"So… Do you want the kiss now or rafter Christmas?" Tobirama asked his Uchiha (Izuna) with mild curiosity, as they stood out in the snow, waiting for the bus to arrive.

"I don't know… What do you think?"

They both wanted their relationship to develop, but neither of them wanted it to go fast even though it was something as innocent as a kiss. After all; you never know what might happen…

"I don't care…" Tobirama then stated, while shrugging on his shoulders. Izuna frowned; that was a bit too… monotone an answer for his taste. Especially on such an important question.

"… Let's wait then; until it does matter to you." Izuna then stated, playing cool. The Senju wasn't the only one who could play that game.

"… Do you want to?" Tobirama then asked cautiously.

"Mmm… Maybe. What would you do if I said 'yes'?"

"Then I would do it."

"Hmm… Then I say 'yes'."

"Okay, I'll do it then." Tobirama stated cautiously, not taking his eyes of his crush.

"Then do it." Izuna challenged. He smirked in satisfaction when he was rewarded with what he wanted;

Their first kiss.

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