(Disclaimer: I dun got nothin' on J.K. Rowling...)

My father's doing it to my mother again.
I can tell.
I can hear the screams, the shouts.
They don't think I can, though, all the way over here at School.
But I can.
Tears stained the last letter from my mother; the handwriting was shaky.
He's beating her up again.
We're going to excape.
To run away.
If my mother finds some way to tell someone, anyone.
We'll be safe for the rest of our days.
My father gets drunk, gets crazy.
It's not fair, the hand I was dealt.
I could've been someone else, anyone else.
But I'm a Malfoy.
The Dragon Of Bad Faith.
I put my head in my hands.
I think I'm crying.
I feel the drops on my face, but it doesn't seem to register as fimiliar.
So strange.
"Draco?" I heard.
My head swirled, and so did I.
"Ginny?!...Little Weasley! Bugger off!" I recovered myself quickly.
"Why are you crying?"
"I'm not crying! MALFOYS DON'T CRY!"
She cowered at my yell, as if I had smarted her.
It hurt, something twanged.
Like a register.
"Draco. I was just concerned about you. Sorry."
She turned to go.
That was all it took.
She came up to me, and kissed me.
A real kiss.
I felt myself melt.
It was a haven, like there was nothing wrong in the world.
For that moment, time stood still.
For that moment, I was free.
Like someone had given me some wings, a pass to everywhere.
She broke away.
I wish she hadn't.
"Now, why are you crying? Even though Malfoys don't cry.."
I burst out.
I told her everything.
A new day was dawning.
A day of freedom.