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This chapter is a side story of how Ron and Cam got together. I decided it would be nice to have a little background story of them both before I continue Draco & Hermione's story. Forgive this writer for her random urges! I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

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Fun facts:

(1) After 1998, the Second Wizarding War, Tom the landlord of the Leaky Cauldron had either passed away or retired, and Hannah Abbott became the new landlady, and moved in with her husband, Neville Longbottom.

Chapter 6 (SIDE STORY PART I): How Ron Met Cam

Fate is a curious thing. Sometimes it takes away something great, and then pits you against one obstacle after the other. If you succeed in overcoming them, then a great reward awaits you at the end. If you don't, then well, at least the experience helps build character, right?

Like when Ronald Bilius Weasley and Hermione Jean Granger –two parts of the Golden Trio- ended their relationship amicably after two years. That was step one: Fate takes away something great.

Step two, of course, is the inevitable obstacles to come. In this scenario, Ron and Hermione –despite having had a drama-free break-up – had to face the unwanted attention from the media. And the persistent questions from their close friends and family over why they broke up. Then there was the inane gossip that graced headline after headline of the Daily Prophet and the Witch's Weekly. Really, it was as if the entire Wizarding world was in frenzy due to their split! As if that wasn't grating enough, who could ever forget the countless matchmaking attempts, with their "Ronald, you simply must meet so-and-so, she's such a darling!" or "Hermione dear, my friend's friend has a cousin who'd like to take you out to dinner! He's such a fine young man!"

Then came step three: the reward that makes everything better. In this story, our dear protagonist comes out the victor, and receives his great reward. This is, my dear readers, simply the story of how Ronald Weasley met Camille Williams.

3 years ago (Year 2000)

"Hey, little brother. Don't you ever think about dating again?"

Ron groaned inwardly as he turned away from George's curious eyes. The redhead fussed with the rag in his hand, making to polish Fred's portrait by the counter for the third time. It was nearly closing time, and the steady stream of customers in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes had gradually left. All that was left for him was to pack up and head down to the pub to meet Harry and Neville. He really didn't need another person fussing over his (lack of) love life.

"Does it really matter?" he asked back, gingerly rubbing a dirty spot on the frame away.

George snorted from behind the counter. Ron resisted the urge to strangle his older brother with the rag, but rubbed a particular stain on the glass with more force than necessary. Sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if Fred had survived. Maybe George wouldn't have become this serious in life. Not that he had lost touch with his humour of course; George was just more matured compared to before. Not that he missed the sad George– the Weasley family had grieved, but George had grieved the most of all. It was better to see his brother smiling and laughing, even though some days it hurt like hell to think about Fred.

"You're not pining after Hermione, are you?" his brother's voice interrupting his thoughts. Ron looked up, only to look away when he realised George was staring at him intently.

"Of course not, I just want to take a break from relationships is all," he answered flatly.

Ron had repeated this answer so many times that even he was starting to believe it. He wasn't pining after his ex-girlfriend, not at all. But mutual breakup or not, it was still a little depressing when the person you thought was "The One" didn't end up being that.

"Good, that's good. But you really need to get some, Ronniekins. You're getting too serious. Maybe you should contact Lav-Lav for a date," George answered seriously.

Ron faced his brother, eyebrow raised. George was wearing an easy grin, his eyes twinkling in humour. Rolling his eyes, Ron tossed the cloth in his brother's face, who caught it before it hit him.

"Well, if that's over, I'm going to head off to the pub. Say hi to Angelina for me," Ron said, grabbing his cloak off the peg. Waving to George, the redhead stepped out onto the street, the cold air embracing him.

Ron shoved his hands into his pockets, and walked along the familiar street of Diagon Alley, occasionally peering into the windows of the shops. As he passed by Quality Qudditch Supplies, he stopped briefly, admiring the newest Chudley Cannons robes before making a move and walking right smack into someone coming out of the shop.

A jumble of Qudditch merchandise flew in the air, as its owner fell backwards onto the street. Reacting quickly, Ron grabbed the person's hand, pulling the body towards him. As the items lay on the pavement, Ron led out a sigh of relief before realising that the person was hitting him.

"Let go of me, you clumsy oaf!"

Each word was punctuated with a strong thump on his chest, and the redhead resisted his urge to chuckle. Releasing his grip, Ron quickly stepped back, hands raised. He quickly glanced over the person standing opposite him, surprised. The person who had been carrying all the items was actually a petite, pixie-like woman, with blonde hair tied firmly in a ponytail. Said woman was also glaring at him, eyebrows narrowed in exasperation as she bent to collect her fallen merchandise.

"Are you alright?" Ron inquired politely, kneeling down to pick up a fallen Qudditch glove.

"If you had watched where you were going, I would be," she answered, swiping the glove before Ron could grab it.

"Look, I'm sorry, but it was your fault as much as mine," he reasoned. (Guessing that being around Hermione did mellow him a bit.)

"Excuse me? I wasn't the huge oaf standing in the middle of nowhere!" she retorted, looking up.

Ron narrowed his eyes at her words, frustration getting to him. "Look, I already apologised, didn't I? The least you could do is accept it and be nice enough to give me one in return, you- you short person!" he blurted. (Okay, maybe not.)

Ron smacked his forehead mentally when he realised what he had said. Short person? That was the best insult you could come up with? Smooth, Ronald, really smooth.

But as he watched the reaction of the other girl, Ron realised that maybe he did hit the nail on the head after all. He did a mental victory dance as the blonde gasped indignantly at his insult and sputtered angrily at him.

"Well excuse me for not being tall!" the blonde retorted, grabbing the last of her fallen belongings.

She stomped over towards him, sticking out her tongue at him before stamping her foot down hard on his right one for good measure, and walking away. Ron winced as the pain shot up his leg, muttering a few choice curse words under his breath. Slowly heading towards Leaky Cauldron (1), where he would meet Neville and Harry, grumbling to them about short blondes and solid foot stamps.

The Burrow

"Ronald, get up! You know your sister is having company over today!" Molly Weasley hollered from the first floor. Her loud, insistent voice carried towards his bedroom, and the redhead groaned in reply, hand groping blindly on the bedside table for a wand to cast a quick silencing spell at the door.

"Unca Won! Unca Won, wake up!" squealed a particularly cheeky voice.

Ron mumbled a curse as something clambered onto the bed, crawling to sit on his stomach. The little figure began bouncing happily, successfully waking the sleepy redhead up.

The voice giggled at his curse. "Oh, Unca Won said a bad word! I'm going to tell Grandmaw!" it said in a singsong voice.

Awake from all the vigorous bouncing that had been done on his stomach, Ron growled softly under his breath, before scooping up the figure and tickling it into submission. Loud, rambunctious peals of giggles escaped the tiny figure's lips and Ron continued his tickle attack.

A minute and a half later, Ron carried the two-year old Ted Lupin down to the kitchen, the small toddler sitting on his shoulders and grabbing small fistfuls of his ginger hair, a satisfied grin on his face, squealing "Horsie, giddy-yup Unca Horsie!" while tugging Ron's hair. Ron laughed as he walked down. Teddy's own hair was a similar shade of ginger that matched the rest of the Weasley household, thanks to Harry's insistence of making sure that Teddy would grow up feeling the love of a huge family.

Walking into the kitchen, Ron muttered a 'good morning' to the sole kitchen occupant and carefully set Teddy on his feet whom immediately tottered towards Molly.

"Grandmaw, look! I did it, Unca Won woke up! Can I have my cookie pwease?" Teddy said cutely, his left hand tugging her apron insistently.

Molly smiled gently at the ginger-haired boy, before pinching his cheek. "Of course you can, you've been such a helpful little boy to Grandma today," she answered affectionately.

Ron watched the scene, a soft look in his blue eyes as he watched his mother smile and fuss over Teddy. Often he felt that moments like these were precious and he thanked whatever gods watching over for them. Plastering a scandalised look on his face, he turned towards his mother.

"You would bribe a little boy with cookies just to wake someone up?" Ron exclaimed with mock anger.

"I would, when said someone refuses to wake up despite knowing his sister is having the Holyhead Harpies as guests today," the pleasantly plump woman answered, her bright brown eyes twinkling as she waved the ladle in her hand at her son.

"Now shoo, go get ready. Your sister might be home any moment now," she said, turning back to preparing breakfast.

Ron trudged up the stairs and passed a gleeful Teddy munching messily on chocolate cookies, stray crumbs decorating his mouth. He was confused as to how his sister's Qudditch team would have anything to do with him, but he didn't really want to find out just yet.

"Nothing else to do but to get ready and greet the team, I guess," Ron muttered to himself.


Teaser for next chapter:

Somehow, in the midst of frenzied snogging and Hermione jumping him, they both had ended up on her floor, Hermione on top and him on the bottom. They were nose-to-nose, Hermione's hands placed on either side of his head. Draco groaned slightly at the feeling of having her pressed intimately against him.

"Hah! Admit it, Granger. You do like being the dominant one!" he announced, a little too gleefully.

Hermione snorted in amusement at his comment. "Are you sure you should be saying that, especially in such a position?" she teased, licking her lips.

"So? What are you going to do?" he challenged. His brain was quickly shutting down as he felt hips press down on him.

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