Spock: Guide and Owner's Manual


You are now the owner of a fully automated Spock Unit. To ensure that you get the full use and benefits of your handsome captain, please pay close attention to the following instructions.

Basic Information:

Name: Spock

Date Of Manufacture: Year of 2230

Place Of Manufacture: Vulcan

Height: Around 6'1"

Weight: Unknown

Race: Human/Vulcan

Your Spock Unit will come with the following accessories

Three Starfleet uniforms

Two pairs of boots

1 Phasers

1 communicator

Meditating Robes and Rug

When you first open your Spock Unit, he may be quiet and uptight. Show him your home and he shall come around. A bit.

Cleaning: The Spock Unit is fully capable of cleaning himself so don't try to help.


Your Spock Unit is logical and formal, and can carry out the following functions:

Chess Teacher: As a Vulcan Spock is based off logic and is great at chess. He will happily show you how to play the game and beat your opponents in ten minutes.

Game Designer: As he is programmed the Kobayashi Maru for three years he is able to create life like and difficult programs that will keep you coming back for more.

Guardian: He's smart, calm and Vulcan. What else do you need to keep you completely safe from harm? If a drunken Orion can't take the hint just have Spock give him a pinch.

Science officer: Spock is a science officer and will gladly study whatever you bring home and teach the inner workings of science to you.

Your Spock unit comes with five different modes:

Acting Captain





The friendly mode is activated whenever Spock is not in a dangerous situation and a Jim unit is not present. He will play chess, read, meditate, and work in the science lab.

Fighter is activated when Spock is a dangerous situation and has no choice but to fight his way out. He will use a phaser and nerve pinch his way out of the situation in order to make sure that everyone gets out.

The Prosecutor mode is activated when Spock is standing before the Starfleet council and confronting a Jim unit or just confronting Jim period.

The Enraged mode is activated when a Jim or other units are near and when they are harshly making statements towards Spock concerning his mother. He will give a war cry, make a battle face, punch, slam around and choke the subject of his anger.

The Acting Captain mode is activated when in charge of a ship, when others are stuck in a sticky situation and when other units are missing, his friends or family members are hurt, scared and endanger. This mode can be activated anytime and anywhere.

Reaction to other units:

James T. Kirk: This unit is an almost-friend and Captain to the Spock Unit. The Jim Unit often becomes over-emotional and pushy some times which annoys Spock but get on fine.

Spock Prime: This unit is like a mentor and sometimes frustrate your unit with knowledge of the future there is no harm leaving them alone.

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy: This unit is a figure Spock Units don't really respect or like. He'll scare Bones with his anger and frustrate him with his coldness so try not to leave them alone.

Nyota Uhura: These units are dating and work great together.

Pavel Chekov: These units get on fine.

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott: Scott may annoy him with his drinking but they get on fine.

Hikaru Sulu: These units get on fine.

Sarek: There is little tension between these two but they love each other. No harm leaving them alone.

Amanda Grayson: She is the person the Spock unit loves and cares for most. No harm leaving them alone.

Christopher Pike: the Spock unit respects Pike, so there is no harm between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Amanda unit has disappeared and I don't know what to do. Spock is short tempered and violent towards my friend's Jim unit. What do I do?

A: Reset Spock and buy another Amanda unit.

Q: My units have come back from this big mission and now Spock wants to leave Starfleet! How do I stop him?

A: Quick, go buy a Solok. Your unit will find him and after a short discussion the problems will be solved.

Q: My Sarek and Spock aren't talking and now ones leaving. How do I get Spock to stay?

A: You can't, sorry. If Sarek gets lonely buy an Amanda and another Spock (or wait for them to make up)

Q: Big problem! My Uhura and Spock are dating but I just bought a Jim and now Spock is spending more time with him then her. Now my house is a war zone and none of the units won't let me get rid of the other, so what do I do?

A: At this point there isn't much you can do but suck it up. Why would you get all three in your house anyway?

Warranty: With proper care, the Spock Unit will grow old and eventually die, unless a Space battle, Pon Farr or old age kills him. However, if you get annoyed with the Delicious elf you can always send him back to our company for a full refund (within 12 months of purchase).