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Roy sat back, covered in the sheet from the waist to down, his arms crossed on his naked chest, watching Jade hunting for her underwear. She just showered, and smelled something like jasmine and fresh daisies. His towel was slipping off her back, and he tried to will it to fall down. Her underwear was of course, underneath Roy's pillow. It flew out of the sheets when Jade jumped up after seeing the watch. He hid it to get some more ogling done. She frantically said, "Shit, I can't find my panties! Roy, why aren't you preparing?" He sighed, "Baby, these people are my teammates. No need to get prissy." She glared at him and retorted, "Well, you aren't the one who's going to be meeting them, are you? You won't be the one to be judged since they know you so well, will you?" Roy sighed again, knowing his girlfriend's tendencies to be a complete spaz in these kinds of situations, which turns him on just like everything else about her, dragged Jade back to the bed and pinned her down, attacking her neck, making her giggle. He said, "Jade, these are nice people here. They won't do anything to you. You're my girlfriend, for crying out loud!" She huffed, "I can't help feeling tense! What if they don't like me?" Roy smiled ferally, exciting Jade, "I know how to calm you down…"

Two hours later, Jade was walking beside Roy, slightly limping due to the fact that he pounded at her harder than usual, and even introduced the style that made her kneel on the hard floor for at least 30 minutes. It wasn't a problem, but the fact that she was skidding every now and then didn't help. Roy said, as he tied her sash around her waist, "The feeling there will make you focus more there than your nervousness." She decided to be naughty and purred, "It'll only make me think of you…working it up…grasping and pulling and pushing…" And that earned her another hour in bed.

She stopped musing when she saw that they were at the door. She was wearing her costume, sans the mask. She could hear his teammates laughing in the room, and she turned pale. Roy chuckled, "For an ex-villainess, you sure are jumpy." Jade growled, "And if you keep making wisecracks, I'll be an EX girlfriend." He laughed, kissed her forehead, then slid the door open.

The laughter died down. Silence.

"Guys, this here's my girl."

Mas and Menos grinned and waved at her, while Aqualad and Bumblebee just stared.

Jade smiled a bit and shyly said, "Hi. I'm Jade…"

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