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This story takes place in the beginning of 5th year.

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Oh and in my story Sirius Black dies in 4th year, not 5th.

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Miss Gallagher Girl

Dark, cold, lifeless, engulfed in solitude. He was gone.

Then again he never really was there... but it mattered not, because no matter what, he was gone.

At least he wasn't left rotting away in Grimmauld place, now he was just gone.

Then again, wasn't everything in his life gone? His parents. His godfather. Hell, his life was gone.

This year everyone spoke of their future, but would he even have a future?

They spoke of careers. His career was already appointed, he was "The chosen one", he was the one millions depended on to defeat the Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... Voldemort.

Hell, he didn't even know if he'd live to see next year, much less next month, or even tomorrow. So he naturally, wasn't very worried about his future.

To think... people envied him. He lived a life filled with sorrow and emptiness, but most of all other then two faithful friends, he was alone.

Well that wasn't fair, he had Hagrid and Remus after all. Dumbledore was always kind to him, always caring. Mcgonagall, though she would never admit to favortism, did in a way favorite him. Not to mention Sirius... well he had Sirius. His last relative... gone.

Suddenly a cold voice echoed through his head, piercing his thoughts.

"It seems as though The Chosen One has once again decided that he is above all of us and therefore, why would the golden boy have to complete such a tedious task as to PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS."

Harry felt shivers crawl down his spine as he yanked his head up, forcing himself to meet the cold, dark eyes, of his hated potions professor, Severus Snape.

"Ahhh Mister Potter, welcome back, thank you for once again gracing us with your presence" Snape commented snidely.

Harry, having very little sleep and left feeling very irritable, shot snape a glare and smartly commented "it's a lot more welcomed then yours."

Snape's eyebrows narrowed as his eyes grew dangerous. If looks could kill he would have just been thrown off the astronomy tower that very minute.

Snape all of a sudden swooped over to him, black robes billowing behind. He slapped both hands on his desk and leaned close enough to him that Harry could actually feel his breath, he was near enough that Harry would have been able to hear his heart, but then again, Snape had no heart.

"Mister Potter... stay after class" he said.

Harry could feel goosebumps forming on his arm. How stupid! This was Harry Potter, boy who had defeated a troll, a three headed dog, and Voldemort all in his first year.

The boy who had found the chamber of secrets, murdered a basilisk, and demolished Tom Riddle along with his diary in only his 2nd year.

This was the boy who fought hundreds of dementors all at once to save his godfather, only for him to die along Cedric in his fourth year. He faintly remembered the green light that was cast from Bellatrix's wand, the look on his face as he turned to look at Harry, and then just like that he was gone.

Once again Harry found himself enveloped in his thoughts. As he wished, dreamed, that he could bring Sirius back to life.

"Mister Potter, did you not hear me? I said you have detention tonight".

Suddenly Harry was swept back to real life as he looked around and realized all the students were gone, probably headed to their next class, he met the eyes of his professor who stood their giving him a quizzical look, but just like that, his eyes went back to those pitch black abyss's, penetrating Harry's face.

"MISTER POTTER" Snape barked at his face taking hold of his shoulders and giving him a shake.

"Huh?" was the only thing that could form from Harry's mouth.

As Snape's death glare bore into his head, he quickly restated it to "I mean, yes sir?"

"Are you feeling quite alright, Potter?"

What was that in his voice, was it concern? No. Snape didn't care about anybody. The question was probably sarcastic... rhetorical.

Harry feeling even more grumpy replied "I'm fine sir, are you?"

He raised his eyebrows, knowing full well that not only was he challenging Snape, he was trying the very thin line of patience Snape had.

"Well Mister Potter, you may look forward to week's detention, hopefully in which, you will learn to mind your elders and betters."

All Harry could do was glare, knowing full well, that he had absolutely no control in this situation.

"Yes sir" he replied. Biting his lip to keep from getting himself into even more trouble.

"That is all Potter, be here at 8 sharp, and be ready to work... dismissed".

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