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"Easy…", Speedy backed slowly, his red gloved hands in front of him, as a figure approached him. "I don't want you to get hurt." The moonlight hit the figure, showing a grinning mask and shining black hair. The voice behind the mask replied, "That's a bit too late, hero." Speedy exclaimed, "Cheshire! What the heck. What are you doing here?" Cheshire replied, "Get you and freeze you. Anything else?" Speedy scowled and poised an arrow at her. Cheshire lunged at him and kicked his abdomen. Speedy doubled over and looked up at her and asked, "Why are you doing this? You could've_" "Come with you?" Cheshire interrupted. "That's a bit too late. I already chose my path. You chose yours." With a down kick, she severed his bow in half and pinned him against the tree behind them. She was breathing heavily. Speedy raised a hand and put it on her hip, whispering, "It's not too late. For you. For us." Cheshire quivered for a bit and replied, "It is." Then smacked her ponytail with heavy weights concealed in them at him, knocking him out. She leaned towards him, took his face in her hands and then hugged him.

Cheshire was walking in a museum, holding a pair of iron gauntlets. "Lady, drop that", a voice echoed and she turned, dropped the gauntlets and brandished her claws. She rasped out, "Stay away from me." Speedy smirked, "I'm a persistent kinda guy." He pulled out an arrow and shot it at her, landing on her feet. She looked at him and sneered, "You're a lousy marksman." Speedy smiled and replied, "Don't celebrate yet, doll." The arrow exploded, sending her hitting a wall. She shook her head to clear the lights in her eyes, but not until she felt pinned against the wall. She looked up and saw Speedy looming over her. "What do you hide behind this mask anyway?", he asked, as he took hold of it from beneath her chin. She struggled and managed to punch him.

He rubbed his jaw then poised to take another shot. She tried to backhand him but he punched her then pinned her to the floor. She was breathing heavily, "Take them then. I just wanted the thrill."Speedy took hold of her mask and pulled it off. She had the blackest eyes, an oval face, red lips and a clear Asian complexion. She growled, "You shouldn't have done that." Speedy put the mask back on and dragged her to her feet. He said, "You know, I gotta take you in now." Cheshire replied, "Not a chance, wonder breath." She kicked him hard then cartwheeled away.

A month later

A little girl screamed as two thugs rounded at her. "She gotta be worth some money, right, boss?" "Must be. C'mon. Before the bird boy and his friends catch us here." A voice cut through the night, "Just one." Then suddenly a flash of light shot through and the man doubled over, clutching his stomach. Cheshire appeared and lunged at them. One of the men drew out a gun and a shot rang out, followed by a grunt, Cheshire holding her arm. She gasped, "Got careless." Then she lunged at the man kicking the gun out of his hand then struck another punch at the man. He helped his friend, exclaiming, "Let's get outta here! Crazy chick!"

Cheshire went to the girl and asked, "You okay?" The little girl nodded. She said, "Go home." The little girl nodded and went off. Another voice came, "I thought you're supposed to be the bad guy." Cheshire smirked, "I'm not a hero. But I don't let jerks hurt kids." She groaned and held her arm again. Speedy said, "You're hurt." He went forward and helped her up. She hissed, "Get away from me, idiot. I don't do charity." Speedy sighed and carried her over his shoulder. After a while of walking, she purred, "Nice bicep. Been working out?" Speedy smirked, "Well, yeah. Been putting up some weights. Going to about_Hey! Don't sidetrack me." Cheshire groaned again and pressed even closer to Speedy. He twitched for a bit then calmed. When they got to the tower, he placed her on his bed then reached for her sleeve. She shifted away from him. He sighed and said, "If you won't let me help, you'll have to go to a hospital." She said, "I can take care of myself." Speedy gently pulled her closer, until his face was in level with hers. He took her mask off. She was pale. Speedy then gently eased her sleeve down, showing the spreading stain of blood. Speedy said, "Okay. Trust issues. To be even, my name's Roy." Cheshire kept quiet as he carefully pulled out the bullet from her arm, put some medicine in the wound and carefully bandaged it. Jade looked deep in his masked eyes and put her fingers around the side of the mask. Roy gently held her fingers and said, "No. Better not." Cheshire whispered, "My name's Jade…" Roy let her fingers go, and she took the mask off, revealing a set of dark blue eyes. He looked deep into her black ones until she blushed and looked away. After a while, she whispered, "This won't change anything. I'm still your enemy." Roy replied, as he secured the bandage, "We can be something else. You don't have to stay an enemy."

"That's not an option for me. Being good just doesn't click for me."

"You don't have to be alone."

"I have to be." He leaned towards her and gave her a small kiss on the side of her pale lips.

She sighed and relaxed a bit. She put her arm around his neck and nuzzled there. She said, "You're making this so hard for me, punk…"

"It doesn't have to be hard…Stay."

"You barely even know me."

"I can get to know you."

She was silenced. She looked up at him, and he brushed a stray hair at the back of her ear. He gently laid her down and started to play with her hair. She was breathing heavily, her hands clenching the sheets in nervousness. He kissed her on the neck, getting a small sigh. He kissed her harder, just beneath the jaw and latched there. She whispered, "Wh-what are you doing?" "Trying to get you to stay here." She looked up in his eyes and said, "Not staying." "Yes you are." Then he started to gently bite her neck.

The next morning, Jade woke up with a pounding head. She reached for her hair bindings, but found none. When she was finally coherent enough to register, she saw an unfamiliar room. She shot up, and groaned when she felt her arm throb. "Good, you're awake." She turned to the sound of the voice, and saw Roy leaning against the frame with a one-sided smile. She asked, "How long did I sleep?" Roy went next to her and handed her a glass of water, "About ten hours. Don't worry. The couch was comfortable." She drank then whispered, "I'm sorry…" Roy smiled and stretched, grimacing, "Ow…" Jade scowled, "Comfortable my ass. Come here." She threw him down the bed and made him lie on his stomach, and she straddled him. He stiffened as she unzipped his uniform, taking it off of him, "What are you doing?" Jade sarcastically replied, "Checking you out. Now hold still." She slipped her sleeves off then pressed her hands to his back.

He gradually relaxed as she started to massage his back. She asked, "Better?" Roy dreamily replied, "Almost. A little lower…Theeere…" After some minutes, as Jade continued to massage Roy's back, he said, relaxed, "You'll make the perfect girlfriend for me…" Jade blushed a bit, but played along, "Really? What's your type?"

"Well…I want her to stay home, so I can have a reason to actually go home without any detours like late night snack trips or random girls. She'll be waiting for me, with some dinner or she'll let me cook for her. She won't mind me going out late due to my lifestyle. Then I can take her to bed, and ask for some massage like this. We can talk, I love a woman who can calm me down. Or I can make sweet love to her. Or hard, if she wants to wrestle."

Jade said, trying to banish thoughts of a sweaty, muscular Roy above her, "You're gay. Sorry, I'm not that kind of girl." Roy chuckled, "You seem to be. Wanna try it out? I can be the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. I'm a bit jealous though." Jade leaned towards his ear and purred, "That's hot…But no thanks" she sprang up, still continuing the massage. Roy chuckled again, then flipped them over, "I feel better now." Jade scowled, "You made out with me last night to knock me out huh?" Roy smirked, "It worked didn't it?" Jade blushed. Roy turned serious and said, "I seem to be making you blush a lot." "Don't flatter yourself." "No, you flatter me." Jade sighed, put her hand on his defined chest, making him go to a kneeling position, and her facing him, "I did it as thanks. But as I said before, it doesn't change anything." He brushed a few stray hairs away from her face and he said, "God, you're beautiful." After a few moments of silence, Jade whispered, "Stop making jokes."Roy looked at her and said, "No, really. I just wish you'd stop trying to kill me. Then you'll be gorgeous." Jade put one hand up his face and said, "You're a masochist. Do yourself a favor, kid."

"Almost anything for you, beautiful."

"Stop eating things that's bad for you."

Then Roy blacked out.

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