Ken flushed as he snapped out of his daze, having been caught staring at Minako by Junpei. "Somethin' wrong, kid?"

If you asked Ken what he liked best about Minako, your reply would be "M-Minako-san? She's a very…strong leader…"

She was treading on very dangerous ground, she knew, but when he kissed her shyly, it all felt worth it.

"I-I'm…I know I'm just a child, b-but I love you, Minako-san! Please wait for me to grow old enough…"

"Y-You're…You're dating Ken?" Akihiko felt almost sick when she nodded her head. No wonder she hadn't noticed his flirting…

"G-Go into your room? Th-That is hardly appropriate, Minako-san! I mean, wh-what if Aigis-san came in? What if Koromaru-san did?"

Minako couldn't help laughing as Ken stood next to her by the mirror, swearing that someday he would be taller.

Ken struggled to maintain his mature façade after he opened the Featherman R action figure. "Th-Thank you very much, Minako-san."

The first text on Ken's very first phone read: "Guess who, Ken-kun!" He couldn't help but chuckle slightly. 'Typical Minako-san.'

She smiled as she squatted down beside him on the sidelines, rubbing medical powder on his injury. "I-It's really okay…"

Who knew it would be so awkward to be pressed against his crush's chest in a crammed train? Ken hadn't.

Junpei was practically leering at a frightened Ken, whom he had cornered. "Let me tell you a little about women…"

The following week consisted of an embarrassed Ken pointedly avoiding Minako, Junpei's "lesson" on women circulating through his mind constantly.

"Minako? Well, I know she really likes homemade food…why do you ask?" "O-oh, I was just wondering, is all!"

Was it strange for him to think of Minako as both a mother figure and girl he liked? Was it?