Here it is, the final chapter for Tampering. It was upsetting to end, but who knows if the pairing will show up again in future pieces...

Finally Rinzler thrust Guy farther forward, allowing his helmet to smack sickly against the concrete. At least his spine was no longer bent to break. Now the program was working at his own suit, his fingers digging into the armored fabric and tearing away pieces to expose the strong body underneath. Despite his pain Guy observed with surprise, never before seeing the skin of his attacker. He couldn't help but admire Rinzler's solid stature through his cracked, scratched visor.

When the program got to his hips he dug more ferociously, reaching between his legs to rip large strips and exposing his aching length. Guy began to squirm in his unavoidable arousal and the movement of his body's wiggling obtained Rinzler's attention who again placed his hands on his submissor's hips. Slowly he began to work against him, lifting Guy's clothed crotch to his bare skin. His pain subdued by hormonal release, Guy could feel everything now and the friction was tightening his pants.

Soon he was moaning at the continuous stimulation, his helmet turning from side to side as Rinzler's forward and back jerking became more desperate. When the rhythm had reached perfection Rinzler tore at Guy's pants, ripping them down the crotch and tearing through the thin fabric of the thighs to get at his partner's eagerness. He wrapped his fingers around Guy's erection and began to slide up and down, squeezing and being less than gentle. Guy's back arched and he longed to free his arms to brace his pleasure; by now the energy cuffs had seared the soft skin of his back and he could almost smell his flesh charring.

Rinzler kept one hand on his victim, the other he used to easily lift Guy to an upright position. He pushed Guy back against the wall and sat down on the tops of his thighs, their erections touching briefly. Guy attempted to lift his legs, the feeling overwhelming to his bruised body but Rinzler's unforgiving weight kept him from expressing his ecstasy.

Rinzler placed both of his hands against the wall above Guy's shoulders as he brought his hips forward, his black helmet tilted down to watch his act. Guy's strobing colors reflected off the sheen darkness, letting go a flood of memories and emotions from their last meeting. His helmet exploded into tints and tones of blue, green, red, yellow as Rinzler began to rub against him, the quick friction causing him to release pre-cum. Rinzler purred loudly at the reaction and cupped one hand around both of their erections, rubbing up and down while continuing to lift his hips forward.

Guy sighed deeply and fought to un-tense his worn body but the situation was pushing him into a spiral. Lost in his thoughts and biological reaction again he refused to acknowledge Rinzler's third advance. The program pressed his forearm to Guy's throat as he thrust harder, delivering a powerful and unrelenting feeling of pleasure and pain. His victim did not fight back but took it, knowing it would fade when Rinzler felt he had had enough. But soon moments became something longer and the feeling of collapse in his neck was becoming harder to ignore.

Against his better judgment he threw a heavy shove into Rinzler's chest with his shoulder, somehow sending the program backwards. Instantly he righted himself and grabbed Guy by the arm, throwing him hard to the cement. The chin of his helmet made contact first, sending bolts of pain into his head and neck.

Rinzler pulled away what was left of the helpless programs pants and began running his gloved palms up and over the curve of his backside, lifting him onto his knees as he went. Guy began to panic at the realization that their intimacy would not be the same without Thomas, that without his partner program he would be too weak to assert dominance over the dominant. He would inevitably be hurt at the hand of such lust.

Rinzler used his leg to spread Guy's knees apart from behind as he roughly grabbed his backside, sliding the tip of his length along him in a tease. Guy's helmet lights had darkened in his fear and he felt this would not be as rewarding as he thought. This was confirmed by the forcefulness Rinzler applied when entering him; taking little heed to the tenseness of his partner and little care to the indecipherable groan of pain that came soon after. Rinzler found his insides alight with fire at the feeling and his purring reverberated through his body as he moved in again, solidly planting his tight grip around Guy's sore hip bones for leverage. His thrusts were fast and raw, the angle unforgiving and selfish. Guy rested the side of his helmet against the cement and braced himself for each entry, hissing at the drag of his glass face against the rough cement. His anxious tightness only aroused Rinzler further, who began to work with a rhythm-less pace that became a violent desperation for satisfaction.

Guy could not sustain his arousal and soon pain took his body, pushing it down further and further into numbness. He comforted himself by the reminder that when Rinzler released he would be left in the alley just as he and Thomas had done the first time. All he had to do was wait.

But nothing was ever simple or quick with Rinzler unless it involved death. The program had enduring self-control and after what seemed like several milli-cycles to Guy he was still in the submissive position, his body aching. He was on the brink of mental collapse from his multiple injuries and his inability to get to his disc and repair them. Rinzler's fingers began to dig into his back, pulling on his flesh in an attempt to get a better hold. In this process he drove in deeper and suddenly Guy's stomach dropped with pleasure. His helmet erupted into light and his breath caught in his throat as Rinzler began to re-angle his thrusts, noticing the change in his victim's reaction. Guy pushed back into Rinzler's thrusts, his chest exploding in pain from the weight he was putting on it. He ignored his screaming nerve endings as he allowed himself to be violated, savoring the new situation and hoping Rinzler would forget his ruthlessness long enough for him to enjoy the feeling.

Much to his dismay Rinzler's body finally gave out on him during a strong thrust and the program withdrew in time to spill onto the cement between his legs, his purring at a deafening level. Guy's legs crumpled beneath him and he allowed his wound up muscles to relax on the cold ground while he listened for fading footsteps. There was no sound besides the dissipating of Rinzler's humming, as warm as the evening they had spent together in the back quarters of End of Line, the degree of their body heat almost sickening as they abused and were abused. Guy felt a deep sorrow form like a chunk of ice at the bottom of his stomach as he realized nothing was going to work out as he foresaw it. He listened as Rinzler repaired his suit and deactivated the energy cuffs from his seared wrists. There was a deep silence between them, even the rumbling had stopped. He refused to look at Rinzler but continued to lie in his submissive position, waiting for abandonment.

Eventually the program turned and went, his padded suit creating almost no sound on the alley's concrete. Guy had allowed deception to creep into his mind, to be led to believe a program designed only for violence could achieve something above it. The technological connection he had obtained would never fade and even now his dread was overpowering.

Self-pity fading, he weakly unsnapped his disc, repairing his body, helmet, and clothes. Getting his bearings he walked towards home, limping slightly. His lungs and heart felt heavy and motivation to even make it back to the club was blowing away in grains with the brisk city wind. He had been gone so long he knew his partner would be anxious but even this was not enough to quicken his pace. He had hoped for something greater; he was foolish.

Stepping through the doorway of his quarters, Guy immediately saw Thomas who was sitting upright on their bed, his visor blank. A silence stretched between them and Guy attempted to appear unharmed, straightening his spine but keeping a good hold on the doorframe.

"How was repair?" Thomas asked him finally. Guy shrugged. "Why so long?"

"PROBLEM," flashed on Guy's visor, followed by a pixelated image of his disc and another shrug.

Thomas shifted. "Got scared."

Guy didn't respond but crossed the room and sat next to his partner program on the mattress, looking downwards and then turning his helmet towards him. A small red heart appeared on his visor at the very bottom of the screen, fading in and out in a slow blink. Thomas watched and then slowly reached for his partners face, touching it lightly with his gloved hand. Guy leaned into his touch, his lights rippling slowly.

They lie in bed together, Thomas's bed that Guy had started to slip into during the late evenings. This wasn't something they had discussed or even acknowledged. Guy had been gazing out the window since he hit the mattress, Thomas snoring raggedly behind him. His thoughts were empty and light, holding few ideas or memories. Despite his DNA repair his body was still sore and most of his focus remained on his physical ailments.

Thomas sighed deeply and adjusted on the mattress, switching sides in his sleep. Guy listened to the sound of the friction of material and waited for his partner to relax.

He felt a hand lightly touch his side, groping innocently for his shoulder. The fingers trailed along his arm in soft prods until they reached his wrist, his hand. Guy sighed, feeling Thomas's warmth behind him.

In his despair he had forgotten.

They had been made together.