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"Lindsay, Open your eyes for me" He said placing two fingers on her neck wishing for a pulse

"We've got no pulse, we're losing her, we need to hurry up" He yelled at his co-workers

Within a few seconds Lindsay was free and placed onto a bright orange stretcher and was carried out of the destroyed building. This did not escape the attention of danny and Flack, who ran up to her

"Oh, God Linds baby" Danny yelled as he tried to get closer to her, he felt Flack pull him back by his shoulders

"Let them do what they have to" Flack said trying to talk some sense into him

"But, she needs me"

"Right now she needs to get to hospital, come on i'll drive"

Flack did what he thought was best for both Danny and Lindsay.

Danny could not get the image of his wife out of his head, she looked so vunerable, lost, scared and he couldn't help her.

Some husband he must be.

He just hoped to God she would be ok, he couldn't carry on if she died. He'd be totally and completely lost without her. She had to survive.

Six Days Later...

Flack opened the door to the room where Lindsay lay

looking at the machines that kept her alive. For now.

He sat down on the chair placed beside her narrow bed, he took her hand in his.

"Hey Linds, you gotta' wake now. Danny, he's...he's not doing so well. He needs you, Hell we all need you" He said with a small chuckle

He sighed

"Look, i've never been a sappy person, but I miss you, we all do, so get your skinny ass up, please. I'm not sure what you've done to Messer, but God he's broken, he's a mess. So if you can hear me then.. Well if you can hear me open your eyes or squeeze my hand, just do something" Flack said looking at their entagled hands

He was silent,

So was she.

Flack stood up placing her hand back onto the bed, he looked at her one more time,


He walked over to the door and stepped out.

Two Hours later

Danny entered the room where his Wife lay.

"Hey Montana" He said closing the door behind him, He sat down on the chair placed next to her bed.

"I need you" He said almost breaking into tears

"I need you " He repeated

He cleared his throat and sighed

"This is how it's gonna' go, the next time i'm here I want you to be awake... Or i'm gonna' do something like order your favourite pizza and eat it infront of you, Or i'm gonna' let Lucy die her hair a wacky colour. Who am I kidding i'm not but... just wake up, for me" He pleaded

He looked at his watch, He couldn't stay much longer.

"If you love me, wake up" He said placing a kiss onto her forehead and exiting the room.

Four hours later

Mac opened the door slowly,

He stood at the end of her bed,

just looking at her

He was interupted by the door opening

"I'm sorry, I was just checking on her" The small nurse stated

She walked over to Lindsay and fiddled with her machines.

"What are the chances of her waking up?" Mac questioned

"Well, Mrs Messer sustained major trauma to her head and stomach, She's not in a coma, she's asleep on her terms but she's stable it's up to her if she wakes up"

Mac nodded at the information and watched the nurse leave.

He looked out of the window and watched the rain dance onto the window, he was never good in hospitals, many good people died in hospitals,

But he was certain that Lindsay Messer would not be one of them people,

She would wake up, and in time everything would go back to normal.

He walked towards the door, stopping just as he left to look at her one more time.

He shut the door behind him.

One hour later

The door slowly opened behind it Adam with a small bunch of Daises

Lindsay had once told him how she adored Daises.

He thought it was a good occasion for daises,

He gently placed them on the table next to her and sat down on the chair next to her bed.

"Hey Linds" He spoke casually like he was waiting for a reply

"I know I haven't been her alot, well at all really but you know how much I hate hosptals" He said with a small smile

"I brought you some daises, I know you like them, you told me once, remember that. It was your birthday like 3 three years ago" Adam said rambaling

"so, we've got a few days off work, ya' know coz' there is no work, it's fun just catching up on sleep, playing hockey, watching t.v" His smile faded once he realised what he was saying

"Not like being in the hospital isn't fun, well what I mean is, well not having work, and any problems to deal with, not saying you have problems or anything just.. We miss you" He said finally taking a breath

"Mac called Stella, said she might come over if she can any time off, being boss isn't that fun as Mac makes it out"

"I'm gonna' have to go soon, just thought i'd come and see how you were, if you were awake, but if you were awake Danny and Flack would be here, They're both really worried about you"

Adam stood up and moved the daises from one side of the table to the other, happy with the position, he left and closed the door behind him.

Two Hours Later

Sheldon leant against the window admiring the rain from Lindsay's Hospital room

"So the doctor tells me that you can wake up on your own terms"

He moved from the window and sat down on the chair,

"I talked to Danny this morning, he said he would stop by, He also said he misses you like hell, Lucy does aswell"

"I know you can't hear me but if you can, wake up. We all miss you. It's wierd to think just 6 years ago. I had no idea who you were. Now look at us were all just one big extented wierd family, but we work" He said with a grin

"Everyone's coming here about 9, so I expect you to be awake" He said smiling to himself

He shut the door behind him as he left

Three Hours later

Danny was the first to arrive, he had left Lucy with his Parents, she didn't need to see her Mother like this. He didn't want to see her Mother like this.

He prefered Lindsay awake; laughing, smiling, working, singing in the shower.

She had such a crappy voice, but he'd do anything to hear her sing her favourite song of the day.

He was interupted from his thoughts by Flack and Adam entering the room.

They didn't exchange words, just a simple nod was all

A few minutes later sheldon arrived. Followed by Mac and Jo.

They gathered around her bed, sharing stories about Lindsay

"Yeah, I could have killed her when she made a scene infront of God knows everyone while I was pushin' that doll in the street, I was already gettin' strange looks, she made it worse" Flack said laughing remembering the time

"You know what I remember, you and Linds eatin' bugs, God pizza never seemed so good until then" Hawkes said laughing

Danny laughed "Yeah, first time we had a real conversation, not about work"

Danny wasn't listening to the majority of the conversations, he was to busy listening to Lindsay's Heart Monitar, incase his eyes were decieving him, That sound, the plain sound of a beat, it meant the world to him

Told him what he needed to hear the most.

His Montana was still alive, still kicking.

The second thing he needed to hear the most was her voice, shouting at him, calling his name, complaining about a T.V show or just her talking.

The little things he took for granted

Anything would do for him.

But the heart beat was good enough.

For now.

The group continued to talk about Lindsay for a few hours

"I'm gonna' have to go" Flack spoke up

Mac checked his watch

"Yeah, me too"

Adam stood up to leave, he streched his muscles

"Yeah, i'm gonna' go too"

Sheldon and Jo followed the others to leave Danny alone with Lindsay.

He took hold of her hand

"Listen, I'm being deadly serious if you don't wake up then... I don't know what i'm gonna' do, but I really wanna' see them brown eyes that belong to the girl I love" He smiled and squeezed her hand

He bowed his head trying to contain the tears

"I love you" He repeated

The rain had stopped. For all he cared the world might aswell join it.

"Hey" a small, innocent voice spoke up

Danny lifted his head to see Lindsat starring at him, God how he had missed her eyes.

"Hey you" He stood up to kiss her lips

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