After dinner everyone began telling stories about different patrols and just life around the res. Bella was sitting next to Sam and telling him and Emily about how school was going for her. She was leaning forward as she got really into it and that gave me a clear view of her cleavage . Her very nice cleavage. One I wouldn't mind-

"Your staring too much," Embry said plopping down next to me. "She's going to catch you looking and then what are you going to say?" I could feel my face heat up as I forced my eyes away from her chest. "That a girl. So do you really think that it's a good idea to not tell her that she your imprint? I mean Bella is a smart girl and eventually she will find out. Do you think it's better to have her found out herself or you telling her?"

"Well it's my choice how I do it, isn't it," I asked looking at him carefully.

He gave me the smile that Bella have been giving me all night. "I thought you knew by now that we don't truly have a choice in our love life."

"But do you really want your imprint to be stuck here? I mean you can be whatever she wants you to be; a friend, a brother, or a lover. If she wanted to go off and she the world would you hold her back from doing so by telling her that she's the end of the road for you?"

He looked at the ceiling for a few seconds before looking me in the eye. "I would let her go and I would wait for her to come back," he stated as if the answer was clear as day. "As long as she's happy it's all that would matter to me."

"But do you need to tell her about the imprint to make her happy?"

"I suppose not but who really wants to lie about something like that? Luckily for you Bella is already apart of the pack and she doesn't need to be kept out of the circle but what if she wasn't? By not telling her about what you are and imprinting things could go bad. She would question you whenever you go on patrol, about why she has to leave bonfires and you stay behind, why when you get angry you begin to shake uncontrollably, and why since you guys had sex you both haven't aged in years? What would you do?" He paused for a second as he scratched his five o'clock shadow. "And think about it how it will effect her now that she knows about imprinting. She's going to be worried about you imprinting on someone else and leaving her for them. She's not going to jump into any major commitment with you because she will always have the what if though in the back of her mind that will push you away from her. Could you handle that?"

Damn he does have a point. I could already see all the arguments and trying to convince her that I wasn't cheating on her and that she was the only one for me. All the tears that I would cause because I was being selfish. I know I wouldn't be able to handle seeing her hurt so badly because of me. Because I didn't tell her anything. "I guess your right," I mumbled.

He shrugged his shoulders lightly as he looked back over to his little sister. "You should stop looking at her chest though. It makes me feel awkward that I know who my sister will be having relations with."

That's why I liked Embry, he never rubbed it in your face when he knew that he was right. He only gave you a new way to look at things and hopefully you would see what he was saying before doing something that could be bad for everyone. And once he finish giving his advice he would change the subject as if the conversation never happened.

"I can't help it your sister is sexy in that dress," I said drifting my attention back to Bella chest.

"Yeah you can thank my mother for that."

Chuckling I took a swig of my eggnog. "I am so thankful for your mother."

She bit her lip slightly as a blush crept up her neck. "Well I met him at school and we've been dating for about a year and an half," she said quickly.

My jaw clenched tightly as I forced myself not to shake. My wolf was clawing at my skin at the thought of someone else touching her besides us. I wasn't going to ruin this night because my wolf is very jealous of the twat that she was dating. "Mine," my wolf howled.

"Um...what's his name," Emily asked looking at me with worried eyes.

"Edward Mason."

And the whole room went silent at the name. "Are you serious," Paul and Emmett asked at the same time.

"Yeah, why shouldn't I be?"

I could name a few reasons. Edward was a dragon which is bad for me because when a dragon thinks something is theirs they don't let go ever. Dragons are hard to get along with and harder to kill. Depending on what type of dragon her was would determine how hard to kill he was and what type of problem I would have to deal with after I mark her.

" reason," Alice said shifting uncomfortable in her seat. "I'm sure he's a nice boy."

"Tell us about him," Rose said giving Bella a warm smile. "He has to be a cutie if your with him."

I force a growl down knowing that all the were trying to do is figure out what type of pain in the ass he was going to be. But knowing that she was dating someone as dangerous as a dragon had me even further on the edge. I took a long swig of my eggnog and poured some vodka into my cup.

"Well he's like your average football playing cutie. Nice green eyes and shaggy blonde hair that goes well with his dimples."

Green eyes...that would mean he wasn't fire or ice which was great consider vampires hate fire and ice is hard to run on. Which left us with an earth dragon who may or may not fly. Fuck.

"He sounds great," Emily said giving her a grin.

"Leah, Embry, Jacob, and Paul meet me outside. We have to run around the res before it gets too," Sam said standing up. Everyone got up at the same time and gave there quick be back soon if they had mates. I was outside first and shifted as soon as I walked out of the back door. "Leah you have to calm down."

"Calm down," I growled as I ran into the woods. "My mate is one dating someone and two the little shit that she is dating is a fucking earth dragon! How can I calm down to that?!"

"She does have a point Sam," Paul said catching up to me. "If it wasn't already bad that she's taken she's dating a lizard."

"Well for the time being he isn't here and he might not even come here so maybe we don't have to deal with him at all," Embry stated. "Bella can give him a clean break."

"Or he can eat her because dragons don't get dumped," I hissed. "I just want to know what else can go fucking wrong."

"Leah, Embry may be right on this. Dragons don't often leave there den even if their seeing someone. So the chances that he will come here is slim if any. Besides if he's that crazed about her do you know how long it would take for him to actually bring him to leave his den and horde? Dragons are greedy and don't often leave their den area."

"You don't know what he will do though! What if he could give two shits about his den and follow her here?!"

"And what are we going to do if Leah's right," Paul asked dodging a tree. "If he comes for Bella?"

"That would mean that we have one hell of a fight coming up," Jacob sighed heavily. "We only faced one dragon before and that was a wind dragon who injured us pretty badly."

"Just more things to worry about," I huffed. "Why couldn't I get an easy imprint?"

"Because you like a challenge?"

"Shut up Jacob."

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