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Words in Italics indicate thoughts.

'The time for the final battle… is drawing near.'

His words, no, thoughts, send a shiver through me. Not of fear though, more of…

Anticipation. Such as that a lion feels just before making its kill. At last, after all those years of waiting, we would have our revenge.

I can sense how tense he is. I can feel the excitement, the anger coursing through him. I stretch myself out to my full-length from the foetal position I was curled in, letting him know from that slight movement that I was there with him, inside him. That all I ever wanted to do was stay with him forever.

Sometimes, I wonder if he has ever regretted the decision to make me his flame. I may be one with him, free to delve into his thoughts, but somehow, it would be like betraying his trust in me to do that. His trust that I, as his flame, would never fail him when he needed me. His trust that I would never leave him again, like I did when I was still mortal.


…I'm scared… I don't want to leave you…

He was holding me, ignoring the blood that poured out of me, staining the both of us crimson. I could feel the tears flowing down his face dripping on mine. He called out my name repeatedly, telling me not to leave. His voice sounded so… distant. How could it be so, when he was right next to me?

I smile slightly as I look up at him, and whisper, "I only want to be with you… Kurei… forever…" What made me say that? Surely, surely we would be together? Always?

I close my eyes, feeling the last drops of my life drain out of me, taking me with them to an unknown place. No! I can't die… I mustn't die!

As I drift aimlessly between the worlds of the living and dead, I can feel something calling me, beckoning me to return to the shell that I had left behind in his arms. There is a sudden bright flash, and I find myself back in my body, suspended in the air above him, enveloped by the swirling purple flames he commanded. They eat away my body, but I feel no pain. After all, I have already passed into the realm of the dead.

"I will grant you your last wish, Kurenai, to let you be with me always."

My spirit becomes one with the flame around me. I have a new body; one made of fire, incapable of ever feeling pain again. Something sprouts out of my back… wings? He, he has turned me into a flame angel – his flame angel. To guard him and protect him from harm.

I turn towards him, intending to thank him for granting my wish. But when I open my mouth, no words come. I can no longer speak like a human, I can't tell him what I feel!

I see him crying when he realizes I can't talk. I bend down and reach out a hand to wipe away his tears and comfort him. My hand makes contact with his flesh. He flinches slightly. To my horror, I find that I have burnt his face, leaving an ugly scar on his left eye, marring his looks.

"It's alright," he tells me, "burn this face which cost you your life."

I stare at him and begin to weep. I swore that I would have my revenge on the one who caused the both of us so much pain by tearing us apart.

End flashback

I sigh and look at my hands. All I see is fire. I am fire. What does he see in me, that he would keep me by his side and let me in on his deepest thoughts and feelings? Of all the people he has made into his flames, not even Jisho, one of his most trusted men, is as close to Kurei as I am. Jisho is part of his flame; I am part of his mind, his body, his soul.

I was once the girl he loved. Now, I am only a battle accessory, an impressive flame angel he calls out at will to send all who oppose him to their death. Ashes to ashes; dust to dust. Who could love a being made of fire?

Yet, he does. To him, I'm more than just fire.

I am Kurenai.

His Kurenai.

Kurei and Kurenai. We will be together. Always.

No matter what happens, no matter what may befall us, I will never leave you. I will always be by your side, until the end of time.

My Kurei.

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