Title: Take Me Home

Rating: PG

Spoiler: Season 6 Episodes Cloak , Dagger

Author's Note: None of the characters belong to me. I just wrote this not to long ago. I know there are many mistakes. Please forgive me. Reviews are always appreciated. Thank you.

Amanda's aunt came to pick up the broken hearted girl. Amanda has just been told by Agent Gibbs that her sister, Agent Michelle Lee, has died. Gibbs felt awful for the little girl especially being the one who ended Lee's life. He headed downstairs to speak with a friend.

"Hey Abbs." Gibbs walks into the lab.

"Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs are you alright?" Abby stops in her tracks and runs towards Gibbs.

"Yeah, just a cut." Gibbs says quietly.

Abby gently touches his left temple then looks at his right hand.

"Ziva called and told me you were shot at. Gibbs! That's more than a cut. That's a broken finger. Does it hurt a lot? Can I get you anything?"

"Abby, I'm fine." Before Gibbs can pull his hand away, Abby lifts his hand up to her lips. She gently kisses his broken finger.

"Better?" Abby asks

"Much." Gibbs answers

"I'm sorry about Michelle. As angry as I was at her for lying to all of us, I never wanted her to end up dead. I'm sorry Gibbs." Abby looks away from his injuries and looks into his eyes.

"Me too Abbs."

"How is Amanda?" Abby now leans her back against her computer lab desk.

"She went home with her aunt." Gibbs tells her.

"I feel sorry for her. First she loses her parents, gets kidnapped for over a year and then she loses her sister." Abby stares down at her boots.

"Amanda is one strong little girl." Gibbs steps a little closer to Abby

"Yeah, I suppose she is." Abby looks back up to Gibbs.

Gibbs now comes right up to Abby and hugs her and softly tells her in her ear, "Thank you." He gives her a lingering kiss on the cheek. Thanking her for her work on finding the mole at NCIS and being a scapegoat for awhile.

"Your welcome." Abby tells him back

Gibbs then breaks away from the hug.

"Abbs. You mind driving me home? Ducky left already."

"You mean I'm your second choice to ask?" Abby has her hands on her waist looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"No Abbs. Just you did enough for me already."

"Gibbs, you know I would be happy to take you home. Why would you even think that?"

He reached out and grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Will go in my car." Abby tells him

"Do you mind Chinese?" Gibbs puts an arm around her waist

"Sounds good." Abby says to him.

Gibbs presses the up elevator button. He leads Abby inside by her waist. Presses the button for the upper level.

"I owe you." Gibbs tells her and kisses her cheek again

Abby smiles mischievously as the elevator doors close.