Bloodlit Chambers

His cold stone hands squeezed my ribcage until I was almost positive that they would crack. "N-no!" I stuttered, trying to pry free. "Ouch! D-dimitri stop it!" With a low growl, his fists tightened around my body even tighter.

Soon I would be out of breath. "Let g-gooo!" I howled, furiously ripping at his hands and trying to breathe at the same time. I heard a distant sound like knocking or thumping…something with a banging noice. My face turned red as I gasped for air but nothing would flow into my lungs because they were squished between two strong fists. My vision was growing blurrier every second, but I fought on, desperatly trying to get away from the vicious vampire. That banging noice came back again, and it sounded as if someone was calling my name. "N-nooo! Let go! No! Nooooooo!" I wailed.

I kicked and screamed and ripped at his fists, which have all of a sudden turned soft. "Let go of me! Stop! Let go! Let-" I sat up in my queen sized bed. "Oww!" I yelped as the sunshine shone through my curtains directly at my eyes. Shielding my eyes from the light, I realized that the 'fists' were actually my blankets, all tangled around my ankles and stomach.

The banging was someone knocking at the door. Well, that made sense.

" Hello?" I hoarsely called. The door thrust open revealing my brother Connor.

"Elena! Elena, are you okay?" he asked, rushing over to my side.

" Uhh…yeah umm… I just had a nightmare I think…"

"Go figure. All I heard was screaming for about 10 minutes."

" Oh sorry. It must have been a really bad one this time."

"Your screaming?" he asked

"No my nightmares. Ever since mom died, they have been getting worse." Our mother had died about three years ago.

"Oh. You should really go see someone about that"

"Yeah dad said he would take me next month if they don't get better." I explained to my 14 year old brother.

"Yeah well… get up. I forgot we have school today."

I rolled my eyes. " How do you forget?"

" Well gee, I dunno. Maybe because I'm tiered from someone" he put an emphasis on 'someone', "screaming all night."

I glared at him and pointed to the door. "Out!"

He sighed then stalked away.

I got up then looked in the mirror. My long dark hair was tangled from tossing and turning so much. I needed to re-straighten my hair. Badly. Throwing on black yoga pants and a purple tank top, I flipped the 'on' button on my straighten, and ran a brush through my hair. As I looked at the window reflection in my mirror, I sighed. I loved spring. Especially when it meant summer was soon. And summer equals bikinis, beaches and hot boys. Oh and my favourite. No school! Just a few more weeks and Atlanta, Georgia West Coast beach here I come! My straightener beeped, indicating that it was hot enough, and I reached over and put it through my hair. After my hair was straight, I grabbed my blackberry that my dad got me for my 16th birthday this year and schoolbag, then ran down the stairs. "Toast!" my dad called, buttering a piece and throwing it in the air like a juggler. "Mine!" I replied, grabbing it and biting into it. I dropped my stuff off at the front door then ran into the bathroom. I brushed my perfectly white teeth and then put on black eyeliner and mascara. Then applying light purple eye shadow to match my top. " Con! Lets go! Im driving to school this morning!" I yelled. My dad had a meeting so I was driving. "Oh and dad your ruining your suit with toast crumbs" I laughed as he looked down and brushed them off, smearing his tux with more butter. "Lets roll!" Connor called as he hopped down the stairs. We left the house and when I got in my black Toyota, I blasted Obsession by Sky Ferarria.

"Hey," Connor called over the music that I had just turned down


"What do you think would happen if you fell asleep in class and had a nightmare?"

"Uhh well im pretty sure I wouldn't have one"

"Yeah but if you did?"

"Then I would be embarrassed for the rest of grade 10"

"I bet"

"But don't worry. I'm sure that would never happen."

But as I thought of this morning's nightmare, I began to doubt it.