Izuna looked up from his book when hearing the front door close. He then frowned confused when seeing his brother was "all around on the floor".

"… What's wrong, Aniki?"

"H-Hashirama…" Madara stuttered wide eyed.

"… Huh? What did he do?"

"Hashirama, he… he… That damn Senju tried to hold my hand!" Madara exclaimed horrified.

Izuna couldn't help but chuckle. His brother shot him a glare.

It wasn't funny…

"What are you laughing at? It was horrifying! What am I going to do? … I'm no good at such things…" he whined as he sank to the floor.

Izuna shook his head at his brother's paranoia. He then sighed softly and kneeled down in front of him.


Madara looked up.


"Relax, Aniki. If you just relax and let life go its weird way, I bet everything will workout just fine."

"… Hn. If you say so…"

-The following day-

The two of them (Hashirama and Madara, of course) walked down the street. Everything was good, until the Senju grabbed Madara's hand. Again.

Madara winced and blushed in embarrassment, before pulling back.

"Stop! I know what you're trying to do, but I'm just not that type -"

"Madara…" Hashirama groaned softly, though the annoyance was clear. "Let's get things straight; I like you, and you like me. So stop the act and hold my fucking hand!" The Uchiha bit his lip, pouting.

"… All right… But only this time."

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