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My Requiem

So, it has all ended then.

With the destruction of the Tendoujigoku, the Hokage's final duty has been accomplished.

There is no longer a need for all those madougous, no longer a need for their wielders to fight anymore…

No longer a need for flamecasters.

Through his eyes, I see the madougous shattering, one by one. Then, Recca's dragons start to disappear as well.

Kurei seems unfazed by all this, but I know that he feels the same sense of dread as I do.

I don't want to disappear like all of them.

His father, once known as Ohka, now known as Resshin, bids goodbye to his wife and sons. '…I won't ask for your forgiveness for not being able to be a good father to you, Kurei, but I just want you to know that I love you as my son from the bottom of my heart. Goodbye.'

Kurei stares at him, before he kneels and bows to his father, a sign of his respect and acknowledgement. Inside him, I do likewise to the man who gave my beloved the power of flame. I know that he probably can't see me, but perhaps, he knew what I was doing as well. Resshin smiles at us one last time before vanishing.

The healer, Yanagi, is in Recca's arms, sobbing. It reminds me of the time when I was in her place, and that it was Kurei instead of Recca telling me not to vanish, not to leave him alone.

She doesn't vanish. She is given a second chance at life, something that I know will not happen to me. I can't help feeling jealous of her. Why is it that she, who bore similar hardships as me, gets to live, while I, I who served Kurei so faithfully so long, have to vanish into oblivion?

It isn't fair that I no longer have a body to return to.

As the Hokage celebrate the return of their princess noisily, Kurei turns to the side and summons Jisho and I. His purpose is painfully clear to me.

He is going to bid us goodbye. Forever.

"Kurenai, Jisho, you have stayed by my side and aided me through so much, I won't forget both of you in this life. Never. So… goodbye." His voice is cold, emotionless, yet I can sense that it is wavering slightly under his outward show of calm.

Jisho gives him a smile, his grim features softening, as he raises his hand in farewell and vanishes into the dying flames. Even in a moment like this, he is still willing to give us what time we have left to be together.

Kurei turns towards me, his mask still in place. I long to take it off, to see the face that I love so much, but I know that he is probably keeping it on to hide his emotions from me.

I try to smile at him, as Jisho did, as I bid him my farewell.

'Good… goodbye…'

The tears are uncontrollable; they start flowing down my face.

I may be just a flame angel, but I can still cry.

'Goodbye, my dearest Kurei.' I don't want to leave you, but I must.

I feel my soul being drawn towards that dark unknown once more. The flames making up my body grow less in strength. Finally, as they give one last attempt to stay aflame, I stare at Kurei's face, smiling at him…

I love you, Kurei. Goodbye until the next time we meet again.


Nothing left of me, save all those memories. But perhaps memories will keep me going until I can be with my one and only again. If Fate wills it.

Some of his Uruha are here with me. Those who remember me smile, treating me with the respect they always showed me back when we were alive.

Though I am no longer part of the living world, I can still see what goes on in it clearly enough. Still able to see him…

But what is the use? He can no longer see me.

He journeys, with the little boy, back to the time he was from. The time of the war the Hokage ninjas fought so bravely to protect their village, only to be totally exterminated.

I just wish I could be with you once more Kurei, that I could see you and touch you, and you could do the same with me…

Strange, how the soul of one who is dead can pass through space and time, if the longing is strong enough…

I wonder if he knows, as he walks along with his adopted brother under the pale moonlight, that they have a guardian angel watching over them?

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