'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the TARDIS Not a creature was stirring, nor in London or Sardis.
His trenchcoat was hung by the chameleon circuit with care In hopes that The Doctor soon would be there.
But The Doctor was nestled all snug in a bed While visions of darling Rose danced through his head.
With he in his tennies and her pushing a cart, Thinking of each other though they were dimensions apart.
When out on her lawn there arose such a clatter That she sprung from her yardwork to see what was the matter!
Away to the shed she flew like a flash,
That several poor snowmen had to go 'smash'.
The moonlight reflected off familiar old paint That was distractingly blue - she thought she would faint!
No questions were there as to who was inside So she pounded on the door, sure that she would cry.
She'd been sure that she would never see him again,
Yet there was the TARDIS, a familiar old friend.
From within she could hear a confused voice reply,
"Who's there? What's this? In what place am I?"
That voice was familiar, she knew it by heart,
And the moment she heard it, it gave her a start.
The poor girl was giddy, as bad as they come,
It was so bad she was sure her whole self had gone numb.
She pounded again as she called to the man,
"It's me! It's Rose! On my lawn you did land!"
For a moment he sat there, full up with concern As despite being The Doctor, he rarely did learn.
It could have been anything, stone angel or Dalek A universe-wide library or centuries-old relic.
And surely that lovely voice he had misheard,
For the thought of it being her, well, it was absurd!
But his hearts swelled at the thought of seeing that girl,
The one he had left off at the edge of the world.
So despite being worried for his personal space He said, "Damn it all!" and and darted from his place.
The Doctor threw open one old TARDIS door And then what he saw had him nailed to the floor.
For there stood his Rose, the girl that he loved,
Without thinking much, past the doors he quickly shoved.
His arms wrapped around her so perfectly That he thought for sure it was a dream he had nightly.
But in this lovely dream, that blonde girl hugged him back,
And it had a tinge of reality that his dreams always lack.
There was no question in his mind, then, what he should do,
So he pulled back and quickly said, "Rose, I love you.
And darling Rose Tyler, I've thought of you often 'Till I've nearly driven my brain bloody rotten."
And as soon as that sentiment was voiced to the air,
Space-time twitched, but he honestly didn't care.
From somewhere behind them jingled silvery bells,
A jolly old elf full of joyous noels.
His eyes twinkled with mirth at the reunion he'd sought And the chase to find the Doctor he'd caught.
All of London could have sworn as his sleigh dashed out of sight That they heard him yell, "Merry Christmas, Rose and Doctor, goodnight!"