5 More Days Til Christmas

A Clique five-shot about the holidays, each one will have a Christmas song-because Christmas Carols are so overrated-that relates to the story. I hope you enjoy your Christmas treat to all my readers.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Clique.

Not This Year: Kristen

When I look in the mirror

No happiness is present here

Not supposed to whine

Not supposed to cry

Try to hold it in but not this time

I can't, I can't

I can't, I can't take it

This is supposed to be a time to smile

I can't fake it

Please allow me my chance now

To break it down

It's not snow it's rain coming down

And the lights are cool

But they burn out

And I can't pull of the cheer

Not this year

Not this year

Not this year

Kristen Gregory was tired of plastering a fake smile on her face every year for Massie Block's annual Christmas Party. It wasn't that she didn't like Massie or the people there. Massie was her best friend and Kristen and her three other best friends-Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, and Claire Lyons-were all considered hostesses in Massie's eyes.

It wasn't that Massie knew she was upset. There was no definite reason and nobody was at fault. She hated Christmas, it was that simple.

Her dad lost all the family's money five days before Christmas years ago. Christmas had never been the same for Kristen and every year after that something bad had happened. The money was in third grade. In fourth grade she lost what little friends she had. Layne hadn't wanted to hang out with the sporty brainiac anymore. Instead she chose the Paris Hilton wannabes.

In fifth grade her grandfather died. He was one of the only relatives that Kristen had left. She loved him and he was her only way out of Westchester over vacation. In sixth grade she was all alone while her friends went to various places around the globe. Massie was in Aspen while Alicia was in Spain. Dylan went to London. She wasn't even in the same country with them. She was stuck in Westchester. Of course, Massie had offered to take her to Aspen with her family but her parents couldn't afford it. She wasn't allowed to go to Spain because it was 'too far'. London was out of the question because Merri-Lee wouldn't be with them 24-7. In seventh grade a new girl came and started to cause too much stress for the Pretty Committee-what Kristen and her friends called themselves. The chaos caused Kristen's secret about how she was poor to be released. Now, in eighth grade, she had to watch Kori, her least favorite person out there, flirt with Kemp Hurley-the only guy Kristen could ever picture herself with.

This year, Kristen wasn't the only miserable one. That gave her a dry smile as she braided her dirty blonde hair. Massie had been cheated on by her 'perfect' ninth grade boyfriend Landon so she'd dumped him. This had caused the other ninth grade boys to dump the PC members. Alicia was capable of acting happy though even though Josh Hotz was ignoring her due to the fact she'd totally ditched him. Derrington wouldn't give Dylan a second glance-but Massie was getting more and more and they became longer and longer. Claire was the only one who was happy. But she wouldn't be when she found out about the 'nice guy' she was dating-Cam Fisher was cheating on her with Olivia Ryan.

She narrowed her blue-green eyes at the dark wash jeans she was being forced to wear to Alicia's limo. She'd be changing there. She had a red Christmas sweater with it and her black UGGS.

Her parents were all about making her miserable. It was definitely true. They made her wear g-rated clothes and she could barely have a life outside of school. She called a goodbye to her parents and ran from the apartment.

She climbed into Alicia's limo and Alicia brought the divider up between Dean and the two girls. Kristen smiled her thanks as she slid off the jeans and traded it for a red pencil mini skirt outlined with white fur. It was paired with a little velvet jacket that matched it perfectly and a red camisole. Alicia handed her the boots and Kristen shoved her feet into the red high heeled boots and then shoved her Santa hat on. She looked at Alicia who was dressed the same way only looked ten times better than Kristen.

Kristen was used to this though. Alicia was the prettiest girl in school. Her olive complexion always looked amazing with everything and with the bright red outfit it shined to perfection. Her black glossy hair was left down in waves and her smile was in place.

Alicia was capable to get whatever guy she wanted with a bat of her eyelashes. Kristen couldn't turn anyone's head. She was once mistaken for a guy-a lot. That was another miserable Christmas moment.

"Smile," Alicia nudged her playfully.

"I can't," Kristen muttered.

"Well you better-I'm giving Kemp a ride," Alicia smirked.

"What?" Kristen asked.

"I'm-meaning me and you are-giving Kemp a ride-meaning we are picking him up from his house and bringing him to Massie's," Alicia giggled.

"WHY?" Kristen shrieked.

"Cause he asked if you were coming with me or not and when I said yes, he decided to come with us," Alicia smiled brightly.

"He wanted to come when he heard I would be there?" Kristen asked.

"Of course-did you not realize he was trying to make you jealous with Kori?" Alicia asked.

"Wait, why are you trying to get us together when Josh doesn't want anything to do with you?" Kristen asked and instantly regretted it.

"At least one member of the PC needs to have a good Christmas and if any of us deserves it, it's you," Alicia smiled. "Massie and Dylan totally agree-Massie said if the car ride doesn't do it, she'll make sure the music does and Dylan said she'll stop any girl who gets close to him," Alicia laughed. "As for Claire, she's too caught up in the whole Cam-loves-her thing,"

Kristen's jaw dropped slightly and she found herself smiling a genuine smile for the first time on Christmas in what felt like forever. Maybe she would get the boyfriend she wanted but even if she didn't, she knew she had true friends who loved her and looked out for her.

Maybe Christmas wasn't so bad.

Maybe she couldn't blame the holiday for all the bad things that had happened. Maybe it was just some bad luck and misfortunate...but Christmas was a time for miracles so why not let a Christmas miracle or two happen today? Surely nobody deserved it as much as Kristen and her friends. So the five-okay, so four but it would be five soon enough-girls who didn't feel like celebrating this year would definitely find a reason to celebrate...just maybe not this year.