Me: My second one-shot!

Girls: It's yaoi!

Naruto: Who's the couple?

Sasuke: You mean you didn't get her message?

Naruto: What message?

Rukoyo: You'll find out soon! Kyu-chan doesn't own Naruto. Characters rightfully belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is Seme and Sasuke is Uke!

Let's Go!

Sasuke was lying on the couch watching television then he saw Naruto walk downstairs in a towel ,"Why are you down here half naked?"

Naruto laid on Sasuke and looked at him, "Because no one lives here and all the windows are closed."

"Why do you want idiot?" Sasuke pushed Naruto away.

"Come upstairs," Naruto smirked.

"Nope," Sasuke turned his attention back to the television.

"Why?" Naruto whined and flopped back down on Sasuke.

"You're heavy!" Sasuke complained.

Naruto looked up at him, "You didn't say that the other day."

Sasuke's face flushed red, "S-shut up!"

Naruto chuckled and got off Sasuke, "Alright, I'll bring you upstairs by for a shower."

"Didn't you just come out of one?" Sasuke complained.

Naruto put Sasuke over his shoulder, "Nope, I just put the towel on."

"Naruto put me down!" Sasuke complained.

Naruto ignored him and walked upstairs to their room, "Wait, you have to be dirty to take a shower."

"Wait a minute!" Sasuke yelled and was tossed onto the bed.

"Come on Sasuke," Naruto pulled off his towel. "You know you want too."

Sasuke blushed and sat up. He rubbed Naruto's length and heard him moan, "This is the only time today, okay?"

Naruto smiled and nodded, "Okay Sasuke-chan."

"I told you not to call me that," Sasuke licked Naruto's length.

Naruto groaned, "You like it though, you're hard too."

Sasuke ignored Naruto and continued to lick his length.

Naruto put a hand on Sasuke's head, "I'll help you out too." Naruto pulled off Sasuke's shirt and he lay back on the bed, "You're on top this time."

Sasuke pulled off his jeans and boxers and climbed on top of Naruto.

"Love the view back here Sasuke," Naruto gripped Sasuke's staff and heard him moan.

Sasuke put all of Naruto in his mouth and started bobbing his head.

Naruto licked Sasuke's staff and pushed a finger into Sasuke's entrance.

Sasuke pulled Naruto out of his mouth, "Take your finger out Naruto."

"Why?" Naruto whined and started moving his finger. "Something much bigger is going in here soon." Naruto put Sasuke in his mouth and started wrapping his tongue around him and bob his head.

Sasuke gripped the sheets and was jealous Naruto was better at this than he was. Sasuke put Naruto back in his mouth and started copying what Naruto was doing to him. Naruto noticed Sasuke was copying him and he put in a second finger. Sasuke came into Naruto's mouth and he gladly swallowed it, "I win."

Sasuke was panting, "Shut up."

"Hey," Naruto moved his hips upward and the tip of his staff brushed Sasuke's cheek, "finish me, I'm close."

Sasuke groaned and put Naruto back in his mouth and bobbed his head faster than before. Naruto titled his head back and groaned. He began to thrust his hips upwards a little and began scissor Sasuke's entrance. Sasuke moaned as he bobbed his head and felt Naruto shoot his load into the back of his throat. Sasuke swallowed all of it and pulled Naruto out of his mouth, "A warning would've been nice."

"Sorry Sasuke-chan," Naruto pulled out his fingers. "You aren't slick down here, you'll have to do it."

"You said I wouldn't have to do it anymore," Sasuke turned around.

"It won't slide it though," Naruto complained.

Sasuke blushed.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand and licked two of his fingers, "It'll be quick."

Sasuke took his fingers out of Naruto's mouth and put them in his own entrance and started to scissor himself and wet the outside, "How long do I have to do this?"

"That should be fine," Naruto sat up and kissed Sasuke and slipped his tongue into his mouth. Sasuke replied and pulled out his fingers.

Their tongues fought and Naruto grabbed Sasuke's ass and lifted him up a little bit. Sasuke reached down and rubbed Naruto's staff and then positioned it at his entrance. Naruto pushed inside and Sasuke cried out, "It's in."

Sasuke blushed and looked away, "Go ahead and move then."

"Meany," Naruto kissed Sasuke's cheek and started thrusting.

Sasuke bit his lip to keep from crying out and wrapped his arms around Naruto's neck. Naruto nipped and kissed Sasuke's neck as he continued to thrust and enjoy his lover. Naruto still hadn't heard Sasuke cry out again and stopped.

"Why did you stop?" Sasuke complained.

"Because," Naruto pulled out and turned Sasuke around. He bent Sasuke over on the bed and trusted back into him, "You aren't crying out."

Sasuke was biting the sheets not and glared up at Naruto.

Naruto smirked and gripped Sasuke's staff and started jerking him off, "Come on, you know you want too."

Sasuke put a hand over Naruto, "Don't!"

Naruto continued to jack him off, "Why, you're enjoying it."

Sasuke knew every time Naruto jacked him off he couldn't help himself, "Naruto-kun!"

Naruto smirked and started thrusting again while still jacking off Sasuke, "Very good Sasuke-chan."

Sasuke gripped the sheets, "I'm coming!"

"Already?" Naruto pouted but still rubbed Sasuke's staff that was already throbbing.

"If you keep doing that I won't be able to last long," Sasuke complained.

"Okay, go ahead and come then," Naruto continued what he was doing.

Sasuke cried out Naruto's name and came. He collapsed on the sheets, "Naruto-kun."

Naruto pulled out and turned Sasuke around onto his stomach, "You came a lot Sasuke-chan." Naruto licked Sasuke's chest down to his stomach and cleaned up. Naruto hovered back over Sasuke and lifted his waist, "Here we go for the final stretch." Naruto pushed back into and started thrusting again.

"Naruto-kun!" Sasuke gripped the sheets and moaned every time Naruto thrusted into him.

"Sasuke-chan," Naruto knew he was close and put his hands by Sasuke's head. He thrusted faster and faster.

"Inside," Sasuke cried out between pants.

Naruto understood what he was saying and when he reached his climax, he came inside of Sasuke. Sasuke came again and he saw Naruto collapse on the bed next to him.

Naruto was panting, "You come easily."

"Some people don't have as much stamina as you," Sasuke complained.

"Whatever," Naruto kissed Sasuke's cheek. "I love you teme."

Sasuke blushed.

Naruto pouted, "Sasuke-chan."

Sasuke rolled over and buried his face in his pillow and mumbled something into it.

"What was that?" Naruto got closer to Sasuke and draped his arm over his waist. "Can you repeated that?"

"I love you too baka," Sasuke said.

Naruto smiled and laid his head on Sasuke's shoulder, "Good night."

Sasuke closed his eyes, "Good night."

The End

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