The Gift

By zeilfanaat

Category: Romance, Friendship

Rating: G, K

Warning: Spoilers

Disclaimer: "Doc" is not mine. It is produced by Dave Alan Johnson & Gary R. Johnson. No infringement intended.

Spoilers: Tis The Season; some references to Season 1 episodes.

Summary: Some missing scenes to fill the gaps in the episode 'Tis The Season'. Mainly ones having to do with Clint and Nancy.

Archive: i2eye Fan Forum

Challenge: i2eye Christmas Challenge 2009 – option 5: #1 and #4. Winner of Christmas Writing Challenge 2009 Awards: 'Best Option 4 (Title) Story' & 'Best Romance (Other couple)' – Clint/Nancy (tie)

A/N: Sometimes you'll come across a word that's made bold - that was part of the challenge: to include certain words from a list in your story. This first chapter is a bit short, but the others will be longer. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Finished: 6th of February, 2010

Part 1

Evening was drawing close, and with a sigh of relief, doctor Clint Cassidy finished updating the paperwork he had had to complete today. Paperwork wasn't on his list of favourite things to do, but it was a necessary evil, and he did get a satisfied feeling every time he managed to get rid of a whole load of it, like now. Glancing at his watch, he realised it wasn't very late yet. Which meant he had a whole evening ahead of him. Good! Plenty of time to see about getting Nancy's gift.

He smiled thinking about it. Just a week ago, the New York nurse had arrived at the clinic rather angry because she had just discovered the hard way that one of her boots had a hole in it. He had given her a ride back home, and as she had been a little calmer by that time, she had explained that she hadn't minded so much that the boot was a goner, but rather that it was the bad timing. She wanted to go and find a nice pair of boots, but in order to do that, she needed time. Something she wasn't going to have much of until at least somewhere in the new year.

"Now you see, that's what I don't get. If I'd need a new pair of boots, I'd go to the store and buy me the first pair that fit, and probably wear 'em from that moment onwards. All in all that takes less than 30 minutes," he had said. Nancy had rolled her eyes at him and smiled. "Ah, but there's the difference! I don't really need new boots at the moment, so I don't want to go out and buy just the first pair that fits. I want to buy boots that I really like." So with a sigh she had concluded, she would just have to wear sneakers and warm socks until she had time to go on a full-fledged shopping spree.

Since she was still wearing sneakers, Clint was pretty sure she hadn't had time yet for buying new boots. So that was what he was planning to buy her for Christmas. Sure, it might end up costing more than the $30 that was set as the maximum, but the way he figured, it was worth it. Nancy was worth it. She had helped him pick a couch after all, had helped making him feel at home in the foreign town, and had just been a great friend in general.

"Hey Clint."

Looking up, he noticed the woman he'd been thinking of, was standing in the door opening. "Hey," he replied, a welcoming smile spreading across his face.

"I was wondering if you'd like to come over for dinner tonight," Nancy asked.

"Sure, I'd love to, thanks!"

Nancy gave him a wide smile. "Great. I have something to wrap up here, and then have to do the groceries, but after that you're welcome to come by whenever you like."

"Well," Clint said, "I'm just on my way out, so how about I do the groceries."

"Oh, that would be great. Thank you! I'll be right back, I have my grocery list in my purse."

Clint nodded, and got ready to leave.

Carrying the bags with groceries over to his car, Clint noticed a shoe store on the other side of the street. With a look at his watch, he figured it couldn't hurt to look around for a bit. He locked his truck and crossed the street.

It didn't take long until he found the section for women's boots. Or until he found the prices. And didn't those make him stop in his tracks. He shook his head. He didn't mind going over the $30, but he was sure the boots in Montana were nowhere near as expensive as here. Making a quick decision, Clint turned around and left the store.