He had always been used to her calm composure, the way she would stay totally calm and collected when everyone around her was jumping off the walls. However here she was in her pajama clad glory, jumping on his bed shaking him awake.

"Soul! Soul! Get up, it's Christmas!" When he opened his eyes he met hers. Her normally dull and bored eyes were bright and full of life. Exciting even him. Not waiting for him any longer she grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of bed. He suddenly felt a chill run up his leg, seeing as he was only wearing an old T-shirt and his boxers.

"Maka, why are you so excited?" She abruptly stopped, causing him to bump into her. She turned around, giving him a huge smile, her eyes still sparkling.

"It's Christmas silly." Her voice had a sweeter and lighter tone to it.

"Yeah, but you do know Santa isn't real right?" She smirked as he gawked at the huge amount of presents under the medium sized pine tree in their living room.

"How…?" He knew he didn't do it, and it didn't seem like Maka did.

"I'm not sure who but some one really loves us."

"You know it's not-"

"Yes I know it's not Santa, I'm not five Soul." Contradicting her own statement she ran over to the tree and plopped her self down in front of it.

"Come on!" Soul smiled to himself. He loved seeing her like this, her acting as a child not feeling any embarrassment.

"Here." She hands him a box in shiny black wrapping. "This is yours." He tore open the paper and opened the small box. Inside was a note that read: "Look up" so he did. He was met with Maka's strawberry flavored lips on his cheek. He blushed several shades of red and pink before he asked:

"W-what was that for?"

"Nothing really." Maka giggled and turned back to the presents. However Soul wanted to get back and leaned forward and planted a kiss of his own on her cheek.

"Now were even." He said grabbing a present marked with his name.