The Twelve Days of Christmas

Prompt 043: Bazooka

Author's Ramblings: Oh dear Lord I'm so sappy in Christmas…


Balthazar woke up with the touch. His wife's foot was sliding up and down his calf, caressing in circles the skin. Little shots of lighting, that he was very aware she was and wasn't creating, ran up his legs to his spine and send little signals all over his skin. She was also kissing his chin and moving down to his neck, hands wondering down his arms. Eyes still closed Balthazar smiled.

"I thought you were angry at me." He said huskily, voice still hoarse from sleep. Veronica kissed his Adam's apple and chuckled. She'd been fighting him because he hasn't done anything as romantic to her as Dave to Becky (with the Twelve days of Christmas and everything) and last night had gone to bed without kissing him goodnight. Batlhazar was amused by this, but didn't say a word, after all he was way too tired after helping Dave with all his plans and little spells to fight her.

"Hence you must make it up for me." She said, laughter in her voice, as another kiss found its way up his neck, to his jaw, and then Balthazar turned, claiming her mouth possessively. Veronica climbed on top of him, and brought him to a sitting position, before his hands lifted her slightly and then she was pushed to the mattress, more passionate kisses following. A little commotion outside was ignored, Balthazar's mind along with his hands were venturing into more pleasurable business—

When an explosion was heard from downstairs, and that unmistakable yelp only Dave could produce made both masters stop and sit back up.

"What was that?"

"I don't know, but I'll go check it out." Balthazar felt frustrated for a moment, then angry. Whoever dared interrupt his time with his beloved would pay dearly. Veronica still wore her night gown, and it would take some time for her to put on something, so Balthazar just reached for the nearby shirt he always kept for this sort of cases and putting it on, hurried out the room.

"Balthazar!" Cried Becky, who was running up the stairs. They met halfway and the girl seemed desperate. "Dave's…"

"What?" He pushed her aside, and hurried down the stairs…

And started laughing.

The Bazooka had come in the last shipment, and was supposed to be sealed away with some other items he was suppose to destroy. It had belonged to a Nazi general during Word War II and Dave had discover its nasty capabilities. He lifted the bazooka from the floor, shaking his head and looked down at Dave.

"I swear I didn't do it." Said Becky quickly, still staring at her boyfriend.

"I believe you. No one could have done that. How did this happen?"

"Well, Dave and I brought your car, since you told us to drop by to celebrate Christmas, and we also brought Tank, because Veronica was quite taken with him…"

"yes, yes." Said Balthazar holding back his laughter. Veronica appeared at the top of the stairs, looking alarmed. Balthazar signaled that all was well, as to come closer.

"Then Tank found it and you know how curious he is…"

"That's what happens when you use magical items without knowing what they do." Said Balthazar sounding amused and looking down.

On the floor Dave was chained from head to toe, curled around and looking like a little wonton dumpling. Veronica turned to look and covered her mouth while laughing, not wishing to add insult to injury by laughing at Dave's face.

Balthazar set the bazooka down, crouching besides Dave and pulling a bit at the chains finding them quite tight. Dave whimpered, and shook trying to escape. "Well, why don't you fix us some coffee while I get Dave out."

"Of course. Come Becky."

"Will he be fine?" After all those romantic things he'd done for Becky to end the day trapped by chains was a horrible way to spend Christmas.

"He'll be fine, angry when I pull him out, but fine." A moment of silence, "And take Tank with you."

"Already on it." Called Veronica from the stairs, Tank wrapped securely in arms. "Come on Becky." The girls joined Veronica and turned to look at her girlfriend. "Oh by the way, Merry Christmas."

"Yeah, merry Christmas."

Balthazar turned to Dave, smiling. "Boy do you know how to get all bundled up."

Dave groaned something, and then his eyes narrowed, annoyed. Balthazar picked the end of the chain, where a small lock was placed and his ring took on it's usual green glow, the chains shook and suddenly released Dave, allowing the boy to drop to the ground with a sigh of relief. "Are you alright?"

"Glad I'm not bent backwards. Who would have thought Tank could be so vicious?"

Balthazar laughed and helped the boy stand up. "Merry Christmas Dave."

"Yeah, Merry Christmas." The smell of coffee wafted around them, and Balthazar set the bazooka on a corner, making Dave eye it suspiciously while rubbing his sore neck.

"It'll be fine, come on. Let's open some presents and have coffee."


"How did it go with Becky's gift?"

"Oh, she loved it."

Dave thought it would be cute to get Veronica a Rubik Cube. For Balthazar he got a leather journal and told him it was enchanted so it's pages never ran out. In the back of the hardcover flap he scribbled something that had Batlhazar smiling softly, but when Veronica asked what it said he decided to keep it a secret between master and apprentice. Finally Dave handled the small gift with a huge golden ribbon to Becky who opened it shyly; it was a necklace with little charms of the twelve days of Christmas; Becky squealed with happiness and kissed him silly.

Becky thought it would be funny to get Balthazar a new hat. For Veronica she got a hand knitted sweater, that went perfectly with the shoes she'd help select for this very day. For Dave: She bought him a set of mini Tesla coils she'd foun in the internet, ready to be used.

Balthazar, Dave and Becky pitched in and bought a large scrapbook set for Veronica: there were papers for all seasons and holidays, stickers, scissors, tape, glue, and even a digital camera. Veronica almost sat down and cried with joy finally she'll be able to build a book of memories.

Balthazar got for Becky a gift card for a store she so much loved, the quantity was written on the back and her eyes almost buldged out when she stared at it, for a second she was speechless. Dave leaned in and read…

"Oh man!"

"this is too much Balthazar."

"I won't have it." He said, lifting his hand. "You deserve a lot more but I am awful buying gifts." He sat with two more gifts and both Veronca and Dave frowned at him. "Beloved." He said, handing her a smaller box. Veronica kissed him, thanking him, and leaned on her corner of the sofa, opening the box.

"Balthazar!" She kissed ihm again, and pulled out the little items. There were a set of earrings, the perfect match for her bethrodal necklace. "Where did you find them?"

"I had them made. They are not easy to find as anyone might think." And he meant it. He had a few more gifts for her but for now this one will do. He suspected since she never took off the necklace this would suffer the same faith, not that it bothered him, and helped her put them on.

"Those are gorgeous, Veronica."

"I'll have to wear my hair up from now on, I want to show off my new earrings." She said jokingly, but meaning every word. Balthazar kissed her again, whispered something to her and then turned to Dave.

"And this is yours."

"you shouldn't have bother man." Balthazar extended his hand and offered the item to Dave, who took it a little abashed. Both veronica and Becky stared at him, apparently knowing what it was and egging his reaction, while Dave opened the paper.

It was a pen. A blue normal pen. Dave frowned down at it, and looked up at Balthazar, who pulled out a folder from nowhere and opened it before Dave.

"Use your new pen, and sign all of these." Inside the folder were at least fifteen pages, in legal format and size paper, on the edge Balthazar's signature was stamped it's elegant calligraphy covering a large space. Over it a notary's signature. Dave frowned and leaned in.

"What are these?"

"Ownership papers." Was all Balthazar said, but moving his finger to show him the address of whatever they owned now.

225 Washington Place, New York, NY 1003

Oh. My. God.

"It's my lab!"


"But… It's my lab."

"Yes." Becky turned to Veornica, laughing. "It's yours now. Ours actually, until you turn 21 it'll be co-ownership and then it's yours."

"Balthazar had it full it restored. We even went there and fixed the Merlin's Circle."

"Oh, and there's a small apartment now. You can move in if you want."

"The kitchen is gorgeous, and the bathrooms are more than decent."

"And the Tesla coils are there as well."

Dave was too overwhelmed to talk for fifteen minutes.

That night, after Dave and Becky had retired to their guest room, Balthazar entered his room to find Veronica dropped on bed, looking content. "Enjoyed your Christmas?"

"oh, yes." Balthazar sat beside her. "The food was divine, the company perfect… And my beloved by my side, what else could I have asked for?"

Balthazar grinned. "Well, if I'm not mistaken this morning we had a small interruption and I would like very much to resume our activities."

Veronica laughed, as Balthazar leaned to kiss her, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. A whine made them stop and turn; there was Tank, asleep in their hamper and looking quite lovely with a small Christmas hat over its head. "Why is Tank here?"

"Oh, he was so cold I let him sleep here." A moment of silence. "It was either that or letting him drool all over the bed."

"I'll take him to Dave." Because no matter how taken Veronica was with the dog there was no way Tank would stay with them tonight.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Cried Veronica, holding his hands as he got up.


Veronica stole a kiss from his lips, and rubbed her nose with his. "Merry Christmas."