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"Oh come on," Lindsay yelled at the computer infront of her, if it wasn't for the fact it was an expensive piece of equipment then she would have thrown on the floor by now, She was so close to finding the connection to the victim and the murderer but close isn't in her job description, she had to be certain.

He could walk free if she didn't find the connection and she sure as hell wasn't gonna' let that happen, she had promised the victims Mother that sooner or later she would find the person responsible for her Daughters death.

"Hey babe the computer givin' you a hard time " Danny said walking over to Lindsay with Flack by his side

"Take a break why don't you, some fresh air will do you good, coffee might help aswell " Flack suggested

"Flack's right and you know it, don't stress yourself out, you've got alot to deal with, so just take it easy, for me " Danny said flashing her the famous Messer grin

Danny was right Lindsay had been dealing with alot the past few months

"Yeah, you're right it might help " She said trying to smile but it was clear to the others it was fake. Danny walked towards Lindsay until he was face to face with her, he hugged her petite body, she was so fragile to him, yeah sure she was strong, brave, smart and somewhat irresistable but at the same time vunerable.

Danny wanted to make sure no one in the world would hurt her again, this was the woman he loved, the woman he cherished.

He kissed her forehead

"You wanna' go get some coffee with your adorable husband " He said smiling

But all Lindsay noticed was Flack laughing at Dannys comment

Lindsay only nodded in response to Dannys question

"You're paying Messer" She said with a small giggle

"Yeah, don't I always Messer " He said with a wink towards Lindsay, she smiled at him in response

"So, you wanna' tell me what's inside of that pretty little head of your " Danny asked taking a sip of his hot black coffee from his cup, Lindsay looked at him and smiled

"I'm fine, really i'm fine just a little tired, if you've not forgotten our 18 month old Daughter who by the way doesn't like to sleep at night " She said with a grin,

"Look, I know it's been hard recently, but you can't let him get to you, he's not worth it, he's gone, me and Lucy are still here"

"I know but our home just doesn't feel like it's ours anymore it's just some place where a crazy serial killer broke in to kill you, I don't feel safe anymore, and I know i've got you and as much as I love you, you can't protect me from this, I need to find my own way back without some therapist i've just met asking me about my life story"

"I know babe, i'm here for you and I want you to get better, I don't wanna' pressure you to do so, but i miss you" Danny said then taking a gulp of his coffee

He looked at Lindsay, her face pale as usual, he hadn't heard her laugh properly since the night she saved him and their daughter from a crazy serial killer who had vowed to kill Danny.

What Lindsay really needed was a good nights rest and the support of her friends but with Stella gone Lindsay had missed her friend, Sure she had taken a liking to Jo, but Jo wasn't their to help Lindsay through the ups and downs of her and Danny's relationship. But she couldn't live in the past as she might miss something important in the present.

"I'm gonna' be ok " Lindsay said taking hold of Dannys' hand trying to reassure him, "Is Lucy still stayin' at your Moms' tonight? "

"Yeah, yeah she'll be fine there, She's a Messer, loving, caring and a heck of a cook, we'll know when she's older but if she burns the toast in the morning then she gets that from you " He said grinning

"Oh, thanks a bunch " She said smiling, She looked into his deep blue eyes, his eyes fixed on her, She could normally get ost in them, so full of life, and so blue, crystal blue, ocean blue, he normally hid them behind his glasses. She had missed it just the two of them but Lucy made them had made them a real family.

"I think we need to get back to work, i've got a hell of alot of work to do, but it's been fun just talking and drinking coffee like the good old days " Danny said

"Yeah " Lindsay added but was interupted by the ringing of Dannys phone,

"Messer, yeah, yeah i'll be there soon as, " He said replacing the phone back into his pocket. he looked at Lindsay

"It's ok, i'll walk, I want some fresh air anyway "

"You sure ? " Danny asked "I'll drop you off i'm sure Hawkes and Flack can handle for a few extra minutes "

"Yeah, i'm sure it's easier anyway, i'll see you later, Love you " She said kiss his cheek and placing a 20 Dollar bill in the middle of the table and getting up.

She headed in the direction of the crime lab, somewhere she could call her home, somwhere she had and hoped she could always feel safe.

She entered the building and pressed the button for the 35th floor like normal, she waited for it to stop and make it's usual ping sound like it did every time she used it and more. She felt relaxed after having some fresh air like she could do anything and she was going to put it to the test.

She entered her shared office with Danny and grabbed the file she was working on from her desk, she flicked through it scanning everything she saw, looking for something that could give her a helping hand

"I knew it " Lindsay yelled

Pratically running through the lab, breaking basic rules, skiding round the corner in to DNA, if she was right this was the major break in the case.

"Come on " She said bent over the computer screen " HA " she yelled

"Lindsay, is everything alright " Mac said stciking his head from the door,

"Huh, oh right, yeah, everything's great, I think I may have jsut found the missing piece to the puzzle, you remember the stain we found on the vics left ear, when I ran it through trace oit came back as honey, but then I ran it through CODIS and it came up with a name and address, the stain was a mixture of honey and salivia which belongs to a Mr Jake Harwood, shall we pick him up " Lindsay said with a huge grin

"Oh but there's no need for that, i'm already here and no one's leaving to get anyone that's a dead cert', now if you wanna' stay alive I suggest you do as I say, YOU " He said pointing the gun towards Mac "Pull the fire alarm and YOU " He said switching to Lindsay " You're gonna' help me " The man said with a devious mile on his face,

Mac slowly walked over to the fire alarm, He didn't want to do it but if it meant getting everyone out of the building then so be it, without hesitating he pulled the small red leaver down and within seconds aloud bell could be heard throughout the building. The whole building emptyed within seconds leaving Mac and Lindsay alone with a murderer and he had the upper hand

Sure they were trained detectives but how far did their training go they must have missed the chapter what to do when you're held hostage with a mad man and his gun.

"What do you want from us " " Lindsay asked

The man could do nothing but smile

"I just need to keep you here a while is all pretty lady, If my plan goes without a hitch then you just might make it out of here alive, HA, maybe even both of you might survive" He laughed

"So, what's the plan then ? " Mac spoke up

"Ah, well i guess i could let you in on it but all you need to know it's gonna' be the bomb " He said mocking Mac using his finger as a clock

Mac turned to Lindsay and realized just how bad this could get.

"There's a bomb " Mac yelled

"Well I can see who's the smart one here " He said laughing once again

" Where is it ? " Lindsay asked

"You'll find out in ... 6 minutes " He said looking at his watch

" So, wait what are you gonna' do ? " Lindsay asked

"Well I have nothing to live for so what the hell lets go out with a bang "

" But why us, why a bomb " Mac asked

"I'm getting a little sick of you asking questions, i'm the one with the gun, so shut up or I swear to God i'll blow her brains out " He yelled

Mac backed away not wanting to endanger Lindsay life anymore

"Please let us go "

" I don't think so sugar " He said smiling

Outside the lab -

"Hey Jo, what's goin' on up there ? " Danny asked

"Fire alarm, but no fire, they're not letting anyone back up there till' they now it's safe " She answered

" You seen Lindsay anywhere ? " He asked

" Nope, sorry last time I saw her she was heading out with you, but she'll be here somewhere

" Jo said with a smile

"Yeah, thanks anywhere " Danny continued to search for Lindsay with the help of Flack and Sheldon.

" Hey, sid you seen Linds round here ? " Flack asked

" last time I saw her she was going to her locker but that was this morning, sorry, but if I see her i'll be sure to tell her you were looking for her, But have you seen Mac anywhere I have some interesting news about the body he found "

" No, sorry but it's crowed round here i'm sure you just missed him " Flack said smiling to his friend

Flack carried on searching for Lindsay as did Danny and Sheldon.

" Hey Flack you found her yet " Sheldon asked

" No, and i've been round the building and she's no where to be seen just like Mac" Flack said with a worried look creeping onto his face,

"Maybe danny found her "

" yeah, lets hope so, I think there's something goin' on up there "

" Why do you think that ? " Flack asked

"There's supposidly a fire and Mac's no where to be seen, he's head of the crime lab , he should be sortin' everyone out and Lindsay she's working on a case of a murdered Millionaire and from what I heard she was close to breaking it "

" Yeah, I think you might be on to something " Flack added

" We need to ... " Sheldon was interupted by the sound of an explosion,

The crowd at the front of the lab ducked their heads at the almighty sound, glass shatered from windows near by, Car alarms blarred and people screamed.

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