For the ABC Challenge - Starting With M prompt on Veritaville. It's Lukabeth. And it isn't very holiday-esque. Sue me.

And I don't own PJO, thank the gods. It'd be squicky, nowhere near as interesting, and Annabeth would have died in TLT.

Matte Black

by Incendiarist

Matte black. Dark. Plain. Cold.

Never more. She'd never see him.

Over. He was gone, despite her objections.

Perfect. He had been perfect, and then he was gone.

Queen. He had always called her that.

Recapitulation. She could never do that again.

Strong. He always had been.

Tried. She tried to get over it.

Under his spell. No-one else would ever match up.

Vertigo. Every time she thought about him.

Worried about her. Everyone was.

Xeric. She had cried every last tear.

Yesteryear. She dreamed of those times, when he was still there.

Zeal. She had none. Not anymore.

Another attempt to drown her sorrows with another person. Another failure.

Breaking. Was she? She felt like it.

Crying. She couldn't anymore. She wanted to, though.

Dead. She still couldn't believe he was.

Even though he was gone, she still felt like he could see her.

Free of the pain. Something she would never be.

Gone. Too far off the edge.

Hunters of Artemis. She hated herself by the time they came.

Immortality. She accepted it, more for punishment than anything else.

Joy. She would never experience it again.

Killed. She wanted to be. And she was.

Life. Ended. (Charon still hasn't gotten that raise.)

Matte black. Dark. Plain. Cold. Dead.