Golden Mist

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I Stand

Idina Menzel


"Good morning, Miss." Cat turned and looked at Erica but waved her off immediately. She didn't want to be bothered at the moment. To be frank, her mind was still trying to grasp the concept of having Noah protect her. Since the action really didn't click in the slightest bit, Cat felt the beginnings of a headache.

Erica tilted her head, her brows furrowing. "Miss, the master told me that you were to accompany him, Miss Road, and Sir Tyki to the market. If you aren't feeling well though, I'll tell them that you're unable to come-"

Hearing those magical words, Cat jumped up, her hazel eyes wide and feverish. "Really? Then in that case I'm fine." Erica didn't look convinced but based on the look on the young girl's face she sighed and said she would let Sheryl know. As soon as the door clicked close behind her though, Cat began pacing back and forth. Her teeth clamped down on her tongue in concentration and she thought long and hard about what to do. Outside the mansion walls Cat had a better chance of escaping, but she knew that she was still going to be in the presence of three Noah. Getting away from them would be hard, but it wouldn't be impossible.

Stopping suddenly, Cat pounded her right fist into the palm of her left hand and gave an evil smile. "They're going to regret having trusted me so much."


"My, you seem rather subdued." Sheryl was staring at Cat, a smirk forming. The girl paid him no heed and instead continued to stare out the window of the carriage, her mind elsewhere. She was still thinking about how she was going to get away from the three Noah that were sitting around her. She was determined to escape though, one way or another. She refused to stay with them any more. This little 'adventure' had been enough to last her a lifetime.

Road then suddenly kicked Cat who hissed with annoyance. The kick hadn't really hurt, but her Innocence still demanded that she reach out to the girl and grab her by the throat. How she refrained from doing so, Cat was uncertain of, but she counted her lucky stars anyways. She had somehow gone without being injured, maimed, killed, or all three, which was a miracle in this situation. "Stop ignoring us!" Road whined while also pouting.

Turning away from the window and back to the three, Cat narrowed her eyes. "Why wouldn't I ignore you?"

"We're not that bad!" Road snapped, kicking the girl again.

Cat released a feral growl, her patience beginning to wane. A hand on her shoulder prevented her from taking a swipe at the 'innocent child'. Shooting a glare to Tyki, who she was sitting next to, she scooted closer to the window and went back to watching the world pass them by.

Finally the carriage shuddered to a stop and the four of them piled out like they were a normal family instead of three Noah plus a hostage. Looking left and right, Cat started mapping escape routes. If she had been in this town beforehand she would have had the advantage, but she was playing in the Noah's neighborhood now. So if she wanted to run, it had to be quick and she had to pray for a miracle.

"This way~!" Road chirped, grabbing Cat's hand suddenly and yanking her forward. The wolf felt her head spin briefly and almost screamed as the tiny girl lugged her away. Tyki and Sheryl shared an amused chuckle before following after them at a much slower pace, taking their sweet time. They finally spotted Road standing in front of a clothing store, watching them and tapping her foot against the cobblestone street. Cat was slumped against the building and sitting on a conveniently-placed crate while she panted for breath. Needless to say, Road had dragged her along the street at an in-human pace and she was now out of breath.

The two males finally stopped in front of Road, who looked up at them with an annoyed expression. "You're slow."

"You're fast," Tyki shot back as he ruffled Road's hair. When the girl bit his hand like a piranha though, that sent him into a screaming fit. Passerby's stared at the strange scene but hurried along when the four sent them dark looks.

"So why are we here?" Cat finally snapped, jerking one thumb up at the sign above her head. It was a tailor's shop and looked fancy based on the clothes that were visible in the window. Road smiled happily which looked strange to Cat who was used to seeing them grinning evilly or smirking. Moving back towards the wall, the wolf raised one eyebrow in concern.

"We're here to get me a new dress!" Road spun around as if she already had the new dress on at that moment.

Cat frowned before sighing deeply. "Do I have to go in?"

"No," Sheryl answered quickly, "you get to stand in the alleyway so that you don't get in the way." Based on the look on his face Cat knew that she had no other choice so she stood up and moved towards the mouth of the alley. A hand stopped her though and Sheryl leaned in close. "Don't even think about trying to run away. If you do…" He let the threat hang in the air before turning and entering the store with Road and Tyki (who was grumbling about having to go in while the wolf didn't).

The agitated wolf moved towards the alley, only to be greeted with a surprise.

Sol was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed as if he were sleeping peacefully. Yet when the girl approached, he straightened, his tawny eyes scanning her over. "Having fun?"

"Like hell," Cat retorted, moving closer. While she hated the boy, he was still someone from the Order; someone she felt that she could trust. "I'm glad that you're here though." Sol raised one eyebrow, a smirk playing across his features.

"And why is that?"

"You can help me get away," she deadpanned. Cat's brown eyes stared him down, daring him to try to leave her there. She refused to be left in the hands of the Noah any more and she wanted to go home. She was tired of being a prisoner, whether she was getting the royal treatment or not.

Sol snorted, turning away from her. "Yeah, right. Why would I help you?"

Cat gritted her teeth, trying to stop herself from tackling him and punching him until he didn't move any more. She took a deep breath though and tried to smile at the older male. "We're comrades, aren't we? Had you been captured, I would have done anything to help you."

Startled by her statement, Sol turned back sharply. He studied her, his brows scrunched up in confusion. Why would she say something like that? Just to get him to help her, or was it the absolute truth? The way she was smiling and looking at him led him to believe that it was the truth, which was scary. He wanted her dead, they got into fights, and they just disagreed with each other when it came to things in general. So why did she say she was willing to do anything to help someone she considered a comrade? Frustrated beyond belief, the male curled his hands into fists and growled. "Fine, I'll help you get away. Are you ready to go?"

While she was surprised, Cat was also relieved. She looked back towards the dress shop, as if she expected the Noah to bust out at that moment and prevent her from leaving. Yet when nothing happened, she gave Sol a toothy grin. "Let's get the hell out of here!"


About ten minutes after the two Exorcists left the alley and the town itself, Tyki emerged from the shop. Sheryl had ordered him to go and make sure the wolf was still there, much to Tyki's chagrin. Yet when he didn't spot Cat right away, he began searching around, only to find nothing. Slapping his forehead, Tyki was annoyed since he had to be the one to tell Sheryl the bad news. Sighing, he accepted his fate and entered the dress shop again and gave the other two Noah the news.

Almost immediately, Sheryl and Road came out with irritation evident on their faces.

"She escaped anyways, the bitch!" Sheryl hissed, making people from the main street turn and stare. When he glared at them, they quickly scuttled away, not wanting to have anything to do with the three crazy people.

Road placed her hands on her hip, looking a bit more subdued than her 'father'. "Of course she left. Would you stick around if the Exorcists caught you and they took you out shopping?" Road rolled her eyes, watching as Sheryl lost his composure further and kicked a trash can. Tyki held one hand over his mouth in an attempt to smother his laughter.

Finally feeling defeated, Sheryl plopped down on a crate and frowned. "Let's never tell the Earl…agreed?"

"Agreed," two voices replied.


"Hey, look what I found." Sol and Cat had walked right into the middle of the cafeteria, not really caring to hide the fact that the wolf was, indeed, back.

"Cat!" Several of her friends stood and swarmed around her while others watched the scene with mild interest. Sol moved away, not interested in human contact, so he quickly escaped the room.

"What happened to you?" Lenalee asked, staring at Cat with apprehension. She raised one eyebrow as she looked at the shorter girl's clothing, and Cat merely waved her hand in a dismissive manner.

She then shrugged. "Not much, really. The Noah decided that I needed to spend some time with them, apparently." Lenalee looked confused, and Cat chuckled. "In other words, I spent two lovely weeks in Sheryl's mansion as a prisoner."

"Were you chained up in their dungeon?" Timothy asked as he attempted to climb Cat like she was a tree and he was a monkey.

Shaking off the irritating child, Cat glowered down at him. "No, I actually got a room three times as big as the one I have here and lived in the lap of luxury. Too bad my 'hosts' were our enemies. I may not have come back otherwise." Her hazel eyes glittered mischievously, and a few of the assembled ones laughed at her statement. While the others continued asking her questions, Cat answered them in an off-handed manner, her eyes scanning the crowd, searching for someone in particular.

Cutting off the conversation, the girl stood on her toes in order to look around some more. "Where's Allen?"

"Oh, I think he's training with Lavi," Lenalee said. She was just about to say something else when Cat suddenly began jogging off, throwing a grin at her friends.

"I'll be right back!"


When she discovered Allen and Lavi, the two were so engrossed in their fight they didn't even notice her presence. Not that she minded, of course. It was rather entertaining to watch the two prance around each other, trying to land hits on one another. She leaned against the stone wall, her heart beating a little more rapidly than before. Two weeks had passed since she had seen Allen, and to be frank, she had missed him quite a bit. And it wasn't like she hadn't missed the others, of course.

Finally the two separated, breathing heavily and looking annoyed by their lack of progress when it came to wounding the other. Cat took that moment to cough politely, instantly capturing the attention of the two males.

Since Lavi was already facing her, he offered her a large smile and waved the hand that wasn't holding his hammer. Allen took more time since he had to turn around, but when he noticed her, he almost dropped his sword. "Hey Cat!" Lavi called when Allen said nothing.

"Miss me?" She taunted, jumping down into the sand to walk towards the two males. Lavi flung an arm around her shoulder, his grin never fading.

"Of course~!"

Cat tilted her head at Allen, who was still staring at her with a slack jaw. "Hey," she whispered. He finally straightened up a bit and gave a strained smile.

"Hey yourself."

Lavi suddenly gave a piercing whistle, making sure they still knew he was here. When Cat glared at him though, he removed his arm from her shoulder and turned to hop back onto the ledge in order to leave. "Have fun lovebirds~!" Snickering merrily to himself, Lavi didn't see the black slipper that came hurtling at him before it smacked him square in the face. Deciding it was indeed time to leave, he made a run for it, not in the mood to be killed by an angry she-wolf.

Now that they were alone, Allen let his Innocence disappear and return into the form of his left arm. He moved towards Cat but stopped, feeling awkward. What the hell should he say? 'Welcome back'? That sounded a bit lame. Yet when Cat suddenly stalked up to him and stood on her toes in order to kiss him, Allen forgot about saying anything and let his body convey his message.

Allen was taken aback by the kiss, but answered it all the same. He wrapped one arm around Cat's waist, pulling her close and finding – to his satisfaction – that they fit together like two puzzle pieces. In the mean time, Cat lifted one hand in order to grab his hair and pull him down a bit more to her height. Granted there wasn't an extreme difference in their height, but it bugged her all the same. Allen then took the incentive to push her up against the wall and felt a smug smirk form when he heard her hiss in pain.

When his lips trailed down from her mouth to her neck, Cat smiled slightly. "I think it's safe to say that you did miss me."

"Of course," Allen replied breathlessly before moving back to kiss her on the lips.

"You should be happy that I'm back; Sheryl's wife thought Tyki and I would make a good couple." Feeling him freeze, her eyes lit up with amusement as he pulled away to sputter incoherent phrases.

"You – I – Tyki – Wha…?" Then finally; "Sheryl has a wife?"

Cat lifted her hands to her mouth and snickered behind them. Allen glared at her, but since he was also pouting, it didn't exactly work. "Yes, yes, Sheryl has a wife. And she's a human. Her name was Tricia, and yes, she thought I should have stuck around in order to 'get to know' Tyki better. Ha!" She started laughing. If only Tricia had known! Wow, the poor thing just didn't know what she was suggesting. Yet when Cat suddenly thought of her parents, she sobered slightly, a frown appearing on her face.

"What's wrong?" Allen asked with concern evident in his voice. Cat merely shook her head, refusing to answer him. He leaned down again, placing soft kisses along her jaw line. "Now will you tell me?" He whispered into her ear. When she refused again, Allen grinned evilly, making Cat's eyes widen.

He suddenly lifted her up, bridal-style, reminding her of the night they had dinner on top of the Black Howl Club. Blushing profusely, she started yelling at him as he left the training arena and started heading towards the door. "What are you doing?" She demanded while struggling in his grasp. He continued walking down the hallway and they began passing more and more people who turned to stare at the strange duo. As they continued along, Cat began to get even more embarrassed as she noticed people they actually knew and buried her head into Allen's chest. Miranda blinked at them rapidly, Kanda glowered at them, Lavi waved, Timothy whistled, and the jests just kept coming.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Cat finally asked, her face still hidden from view.

Allen glanced down at her, and smiled lightly. "To prove a point."

Cat looked up at him, her eyebrows scrunching together in confusion. "What point is that?"

By now they had reached Cat's room and Allen set her down on the bed before sitting next to her. "I wanted to prove to you that I don't care what others think, and you shouldn't either." His earnest gray eyes made the girl's heart seize up with admiration, and she flung herself at him, pushing her face into the crook of his neck.

"…You're too damn cute when you want to be, ya know that?" Allen smiled in response as he rubbed her back soothingly. He recalled the times when he was a child and had listened to the cruel words of others as they cringed away from his deformity. Yet now that he was older, Allen looked back on those times and wondered why he had ever taken those cruel words to heart. "Allen?"

"Hmmm?" He was stroking Cat's hair at this point, and he could feel her relaxing against him, meaning she was probably falling asleep.

"Je t'aime." Allen hadn't learned much French during his lifetime, but Mana had taught him a little bit, and he had picked up some during his time with the Order. Yet he knew that phrase quite well, and it made him smile like an idiot.

"I love you too."


'Cause I stand for the power to change,
I live for the perfect day,
I love till it hurts like crazy,
I hope for a hero to save me,
I stand for the strange and lonely,
I believe there's a better place,
I don't know if the sky is heaven,
But I pray anyway…


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