you stop staring at me and get off?" said the girl. Eric jumped up and backwards against the wall and put up his hands not even knowing why.

"Sorry," He said and the girl stood up and started to pat off the dirt of the floor off of her.

"It's okay I guess," she said. He stared at her again. Her voice wasn't angry or harsh, he couldn't really find an emotion in it but it still sounded beautiful. Her voice wasn't as little or strained with an accent, it wasn't high pitched or pretty like the other girls he was so used too. His eyes raked over her body again taking in things he hadn't seen before. The small line of cleavage with her bikini and when she turned to check if she got all the dirt off he saw a tattoo along her lower back. It was a single heart with two large wings coming out of it. It was cute to him and he smiled showing bright white teeth.

Suddenly from behind the door were shouts and screams of excited girls running down the alleyway. Eric moved quickly out of reaction against the wall by the door. The girl sighed and propped her foot against the door and someone tried the handle but the girl grasped it with both hands to keep it from moving.

"Locked," said a girl and they continued to run down the alley. The girl waited a few seconds then let go of the door. Erik sighed and ran a hand threw his hair under his hat. Then the girl started laughing. Erik straightened up at the sound and stared at the girl, she stopped laughing and looked back at him.

"I said quit staring at me," she said shifting her weight slightly.

"Sorry," he said looking down. She walked over to him and lifted his chin up to see him in the eyes. A tingle went down his spine at her touch and her shining eyes froze him in place.

"Shouldn't you get used to girls chasing you?" she asked him.

"Hm," was all he could say, he leaned a in a little and smelt the ocean coming from her, she must have been out there earlier. She started to lower her hand but he quickly, without thinking, grabbed it and brought it back up to his face running her fingers along his lips. He realized for the first time that her hands were freezing cold. Her body stiffened as she looked up at him. Her eyes went wide and she took him in like she didn't see him before. Her eyes went over his arms and his muscular chest and her hands ached to touch him. She came back up to look into his dark blue eyes. His smell of ocean and sweat from his morning workout drew her closer. Then his husky voice in her ear made her shiver happily.

"What's your name?" Erik asked her, she pushed him away and stepped back.

"My name's Alex," she said smoothly trying not to act shaken. Erik was stoned for a second but then blinked and smiled.

"Thank you for helping me, can I repay you somehow?" he asked.

"Nope," she said then opened the door to the alleyway and walked out. Erik stood there dumbfounded. No girl had ever said no to him before, he rushed out the door and caught up with Alex.

"Wait up," he said.

"Why? I got to go soon so I'll see you latter," she said starting to speed up her pace but he kept up walking casually.

"Go where?"


"Where's that?" he asked and she sighed running a hand threw her hair.

"Alaska," she said continuing to walk.

"But this is Hawaii."

"Really? I had no idea," she said sarcastically making him laugh.

"When does your plain leave?"

"Around nine," she said and Erik stopped walking for a second before catching up to her again.

"Then spend the day with me," he said smiling.

"Why?" she said. Erik turned in front of her blocking off her path. She quickly spun the other way but he cornered her, she leaned against the wall and crossed her arms.

"Let me out," she said but Erik shook his head.

"Not till you say you'll spend the day with me," he said.

"I can get out of this," she said confidently.

"Go ahead and try," he said laughing, she suddenly leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. His hand shot up as if his skin had been shocked and Alex darted through his arms and out behind him.

"Told you so," she mocked happily.

"You probably shouldn't do that," Erik said he was frozen facing the wall. Alex skipped back over to him.

"Why not?" she asked her voice sounding like a little kid who was overly curious.

"Just cause okay?" his voice sounded shaky. She smiled, loving a challenge, and from behind him kissed him on the cheek lightly, barely even touching the skin before she backed down and smiled proudly watching him to see what would happen. It completely threw her off guard, Erik moved so fast she barely saw it. He pinned her against the wall and leaned in close to her running his tongue along her lower lip. She stiffened quickly so surprised she reached up and shoved him away hard pushing herself against the wall to gain more strength. She blinked surprised and so did Erik. She turned quickly and ran down into the market. Erik's went up to his mouth and he looked after her as she slipped behind a cart and slowed down a bit. He turned away but something pulled his head back around, his feet started moving on their own and walked to the market pulling his hat farther down to hide his face. He watched Alex's black hair move around the carts. When suddenly she stopped, he froze surprised and hid behind a cart.