Hi Another my Dad had wrote but this one he wrote just yesterday so it's quite new. Have fun with it!

On Christmas eve in the Uchiha manor, Sasuke asked Itachi to read him a story. Their parent told him to tell him one later that night so that Sasuke could have a bedtime story. Itachi thought and thought and remembered one their cousin had come up with last year and told only him. It was the perfect story and sure to give Sasuke nightmares about it for weeks and make him not want to celebrate Christmas any more.

Later that night Itachi walked into Sasuke's room. Sasuke had snuggled into bed and was awaiting his story from his older brother. He had never gotten one from him so he was so excited for it. Itachi began the story...

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the bricks,

All the rats were fighting with sharp, pointy sticks.

The stockings had been hanging for quite awhile,

their unholy stench would remove any smile.

The children lay cold right in their bed,

one with the ax still stuck in her head.

Mother and Father, their bodies intertwined

hard at work on sweet sixty-nine.

Then loud outside there rose such a crash

I flew out of bed and busted my ass.

I pulled on some pants with a tug and a zip

and let out a yell as I zipped up my dick.

Up on the roof chugging a beer

was a grizzled fat man and his fucking reindeer.

Oh what the hell, wouldn't it be nice,

if the fat bastard broke his neck cuz he slipped on the ice.

Straight down the chimney came the red suited ace

drunk as a skunk, he landed on his face.

Crashing behind him were some things in a sack

they were big and bulky and hit him in the back.

He pushed over the sack and got to his feet

and let out a fart that smelled of dead meat.

He took care of business and went back up the chimney

saying, "Fuck you goodnight, there's an open bar in Brimley!"

Merry Xmas y'all!

By this time, Sasuke was cowering under his sheets. Itachi couldn't resist and tucked him in and said "Good night Sasu and don't let Santa get you"

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