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The spelled roped pulled tight against her. Hermione was bound snugly against her fellow prisoners as they watched Bellatrix rage against the Snatchers who had tried to keep the Sword of Gryffindor from her.

Narcissa's voice was quiet and calm as she spoke. "Take these prisoners down to the cellar, Greyback," she said.

"Wait," said Bellatrix sharply. "All except… except for the Mudblood."

Hermione felt her heart sink within her. A cold terror gripped her and she stood rooted in place. She heard the werewolf, Greyback, give a grunt of pleasure. She felt Ron beside her begin to struggle. "No!" he shouted. "You can have me, keep me!"

No! Hermione wanted to scream. Her throat was dry and she couldn't force her mouth to move to form the protest as she heard Ron offer himself up in her place.

Bellatrix hit him across the face; the blow echoed in Hermione's ears. "If she dies under questioning, I'll take you next. Blood traitor is next to Mudblood in my book." She did not look at Greyback, but kept her eyes focused on Hermione as she spoke her next command. "Take them downstairs, Greyback, and make sure they are secure, but do nothing more to them – yet."

Bellatrix pulled a short silver knife from under her robes and cut the cords that tied Hermione to the others.

Hermione winced as the woman's hand gripped her hair close to the scalp and pulled her away. She struggled against Bellatrix as the dark-haired witch dragged her into the middle of the room. Hermione twisted to watch as Greyback held his wand out in front of him and forced the rest of them to shuffle into the dark passageway that led to the cellars beneath Malfoy Manor. She saw Ron try to fight against the magical push that shoved him forward and wanted to call out to him, but could not find her voice.

Bellatrix pulled the young witch up against her, one hand still tangled in the bushy mane. "You will tell me what I want to know. And before I am done with you, you will learn a Mudblood's proper place," she whispered softly. "Now, just to make this more fun… Imperio." The spell was not as strong as it could have been. Since her hands were busy holding both Hermione and her knife, her wand was still buried inside her robes. The wandless spell was weaker, but nevertheless, Hermione felt the warm tug of the spell pull at her will. She felt warm breath pulse against her neck as Bellatrix leaned in closer. "Take off your clothes, Mudblood," she whispered. Her lips brushed over the sensitive skin on Hermione's neck.

Hermione's hands started to move of their own accord, but then her fists clenched. I know how to fight this, she told herself firmly.

Bellatrix loosened her hold on the younger witch as she waited expectantly for her to obey. Suddenly, Hermione wrenched free from her grasp and pulled away. "No." The unwavering refusal slipped past her lips.

Before Hermione could do anything, Bellatrix had plunged her hand into her robes to find her wand. "Crucio!"

Unimaginable pain ripped through Hermione's body and she fell to her knees on the hard stone floor. She was screaming and her throat was raw as the primitive cries were ripped from her. Her elbows hit the ground as she curled in on herself, trying to find relief from the burning, stabbing pain that permeated her body.

Then it stopped. She gasped and her body trembled as the spasms subsided. From somewhere underneath the floor, she heard Ron's voice. "Hermione!" His voice echoed in her head as she shook on the floor.

Bellatrix muttered something and Hermione was hit with a wave of cold as her clothes were magically stripped from her and cast aside. "NO!" she screamed.

Bellatrix laughed and, with a jerk of her wand, raised Hermione to her feet. Hermione raised her arms to cover herself but Bellatrix conjured a silver rope that entwined itself around her wrists and pulled them behind her back. Hermione closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she felt Bellatrix's gaze scrape over her body. She was still shaking slightly from the effects of the Cruciatus Curse, but she managed to suck in a single, deep, shuddering breath. "I want to know how you and your friends got that sword," Bellatrix said. "Crucio."

The scorching pain hit her again and Hermione's knees buckled as she fell to the ground and writhed at Bellatrix's feet. Bellatrix's laughter filled her ears. "You see, Cissy? The Mudblood does know her place." She lifted the curse and Hermione curled on her side in the fetal position. "Tell me, Mudblood. How did you get in? What else did you take?"

Even if Hermione had been disposed to answer, she had no idea what Bellatrix was talking about. "I don't know! Please, no!" Bellatrix crucioed her a third time and her words turned to horrific screams. Bellatrix released the spell when they heard a door open. Hermione looked up in the direction that Greyback had taken Harry and Ron. They were nowhere to be seen.

Greyback stood in the doorway. His eyes darkened with lust and he growled appreciatively when he saw her. Unlike the Malfoys, who were standing to the side and tacitly averting their eyes from Hermione's nude body, Greyback stalked forward. His predator eyes focused on Hermione and she twisted under his gaze in an attempt to cover herself. Bellatrix kicked her harshly and Hermione groaned as the witch's pointed shoe connected with her ribs.

"What else did you take?" Bellatrix's purr was low and dangerous.

Hermione said nothing. She looked around. Bellatrix stood over her; Greyback was only five paces away. Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco huddled together near the far wall. Hermione locked eyes with Draco. She was too afraid to even mouth the words, but she pleaded with her eyes, help me! He turned away and fixed his eyes resolutely on the stone wall as though it held some innumerable fascination.

Bellatrix noticed the direction of her gaze. "Draco," she called in a sing-song voice, elongating his name. "Nephew darling, would you like to come play with the new toy?" Hermione looked away from him, afraid for his answer. He must have replied in the negative though, as Bellatrix shrugged. "More fun for Auntie Bella, then…" She nudged Hermione to turn over so that the young witch was lying flat on her back. "Tell me."

Hermione's mind raced. What was it that Bellatrix had said to the others? 'Snape had this sent to my vault at Gringotts'… There has to be something else in her vault that she thinks we were after. "We didn't… we were never there," Hermione sobbed.

Bellatrix's features contorted into a scowl. "I don't believe you. Petrificus Totalus! Wingardum Leviosa!"

Hermione's body snapped rigid, with her arms pinned at her side. The only part of her body she could move was her eyes and she looked around in panic as she began to levitate in the air.

With another wave of her wand, Bellatrix conjured a swarm of needle-thin daggers that hung suspended around Hermione. Her tongue snaked out to flick over her lips in anticipation.

Hermione's eyes danced between the tiny knives. A thousand splinters of light reflected back at her. She wanted to scream. No, she wanted to have her wand and curse Bellatrix into oblivion. She could still faintly hear Ron's bellows of outrage and fear as he screamed her name over and over: "Hermione! Hermione!"

Hundreds of metal shards entered her body at the same time. Hermione's jaw was locked by the body bind and her cries of pain were trapped within her own head. Another jerk of Bellatrix's wand and each of the knife points expanded to produce tiny barbs. The knives were firmly embedded in her calves and thighs, her buttocks and lower back, her stomach and breasts, her arms and shoulders – virtually every accessible inch of skin apart from her face was bleeding slow trickles of blood that dripped down onto the floor beneath her.

One by one, Bellatrix yanked the knives out. Each time, she healed the wound almost instantly so that Hermione didn't lose too much blood. By the time the last one was removed, Hermione was in unbearable pain, though there was not a mark on her.

Bellatrix pulled the final knife out and watched Hermione's blood bubble up and flow down her skin for a moment. Then with a pass of her wand, the wound sealed itself. She turned and walked away from Hermione for a moment. As she faced away, she released the levitation spell and the full body-bind. Hermione fell to the floor with a sudden thump and landed in the puddle of her own blood.

This is the perfect chance! Hermione thought to herself. She's facing away and not paying attention. Her eyes sought the pile where the Snatchers had left the items they had recovered from their prisoners. Surely my wand is over there. If only I could get to it… But even though Bellatrix might have turned away, Greyback was still watching her intently. Hermione doubted she had the strength to move.

"Tell me, Mudblood. How did you get the sword? What else did you take, what else? ANSWER ME! CRUCIO!"

As soon as the spell passed, Hermione pushed herself up on trembling arms. Her legs would not cooperate to allow her to stand. She held herself up in a sitting position and her elbows locked under the strain of her own weight bearing down. "We were never in your vault, I swear!"

Bellatrix whirled around. "Crucio! I`m tired of your lies!" she snarled. Then suddenly she changed tactics. She tucked her wand into her robe and approached Hermione, who had dropped back to the ground under the force of the Torture Curse. She knelt beside her and almost tenderly brushed at the dirt and blood that were smeared on her face. "Poor little thing. You needn't suffer any more. Just tell me the truth and this will be over." She leaned in and Hermione could smell the putrid breath from where most of her teeth had rotted during her years in Azkaban.

Hermione dropped her gaze from Bellatrix's face. "Please don't… no more…" she whimpered pitifully while her eyes carefully searched within the visible folds of Bellatrix's robe. The older witch shifted slightly and Hermione caught sight of a glint of familiar metal – Bellatrix's knife. Her hand darted forward and grabbed the dagger before Bellatrix even realized what she was doing. Hermione slashed the knife across her face and left a deep gash from cheekbone to jaw.

Bellatrix leapt backwards and drew her wand. A quick motion jerked the knife from Hermione's hand and sent it spinning across the floor. Bellatrix turned the wand toward herself and quickly healed the bleeding wound. A faint silver line remained to mark Hermione's attempt. "You'll pay for that one, you filthy little Mudblood whore." She summoned a table from the other side of the room. The wooden legs scraped over the unyielding stone floor. With a few subtle motions of her wand, she picked Hermione up off the floor and threw her against the table like a rag doll. Green cords snaked out of the end of her wand and wound themselves around Hermione's legs, binding each ankle to one of the table legs. A third length of rope tied her wrists together and dragged them forward, forcing her to lay flat against the cool, smooth surface beneath.

Hermione's breath was coming in short, ragged pants as she tried to think of a way out. The ropes would not give as she pulled against them. Bellatrix passed out of her field of vision and then she felt a cold, soft hand come to rest on her lower back. Bellatrix stroked her fingertips over skin that was still sticky with blood. "Scourgify." Hermione felt the air around her rustle as the magic washed over her and removed the grime and blood that were caked onto her body.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat as a wave of panic rose within her. "We've never been inside your vault," she sobbed. "It isn't the real sword! It's a copy, just a copy."

"A copy?" screeched Bellatrix. "Oh, a likely story!"

"But we can find out easily!" came Lucius's voice. Hermione tucked her head down and buried it against the wood between her arms. In her preoccupation with the mad woman torturing her, she had forgotten about the Malfoys and Greyback still in the room. She chanced a glance over at the werewolf. His smoldering gaze raked over her as he took in her prone body bent over the edge of the table. Hermione bit her lip and she felt hot tears roll down her cheeks to fall only the lacquered surface. "Draco, fetch the goblin, he can tell us whether the sword is real or not!"

"Yes, Draco, fetch the goblin." Bellatrix breathed. She was practically giddy with the prospect of confirming that her vault remained unbreached. Her hand resumed its mindless path over the smooth skin of Hermione's back. Her fingers started to trace lower and lower as she watched her nephew leave the room. "Greyback!" she called out suddenly as her fingers' motion stilled.

The werewolf started to attention. "Yes?" he rasped.

"You wanted a chance to play with the little Mudblood, didn't you? I am sure the Dark Lord will not begrudge you the girl after what you have done tonight. Take her if you want her." Greyback's wolfish features twisted up in a sick distortion of a grin. He stalked toward the table, inhaling deeply to absorb the scent of her fear and panic. "But before you take her," Bellatrix's voice interrupted him, "I want to see you play with her here. There is still a lesson I need to teach." She raised her hands up so that only her nails were lightly pressed against Hermione's skin and dragged them up, from the curve of her butt up to her shoulder blades. Hermione flinched as she felt the skin tear under Bellatrix's claws.

Greyback smiled. He moved to stand behind Hermione and reached his hands out to stroke up her legs. His firm grip moved up her thighs and parted her, opening her sex to his appraisal. Hermione tried to squirm away, but any movement was impossible. Greyback lowered his nose to just an inch away from her and sniffed. He raised his head and licked his lips as he smirked at Bellatrix. "The Mudblood's a virgin," he rumbled. "This will be fun."

Bellatrix let out a mad sort of cackle. She hovered between standing beside Hermione's head and her hip, as though uncertain whether she wanted to watch the actual act or see the pain reflected in her victim's face. She ended up standing in the middle. Hermione turned her face away. Bellatrix seized her by the hair and twisted her so that she was forced to look up at the black-haired Death Eater.

Greyback opened his pants and let them settle low around his hips as he pulled out his massive erection. He was pulsing with need as the wolf within him fought to dominate the woman spread out before him. Thick hair covered his lower belly and down. The nails on his hands were more like claws and Hermione could feel them digging into her skin as he clutched her hips and positioned himself at her entrance.

He thrust deep within her in a single motion. Hermione screamed and Bellatrix laughed. The werewolf withdrew until only the tip of his head was left inside her and then slammed in again. Hermione writhed on the table as he pounded into her. Bellatrix's hands were on her, stroking, pinching, and scratching her as Greyback yanked her hips back against him. Her throat was raw as she screamed and begged for them to stop. Bellatrix cast Silencio, but still Hermione continued to scream, issuing soundless cries for help. The poignant agony etched on her face only served to excite Bellatrix more. She heard Draco approaching the room with the goblin and turned around quickly to shut the door in his face. "Wait out there 'til I`m done," she called through the thick door.

Bellatrix turned back to Hermione. "I wouldn't want him to interrupt our fun," she said with a sadistic smile. "Greyback, hold her down," she commanded as she stepped away from the table. Bellatrix reversed the Silence charm and Hermione's screams once again filled the room. Bellatrix smiled. "Crucio!"

Hermione's body jerked and almost lifted off the table as the spell hit her. Greyback grunted as he slammed into her and her muscles spasmed around him. He placed a single, heavy hand in the center of her shoulder blades and pushed down, crushing her ribs against the table. Hermione thought she felt at least one rib crack under the pressure. Bellatrix held the curse longer this time. She waited until she saw Greyback start to thrust with short, fast strokes and tilt his head back as the orgasm overtook him. As he spurted into Hermione, Bellatrix finally lifted her wand.

Greyback pulled out of her and stepped away. Hermione shook and sobbed as the tremors of the Cruciatus curse began to subside. Her whole body was cold and bruised and aching. She felt filthy beyond measure and the warm sticky fluid trailing down her inner thighs made her want to vomit. Bellatrix undid the cords that tied her to the table, but Hermione was unable to move. Her legs hung limply as she brought her arms down next to her shoulders and curled her fists futilely.

Bellatrix shoved her to the side and she slipped of the edge of the table. She couldn't even reach out an arm to break her fall as she collapsed onto the ground. Bellatrix smiled as she stood over the fallen girl. "Time to get dressed," she said pleasantly.

Hermione groaned as she tried and failed to move.

"You can do better than that. Imperio!"

Earlier, Hermione had managed to fight of the curse. Now, she couldn't. The warm wave of compulsion spread throughout her body and tingled. She felt no pain. The world around her was soft and light. A voice drifted through the haze. "Get dressed." Hermione obeyed. She pushed herself up off the floor and waited for a moment while her legs strained to hold her up. She walked over to where her clothing lay scattered on the floor and donned the garments. "Excellent," the voice rewarded her. Then the warm, painless haze was gone.

Hermione was swaying on her feet in the middle of a cold, stone room in Malfoy Manor. Bellatrix was standing over her, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. Greyback was only a pace or two away and his eyes burned with possessiveness as he watched her. Lucius and Narcissa were standing on the far side of the room, trying their best to ignore what their psychotic in-law was doing. The heavy wooden door swung open to reveal Draco and Griphook, the goblin. Bellatrix shoved Hermione to the ground as she beckoned the goblin forward.

Hermione collapsed on the ground. Every inch of her body ached. She could feel her own blood running hot over the raw and battered flesh between her legs. She didn't want to think about what other fluids were there. She watched through half-lidded eyes as Bellatrix cast a curse at the goblin as a precursor to any questions. There was a horrible cracking noise as the bones in his legs shattered and he fell to the ground. Hermione heard their voices but could barely comprehend what they were saying. She hoped that he would catch on and go along with her story that the sword was a fake. She watched as Bellatrix slashed her wand and a fierce gash opened up on the side of his face. He said something. Hermione was tired, so very tired.

Bellatrix was elated. She cast the goblin aside and prowled over to Hermione. She crouched over the witch, pinning her to the ground under her body. "It's a fake. The sword is a fake," she repeated over and over again as though unable to believe that she had so narrowly escaped her Lord's wrath. "He will be so pleased when I tell him that we have the boy." Hermione remained completely still, not wanting to attract the attention of the psychotic witch who seemed momentarily content to talk to herself. "Once again, I can show him that I alone am his best and most faithful servant."

She giggled with glee and pulled out her knife as she sat up with a smile. Her knees and calves rested alongside Hermione's thighs as she sat perched over her victim. She twisted the knife mindlessly in her hand and then jabbed it through Hermione's hand. Hermione let out a blood-curdling scream. Bellatrix yanked the knife back out and her mouth stretched wide in a demented parody of a smile. "Stop your screaming, it's not so bad." A wave of her wand sealed the wound, but Hermione's hand still twitched in pain.

Bellatrix leaned forward and Hermione groaned in pain at the pressure put on her broken rib. She cast a quick spell that rendered Hermione's arm completely immobile. She ran her tongue along her upper lip as she placed the tip of the blade against Hermione's forearm.

Hermione screamed and kicked her legs and flailed her free arm as Bellatrix carved a single word into her skin: Mudblood.

"Now everyone will see you for what you are, you dirty little Mudblood whore."

Hermione turned her face to the side. A single tear ran down her cheek and over the side of her face down toward her ear. She thought that she could hear Ron's voice calling out , "Hermione! Hermione!" She wondered if she were imagining it.

"And I`ve got something else for you," Bellatrix's whisper was practically seductive as she purred in Hermione's ear. "It's a little spell that I invented when I was younger." She held her wand with the point just touching Hermione's temple. "Memorium Equaltae Combinaras!" she hissed. A tangle of silver threads of memory drew out from Hermione's head and twirled around the tip of the wand before sliding back into her brain.

Hermione whimpered as her quick mind grasped the meaning of the spell. Bellatrix pursed her lips together and smirked. "Draco was right. You are a smart little witch." Her lips were practically touching Hermione's ear as she continued, "If you try to tell anyone about what happened here tonight, they will share in our memory of it. They – and you – will see and hear and taste and smell and feel," she rubbed her body along Hermione's pressing them together from hip to breast, "everything that you have experienced tonight."

Bellatrix released her, but Hermione did not have the strength to move. She lay on the floor, helpless, as Bellatrix crossed over toward where Griphook had fallen earlier. Bellatrix stood over him dispassionately. Hermione was fading fast, black and yellow spots were dancing in front of her eyes. She dimly saw Bellatrix slash Griphook again across the face as she slipped into unconsciousness.

The next thing she knew, she was being hauled to her feet. Bellatrix's voice was in her ear and there was a sharp blade pressed against her throat. Her limbs were lethargic and if it were not for Bellatrix's firm grasp, she would not have been able to stand. Harry and Ron were in front of her, holding out their wands. Bellatrix hissed a threat and she felt the knife tighten against her neck. There was a sharp pain as it sliced into the thin skin. Two matching clatters followed as Harry and Ron dropped the wands. Hermione felt herself being pulled backward as Bellatrix moved her away from her friends.

Hermione reached weakly out toward them, her arms coming up in a limp half-gesture. Ron made a choking noise in his throat as he started to move toward her. Bellatrix jerked Hermione's arm back and Ron froze.

A groaning sound distracted them all. Hermione looked up. Dobby was sitting perched on the chandelier and was loosening the screws that held it in place. Ron leapt toward her and pulled her out of the way as the giant chandelier crashed to the ground where she had been standing a mere second before.

Ron pulled her up against him. Hermione turned toward him and rested her hand against his broad, flat chest. His heart beat reassuringly underneath her pal as he helped her stand and move over toward Dobby. Dobby rested his hand against her and Malfoy Manor twisted out of existence as the house-elf Apperated them away from the evil place.

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