Title: Amortentia, Mistletoe and Draco Malfoy (AMDM)


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any related characters.

Pairing(s): Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC

Genre(s): Romance, Drama

Summary: Five years after the Battle of Hogwarts (1998), Draco Malfoy crashes (literally) into Hermione Granger. A kiss under the mistletoe later, Draco begins his pursuit of Hermione Granger, for all the wrong reasons. Could it possible be a start of another clichéd romance? Possibly, my dears. Quite possibly.



It was a mere five years ago. The Battle of Hogwarts, as it was more commonly known. Five years since he left his bigoted pureblood ideals and ventured into the world as a new person. He was a man, no longer held back by the beliefs that purebloods were the quintessential people in the world. He was simply, just Draco Malfoy.

Five years, she thought. A bloody five years she had spent chasing after her dreams to better the wizarding world for muggleborns and the mixed breeds. She had a perfect career, but all she lacked was the perfect love life. Things had not really gone that well with Ron after the war. So all Hermione Granger needed was someone to be by her side and be her other half.

They were two enemies, whom fought on opposite sides in the war. Many a time, their paths had crossed, but neither noticed the other. By a surprisingly clichéd twist of fate, their paths crossed again, and this time, maybe it would stay that way.

Chapter 1: Under the Mistletoe

12 December 2003

Ministry of Magic

Christmas is a season of togetherness, love and family. But for the love of Merlin, Draco could never understand why mistletoe had to be a part of it. Not that he hated kissing. There was nothing more he loved than a good snogging session under the mistletoe. But only if it was with a lovely maiden with full pink luscious lips and a knockout figure that made men drool.

No. Draco Malfoy loved the blanket of white pureness that usually coated the front lawn. He loved the snogging, the festive feeling that bubbled in the hearts and souls of everyone around him. He loved the presents that everyone got. He especially loved the family bonding time that his family shared during the season. It was only the time his family ever really got together and spent time.

What he really hated was being accosted by the hoards of ladies who all wanted a piece of him, especially under the mistletoe. Christmas was approaching after all. Make no mistake; he knew he was a fine piece of work. A masterpiece if you asked him. He was tall, muscular-not overly, just enough to make women salivate over him- and he was good-looking. But he never did -and never would- like being cornered under the mistletoe. If anything, he did the cornering.

Which was why the pale blond was cautiously avoiding the mistletoe that had been hung in the corridors of the Ministry. He was so caught up in trying to prevent a collision with the mistletoe tradition; he missed a flash of brown that knocked straight into him.

Hermione rushed along the corridor, heading for the lifts. Succeeding the previous deputy head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was an impressive feat for a junior from the Department of Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures, and the brunette had mountains of case files to peruse.

So when she bumped into the wall… okay, so it wasn't a wall. More like a chest, an extremely well defined male's chest. Point is, when she bumped into the wizard, she did the only thing she could when she was annoyed (her emotions had been in overdrive, what with all the work she had).

She screamed at the man.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, you st—" her scowl falling away as she recognized the wizard standing in front of her.

It was Draco Malfoy.

The irate former Slytherin winced in pain, brushing the dirt away from his dark green robes. Damn, what the hell? He was about to chastise the "thing" that ran into him, at least until he realised it was a woman. The pale blond smirked when he heard the string of curses spew from the brunette's mouth. Only, he could not recognise the petite witch.

But he could admire her body, he mused happily.

Sliding an appreciative glance over the curves of her body, Draco dragged his gaze upwards to her face. And met the cool appraising stare of beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

The truth hit him, hard.

The woman with lush curves and enchanting eyes in front of him was none other than Hermione Granger.

"Granger? Know-it-all Granger?" he asked, his eyes wide.

Draco watched as the brunette graced him with a knowing smirk.

"What's the matter, Malfoy? Cat got your tongue?" she taunted.

The little chit actually had the nerve to give him the same once-over, before smirking again and trying to walk past him. Draco rolled his eyes heavenward and caught sight of mistletoe, hanging just above them.

Damn the bloody Ministry, he cursed.

Of all the things they could have done, they decided to put up enchanted mistletoe, which could grow and sprout anywhere it pleased. It was still a week till Christmas for goodness sake! Although… maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all, he deliberated. Spinning around, he barely caught the brunette's arm before going,

"Ah, ah, ah my dear Granger. Mistletoe." His last coherent thought before meeting her lips was " This should wipe the smirk right off her pretty face."


Her heart was beating fast as she tried to move past him. Yes! Maybe I can get away, she cheered.

Hermione walked away quickly, only to be startled by his sudden words, "Ah, ah, ah, my dear Granger. Mistletoe."

" What are you tal- ", she started.

Hermione's eyes widened when he gently pressed his lips against hers, all thoughts dissipating. It was a mere brushing of lips, the simplest, most chaste of kisses. All of two seconds, and then his lips pulled away as quickly as it came. A faint blush spread over her face and she ducked her head, her brown tresses falling over her face like a curtain.

When she finally regained part of her composure, she looked up and was stunned to catch him gazing at her with penetrating molten grey eyes; so dark they almost looked black. It was just a quick flash, before the wizard's eyes cooled and that familiar Malfoy smirk fell upon his face again.

Hermione frowned, thinking that her eyes had been playing tricks on her. She placed her hand on her hip, fixed a glare on her former nemesis and asked, "What the hell was that, Malfoy?"

Draco Malfoy merely gave her that annoyingly charming smile, " That, Granger, was a kiss. Wouldn't want to get more bad luck in that love life of yours now, would we?" That said, the arrogant wizard winked and walked off, leaving her standing speechless.


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