A Youtube Video


Anime/Manga: Bokura ga Ita

Pairing: Nanami/Yano

Chapter 1

"Would you cry if I leave?" Nana asked Yano.

"Maybe." Yano answered,and crouched his head and slept.

Nana patted Yano's head and kissed his hair and left.

There are some questions un-answered in her mind,namely:

"Does Yano really LOVE me?"

"Does he really CARE about me?"

"Should i let him GO?"

"Does he still have a portion of Nana-san in his heart,that his heart is not FULLY MINE?"

her mind is bursting with these questions,thinking,searching for the answer.

On the way back home,she saw a couple walking in the street,holding an umbrella,and they were sharing it. They were laughing,smiling and giggling.

"Me and Yano like that? Definately Impossible." she thought.

Before she knew it,tears flowed down her eyes.

Yes,she felt hurt.

but No,she should'nt.

Yes,She should stay strong.

She just thought:

Yes,My life is like a Youtube Video.

First of all,My Heart is Loading-Yes. I am Waiting.


And in the End,I found who I loved and waited for a long time.

I have finished ,

"ERROR!" the screen(my heart and brain) popped out.

It seems that this video(HE) is not the one.

Then,i Have to choose another video to click,then.

But-I hesitated.

I kept pressing the "Reload this video" button,and never gave up.

But it seems,the Error sign keeps popping up.

Keep pressing the reload button! Keep-PRESSING!

Yes. I should keep Pressing,Re-loading.

I'm Sure He's the One,just keep on TRYING.

I Know he Loves me deep inside his heart,i Just no HE DOES.

He cares about me. He gave me his Jacket when i was feeling cold. I Got a Proof!

I shouldNT let him go,because i LOVE HIM too much too let HIM GO.

I'm Sure,deep down inside his heart,he's Trying to forget Nana-san,just for me,i just-do.

*keeps re-loading*


*video starts playing,their future. Nanami and Yano's Future,getting married,having 2 children.*

She thought to herself-

"It was good to keep re-loading,never giving up. because If i did give up,Then,i Would have no Future with Yano."

~~The Happy Ending~~

O Gosh. i hope you understood the message. XD