Chapter 1 Cara

It was a cold winter's night in an old village of Hampton. Hampton population of 1000. Hampton was a small village Filled with forest everywhere, the houses where small but cosy, there was plenty shops around just enough to provided for the town. Here were we start at a castle of Hampton were Sir and Madam Anderson live. The Anderson's family led back years. They were a happy family with their Born Daughter Cara the name came from Sir Antony's Great Grandmother. Sir Antony and Madame Louisa Held a party to celebrate the birth of their Daughter who would be next to the throne. They invited everyone to show off Cara. As the guests started to arrive and share their gifts to the new born baby, a shock to the city was that Mary Anne Melice arrived unannounced. Mary Anne Melice was Louisa's sister who was shut out of town because she was branded a witch. The village didn't believe in the witch so they chucked her out of the village. Everyone was wondering why Mary Anne Melice had came back to the village as no word had left village that her older sister Louisa Had Gave birth to her daughter. Louisa was scared that her sister might have come here to do harm to her daughter Cara. Louisa Storms up to Mary and demands she leaves but Mary is demanding that she will not leave until she has gave her Niece Cara a gift. A gift that would change her life forever. Louisa tried to force her out of the family home before she knew it Mary was standing next to Cara; she picks Cara up and whispers in her ear: my gift to you Cara is infertility. This family doesn't deserve love or dreams. At the moment Louisa grabs Cara. How dare you curse my daughter of this Louisa shouts. The Other guests are shocked and angry the fact that Mary has cursed a poor child that doesn't deserve this. Mary Anne Malice Leaves as shouts her heart is pure of gold but will never be loved. Louisa and Antony didn't know what to do now as their daughter had been given this foul curse. For years they searched and searched for ways to revoke the curse but their search was still unresolved. As Cara grew up she was still unaware that she was cursed as a baby by her aunt Mary. Louisa and Antony Brought Cara up as if nothing had ever happened and the village were to do so as well.

When Cara reached the age of sixteen, Louisa and Antony hold a Lovers ball in hope that maybe the curse wasn't true. They invited families from afar and near. Cara was to find the love of her life to carry on the family name. As Cara was being dressed in her room, a lovely Purple crystal dress with a diamond tiara Louisa entered the room and announced the maids must leave. Cara my dear... Tonight is a very special night and you must be perfect. Louisa says to her daughter. Mother am I not already perfect Cara asks. Of course your perfect Cara... you just need to be extra perfect tonight. Louisa replies.