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Chapter 8

"Stop it."

"But — "

"Mikado. If I have to rip your hand off, I will. Come on."

Mikado looked doubtfully at their joined hands, then at Kida. "Are you sure about this? Everyone finding out?"

"I do believe I was the one who suggested it in the first place, wasn't I?" He gave Mikado a hard look. "I told you, right? I don't care. I'm already going to be written out of the will and kicked out of the house, I might as well do the thing properly."

"You say it like that and then I feel terrible for causing you all sorts of trouble."

"Don't, don't, that's not what I meant. I'm just sick of all this sneaking around business, and there's no reason to keep it secret anymore, not really." Kida ran a soothing thumb over Mikado's. "You're all right with this, aren't you?"

"Well — yes, of course. Everyone knows about me already anyway." Mikado let his forehead fall onto Kida's shoulder. "I suppose you're right. I just — well, being in Slytherin and all, and once you're disowned — I just worry that… you'll be picked on and you won't be able to get away from it because you have to live there, and I… won't even be able to help you."

Kida turned his head to drop a kiss into Mikado's hair. "Don't worry too much. Whatever happens, it's worth it, yeah? Besides, I can't let you go on being the only one picked on, what kind of boyfriend would I be?"

Mikado felt something flutter in the region of his diaphragm. Boyfriend. Kida was his boyfriend. He was calling himself his boyfriend. It all still felt completely surreal. They'd gone two years without even speaking to each other, and now they were holding hands as they walked into Potions class.

A few heads turned at seeing them together, more at their clasped hands, still more as Kida sat with Mikado at his and James' usual table. James was already there, giving Mikado a cheery thumbs up. Mikado smiled.

"Morning, Potter," Kida said, covering a yawn with his free hand. "I see Saki's not in class today."

James looked inordinately proud at this. "She won't leave the hospital wing for a week. And I won't be leaving McGonagall's office for a year."

"You shouldn't have," Mikado groaned. "James, you're lucky you weren't expelled."

"An eye for an eye," James said simply. "She's the reason you ended up in the hospital wing, Mikado. D'you think either of us would have just let that go?"

Mikado sighed. "I suppose not. Someday I'll break you both of your habitual need for revenge."

"Doubt it," Kida said cheerfully, pressing his lips to Mikado's cheek.

Professor Slughorn waddled into the classroom then, blinking at Kida's close proximity to Mikado. Kida gave him a bright grin.

"Professor Slughorn," he said, "sorry for all the confusion, but I'd be perfectly happy to tutor Mikado now."

"…Right. What we're working on today is something fairly simple, but there are a lot of ingredients, so you'll need to pay close attention to the order you're putting them in…"

Kida squeezed Mikado's hand on the table, then turned his attention to Slughorn. Mikado tried tried to resist the silly smile that forced its way onto his face.

"I didn't blow anything up today," Mikado said happily as they left the classroom. James laughed and punched him playfully in the shoulder.

"That's because you had two people helping you instead of the usual one."

"Actually," Kida cut in, "I wouldn't give Potter any of the credit, it's probably just my Potions genius."

"Arse," James said fondly, reaching a hand around to smack the back of Kida's head.


With things resolved between Kida and Mikado—and since James had gotten to give the overprotective big brother speech to Kida—James was being a lot friendlier to Kida, and it seemed, miraculously, that they even liked each other. In the face of all the awful things that had happened over the past few days—the past few weeks, even—it was enormous relief to know that at least they were getting along.

Mikado very suddenly felt cold water splash over his head, soaking the top of his robes. He blinked.

"…What on Earth?"

He glanced back and forth between Kida and James, both of whom had turned around and were wearing furious looks. Mikado glanced over his shoulder to see two Slytherin students howling with laughter.

"I'll take the one on the left," Kida muttered to James, his hand going to his pocket for his wand.

"Don't," Mikado said calmly. "I can fight my own battles."

"You won't fight them," James said.

"I don't want to sink to their level." Mikado's hand found his wand in his pocket, and he cast a drying charm on himself. "It's just water. It's fine."

"It's not fine! Mikado, they already put you in the hospital wing, obviously they're not going to stop at stupid pranks — "

"Nor will they if you hex them." Mikado laced his fingers with Kida's. "They'll get bored eventually. Don't give them something to want revenge for."

Kida sighed in frustration, gave the two Slytherins the finger, and dragged Mikado down the hall toward the Great Hall, James close behind them.

"I hate this stupid 'being the bigger person' business," Kida grumbled, tossing himself onto Mikado's bed.

Mikado blinked, suddenly finding himself with a lapful of clingy blonde. "Well, hello there. How'd you get in the tower?"

"James gave me the password," Kida mumbled into Mikado's neck. "Mikado, can I please curse the next bastard who tries something? Please?"

"What happened?" Mikado asked, pushing himself into a sitting position.

"Bloody Slytherins," Kida said. "I curse the day that damn hat Sorted me into that House. I was walking back from Herbology, stupid subject, nothing but trouble, and they cornered me right in the entrance hall, didn't have time to grab my wand or anything—"

"Did they hex you?"

"Nah, they had a permanent marker and wrote on my face. I tried washing it off in the bathroom and didn't get anywhere, so I dropped by the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey fixed me up."

"They wrote on your face? What'd it say?"

"…It's not important. It's gone, and I managed to get to the hospital wing before anyone saw it."

"It is important. What did they write?"

Kida sighed. "Faggot."

Mikado's eyes widened.

"Don't worry about it," Kida insisted. "You're the one who said they're going to get bored eventually."


"It's no worse than dumping water on you." Kida leaned forward, pushing their lips together and threading his fingers through Mikado's short hair. "Take my mind off it."

Mikado flushed and moved to close the curtains, but just as his hand caught them he saw an owl at the window. He frowned. "That's strange. That owl doesn't belong to anyone in this dormitory…"

Kida looked over his shoulder at the window. "…Prom?"

"He's yours?" Mikado wriggled out from under his boyfriend and went to the window to let the bird in.

"My dad's," Kida replied, following him. "Prometheus. What's he doing here?"

"Couldn't wait for breakfast?" Mikado suggested. "As to why he didn't go straight to your room, I've no idea."

"Perhaps he did," Kida said darkly as he untied the letter from the owl's leg. "And my lovely roommates kindly informed him that they've exiled me."

He tore open the letter, read over it quickly. "Right. That's that, then."

"…What's what?"

"I'm officially out of the will and am no longer welcome in the house," Kida said simply. "Word got back quick, didn't it? Listen to this. 'Soiling the family name by choosing to romantically involve yourself not only with another male but a Mudblood of all things — ' Soiling! Oh, and — 'Of course you didn't even think that your deviancy would result in the end of our family name,' as if I'd ever care — "

His tone was nonchalant, but Mikado saw the way Kida's hands shook in his anger. Gently he took the letter from Kida and pulled him into a hug.

"People like him shouldn't reproduce," Kida murmured. "Not if they're going to treat their kids like this."

"If he didn't, I wouldn't have you," Mikado replied, rising up on his toes a little to kiss Kida's forehead.

"Ah, that's true. And then what would the world be without the great Masaomi Kida?"

"A big pile of rubble, probably," Mikado said dryly. "People screaming and running about in terror."


Kida leaned his forehead against Mikado's. "…Aishiteru."

Mikado felt his cheeks warm. "…You don't speak Japanese often."

"Neither do you. Felt appropriate, though." Kida grinned. "But if you'd like I shall declare my love for you in a hundred languages! Let's see, Spanish is, er, te amo or something, and in French it's — "

"How about English?"

"Eh… Sumimasen, eigo wo hanasanai…"

"Oh, shut up," Mikado said, laughing.

Kida tilted his head to catch Mikado's lips in a kiss. "I love you," he whispered.

"Wakaranai," Mikado teased. "Nihongo wo hanasu kara."

"Oh, really?" Kida's fingers attacked Mikado's sides. "Say it!"

"Iie! Wakaranai!"

"Like hell you don't understand!"


Kida picked Mikado up awkwardly and tossed him without ceremony onto the bed. Mikado was laughing so hard tears were gathering at the corners of his eyes as Kida climbed on top of him, tickling his stomach now.

"Say it!"

"Okay, okay!" Kida paused the movement of his hands, and Mikado smiled shyly up at him. "I love you too."

Kida grinned, then hopped off the bed and grabbed the letter from his father. "Do you know what I think?"

"…What?" Mikado asked uncertainly.

"I think that I never even want to think about this letter ever again." He drew his wand from his pocket and pointed it at the parchment. "Incendio."

The flames burned the heavy parchment quickly, so Kida dropped it in the wastebasket next to Mikado's bed.

"…Not that I don't think this is probably a very therapeutic activity which I wholeheartedly support," Mikado said, "but is it all right if I cast Aguamenti? It's only I'm worried the dorm will burn down."

Kida burst out laughing. "Go ahead."


Aishiteru — Japanese for "I love you." Though it's used incredibly rarely over there — for most Japanese people it doesn't even exist in their vocabulary. I was actually really iffy about using it rather than "suki dayo" or something similar, but I figured since Kida hasn't grown up in Japan he wouldn't quite understand the cultural weight of it, and it being Kida, it's not a stretch to think he'd use such a direct phrase.

Sumimasen, eigo wo hanasanai. — "Sorry, I don't speak English."

Wakaranai, nihongo wo hanasu kara. — "I don't understand because I speak Japanese."

Iie — "No."

Hidoi — "Mean."

Note: Kida and Mikado are speaking to each other in short form, which is an informal speech that one should only use with friends your age and people younger than you. If you try to speak to an adult like this — even a senpai in high school or something — they'll probably be offended. So if you want the long form polite versions, they look like this:

"Sumimasen, eigo wo hanashimasen."

"Wakarimasen, nihongo wo hanashimasu kara."

"Hidoi desu." (Though I don't know why you'd say this to someone you don't know well.)