Chapter Three

"What's wrong?" my gym teacher asked me as I ran another lap around the perimeter of the gym.

" You look like a ghost"

"Yeah I don't feel that well," I replied honestly

"Oh do you need to sit out?"

" No I think I'll be fine for fencing." Today we were starting fencing class. A good way to take out my emotions.

"Okay well if you feel like you need to sit down, just let me know."

"Yup." I said and to keep my emotions inside for the sword play, I jogged ahead without another word to him.

After another two laps I joined everyone in the big circle.

"Okay today we're starting fencing. I want you to put on those goggles and equipment over there for safety and take those metal swords. These are dangerous so be careful. Grab a partner and start with the simple lunging and dodging moves I showed you." The gym teacher explained as we sat in boredum. I'm assuming it wasn't Jasmine's fault for liking my brother, shes just attracted to him. But she needed to be taught a lesson. I knew what my brother did to his last girlfriend and I don't want that to happen to Min. But even if I do tell her she could have second thoughts about him and still be with him. So to make sure that doesn't happen, the sword will talk today and I will help explain. Oh and I WILL be talking to my brother at lunch. Our gym teacher clapped his hands to assemble the partners. I got up and with a fake smile on my face, called over Jasmine.

"Min! partner?"

"Yeah!" She called putting on goggles and gear

I walked over and joined her putting on goggles and gear as well, and picking up the sharpest fencing sword there, I smirked.

We walked back over to the mats and got in our starting positions.

"So" I said, taking a deep lunge into her patted stomach scoring me one.

"When did you and Connor start dating?" She lunged for me and I swiftly dodged to my left striking another lunge on her back. Two.

"Shhh." She warned me but I ignored it. "About a week ago."

"Ahhh. And you didn't tell me because you thought I would be mad at you about it?" I said taking a lunge but she dodged it and I missed, frowning.

"I didn't want Jacoby to find out. But I'm planning on breaking up with him anyways. Not because he's mean or anything just because I want to try and date new guys." She lunged and hit me in my side.

"Well, don't you think that dating my brother is a little weird? I mean I don't care that he's a freshman its just that if you heard what he did to his ex-girlfriend… of how he compelled her and lied to her to get him to like her…. He's not really a good guy."


Just then my emotions of my brother of all the times he was rude to me or anyone else flowed into me and I got to 'into' my senses and I hit her with the sword making a loud 'THWAK' noice and she flew back from the blow, hitting her head on the mat. Yes I know. I have anger issues. I smirked at her and her eyes widened at me. Ooops. I didn't mean to hit her THAT hard. All of a sudden my head started to hurt.

"Sorry Jasmine….." I apologized half-heartedly. She glared at me then got up and walked away. Just then the gym teacher blew the whistle indicating that class was over, and like lightening speed, I dashed into the change room, and got out of my clothes and running shoes and put back on my yoga pants and flip flops and re put deoderant on. Just as she walked in, I walked out the other entrance, giving her a 'don't mess with me' look. The look that spread across her face when she saw me was a combination of shock or… fear…