This is the first slash piece I have ever written and it was done so out of request from several friends and readers. If you do not enjoy slash, then please help yourself to three (as of today) other non-slash TRON: Legacy pieces I have posted. Also, yes Daft Punk is featured in this story - they are "MP3 programs" featured in the film. As much as I was against the idea of using names a second time, "he" and "his" becomes so overwhelming I needed names besides Rinzler. I do not own Daft Punk, Rinzler, or the setting.

Rinzler walked rigidly out of the elevator, his steps precise and silent. C.L.U. was sending him more and more often to End of Line to keep an eye on Zuse and he hated the place. He wasn't programmed for enjoyment or indulgence and the gluttony he witnessed in the facility barely distracted him from his duty. He would report back to C.L.U. with no new information, as usual, and would be sent to rest for the evening.

The hallway he stepped out into was never dense with traffic and tonight no one was walking its length. He moved with confidence and strength, his dark helmet reflecting the illuminated ceiling panels as abstract shapes.

A door opened several paces down and two programs walked out, their silver and white suits bright in the corridor's unnecessarily abundant glow. Rinzler saw them but he was deep in his thoughts, reviewing his objectives. A piece of his consciousness recognized the figures as the MP3 programs he saw at End of Line every time he had "visited." Zuse called them Thomas and Guy he recalled, as he often heard their verbal maltreatment.

Although Rinzler did not acknowledge the programs, they had indeed noticed his presence. Thomas gently tapped Guy's arm, "LOOK" streaming across his visor in large red letters. Guy looked towards Rinzler and a question mark flashed on his helmet. "RINZLER" Thomas responded and Guy just stared at him. "HE IS CLU'S." Guy looked at the program down the hall and then back at his partner, a pixelated picture of CLU appearing on his helmet followed by another question mark. Thomas threw his arms in the air at Guy and then began swiftly down the hall towards the illuminated program.

Rinzler's head snapped in their direction when he saw how quickly Thomas was moving in his direction and he slowly placed one hand on his lower back near his disc. He didn't think they would attack him, but he had been trained to err on the side of caution. Programs seemed to be turning on their own alliances left and right lately.

He paused when Thomas approached him, waiting to be sure this was a meeting and not his overactive, defensive quality. Thomas stopped in front of Rinzler, Guy close behind, and flashed "R U LEAVING?". As soon as he'd entered and displayed the text he remembered that Rinzler never spoke; he had been silent every day they'd ever been in the same room. He did notice, however, a warm buzzing sound irradiating from Rinzler's chest with each exhale and for some reason he took great pleasure in its sound. Rinzler appeared to be staring at him, his body absolutely motionless in its stance. "GOING 2 CLU?" Thomas inquired, reaching for Rinzler's arm. Immediately the program reacted, grabbing Thomas's forearm harshly and allowing his disciplined muscles to dig into his skin through the cloth. Thomas's screen displayed a shocked pair of eyes as he attempted to pull away with no avail. His hand met Rinzler's chest and he was shoved against the wall, his silver helmet making a sick smacking sound at the contact.

Guy stood by with his hands raised outwards helplessly, not wanting to be dragged in but not wanting to witness violence. Rinzler was pressing relentlessly against Thomas by one forearm across his chest; he gasped for air, his ribcage vibrating with Rinzler's increased humming. "STOP" he begged, "PLEASE." For some bizarre reason, Rinzler removed his forearm from the MP3 program's chest and remained in front of him, staring. Thomas did not move. He waited; Rinzler's purring increased and died out in waves with his breathing. Thomas's attraction to its sound grew and for a moment he lost control of his actions.

He reached for Rinzler and touched his chest with his silver plated gloves. The program recoiled in rage, throwing an arm up to drive his attacker away. Dashes blinked across Thomas's visor as he stepped forward, his hand slowly moving to touch Rinzler's helmet that now stood motionless. His fingertips met the dark glass and Rinzler's murmuring dropped to silence. Thomas touched his chest and he recoiled, the purr growing into a growl.

Rinzler heard and felt the clack of his disc against the wall and in mere seconds he had gone from the pinner to the victim. He didn't understand what was happening and he had certainly never been programmed to allow advance from anyone without punishment. He was made for aggression, assertiveness, and completion. He couldn't pull up the code in his program that justified a reason for hurting Thomas; he wasn't being harmed but he wasn't seeking it either.

By this time Thomas had braced his himself with one hand against the wall and was gently touching Rinzler's neck and chest. "PURR" his visor displayed, and Rinzler didn't understand. His sound was his being and no one acknowledged it. His confusion was crippling.

Guy had soon joined Thomas in examining the program, his gold plated hands feeling along Rinzler's sides and stomach, tracing the edges of his disc war armor. The colored lights along the sides of his helmet lit and unlit in a quickening pattern of excitement. Rinzler watched the lights in a daze, numb to the inappropriate touch his body was being subjected to. Suddenly he felt a hand sneak between his legs and, immediately enraged he shoved the programs away from him, his buzzing increasing with the agitation.

"U WANT IT" Thomas's visor read and he pushed into Rinzler, grabbing him between the legs as he pinned him to the wall again. "IF CLU GETS YOU ... I DO." Thomas caressed Rinzler with his thumb and he felt the program's body relax for a split second, his head falling against his shoulder in a defeated way. Then he quickly regained himself, straining to push away from Thomas but Guy held him back, hooking him around the waist and holding him firmly. Rinzler's rumbling intensified again with his anger and frustration and he strained heavily against the two programs. Their weight together was too much and he was slowly wearing himself out. His circuits spun with the concept at hand; he was being invaded.

Guy folded his arms under Rinzler's and held them helplessly at his sides, pulling Rinzler's body back into his. A large heart was displayed on his screen and Rinzler was disgusted. He tugged again and Thomas restrained him from the front, one hand on his crotch and the other on his chest. "DON'T STRUGGLE" he displayed to Rinzler and he leaned into him, both hands at his neck, his knee firmly between Rinzler's legs. "PURR" Thomas demanded, running his hands up and down the program's neck and shoulders. Rinzler had been buzzing, he couldn't stop, it was what he was built to do. Thomas was drunk with his attraction to the program, the reverberation from his chest drove him crazy and their body together was electrifying him.

He began unfastening the program's suit at the waist, his hands shaking with nervousness and an odd guilt. Rinzler desired deeply to kick the program but an odd tingling feeling in his stomach was distracting him; he was curious. This froze him in place, panting and purring, his body held against another male program's behind him. Never in all of his cycles had he been restrained this way, against his will. On one end he was angry to the point of maddening violence, but another part of him was so confused it shut down his ability to function rationally. And rationality was something he had been programmed to work by.

Rinzler jumped when Thomas touched his bare skin, his rumbling reverberating stronger. Thomas looked up at him and read, "DO U WANT?" Rinzler couldn't answer, of course, so he proceeded - standing in front of the program, pushing one of his feet to the side, and grasping Rinzler's hardening length in his palm. "EXCITED?" he asked, surprised by the program's sudden arousal after such a strong fight to avoid the situation. Thomas looked to Guy, reading "WHAT NOW?" and Guy was unresponsive for a moment, then displayed an image of a blushing emoticon. "LOL" Thomas's visor read before he could prevent it.

Rinzler began to struggle again but Thomas pressed his body to him, holding him steady to Guy who was becoming finicky and impatient. The MP3 program slowly began stroking his hand up and down Rinzler's erection, his head angled downwards but his helmet almost touching his victim's. Rinzler's chest shuddered and his growling hum was growing louder, his weight giving out on Guy who was needing to support more and more of it. Suddenly the once-aggressive program's head came to rest back on Guy's shoulder, who looked at his reflective helmet in shock. Thomas was turning him on.

Thomas looked up from his work and read, "IS HE..?" to Guy, who nodded his helmet and displayed a love-drunk emoticon. Thomas continued running his gloved hands up and down the program's member, paying extra attention to the tip. Upon touching him there Thomas coaxed a strong reaction from Rinzler; a heaving gasp and a strengthened purr. He repeated the motion and Rinzler's body jerk and he attempted to lift his head, then let it fall back onto Guy with defeat. Guy loosened his grip on the program and began running on hand along his side in comfort; Rinzler turned his head towards the MP3 program helplessly.

Thomas's glove was damp with pre-ejaculate and he was becoming aroused with Rinzler's reaction to his touch. He could feel and hear the program's breathing and after seeing his extremely violent reaction to his advances he had never imagined he would be this close. The purring noise was coming from his chest; in waves, intensifying with pleasure and dying out when satisfaction was delayed. It seemed out of his control, a completely involuntary function of his body, like brain and nerve signals.

Rinzler lifted his head to look down at Thomas's motions and their helmets knocked together with a gentle thudding sound. Thomas looked at Rinzler, reading, "MMMM." The program only continued to hum, his chest moving in heavy, drunken pants. He reached for Thomas's arm, touching it lightly then gently brushing his neck. Thomas read "" and rested his free hand on Rinzler's hip, squeezing it affectionately.

Thomas ran his thumb over the program again and he jerked back harder than previously, his purring so loud it was overwhelming to both of his companions. Thomas stroked him harder and Rinzler's grip on his shoulder intensified as he rested his head back on Guy's neck, gasping and murmuring. Thomas read his body with expert skill and began teasing him with his fingertips, coaxing him to release. He wasn't even on the receiving end of this pleasure but his anticipation to the moment was as strong as his desire to reach it himself.

Hitting a nerve right, Thomas was surprised when Rinzler released abruptly, his weight giving out entirely into Guy who struggled to keep from having his feet slip out from under him. Thomas let him dribble onto the floor, wiping the rest on his pantleg hastily. He leaned into Rinzler, his hands affectionate on his thighs. "I GOT YOU." Rinzler buzzed lazily, touching Thomas's chest and leg with a clumsy hand. Thomas looked to Guy and read, "LET'S GO." Guy's helmet displayed a confused emoticon and he looked at Rinzler before slipping out from underneath him.

The two MP3 programs traveled down the hall, leaving the exhausted warrior program rebooting on the tile floor. Thomas looked back over his shoulder with remorse, and kept walking.