Title: Moments

Author: Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes: Hey! It's Christmas everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS! For all you Jamille fans I have a present for you. 50 moments of Jamille love! :-) I hope you all love it. :0)

Summary: Beat-"If I beat you at Twister," he asks; "Can I have a kiss?" 50 sentences/moments of Jamille! Merry Christmas!

Dedication: to my brother who loves Lomille. ;) Love you bro!

Disclaimer: If I owned Big Time Rush, James and Camille would be together!


She will never forget the intensity in his deep caramel eyes as he asked her to dance.


While ice will keep the swelling skin on her lips down, the healing balm of his mint flavored mouth cures her soul.


As she snuggled closer into his side, he thanked God for cutting off the electricity.


Even though she could not hear most of the conversation through the static, she did hear him utter, "I miss you baby, so much."


All she did was grasp his hand when he tried to leave her; who knew it would end on the bed with her and his arms.


She thought he had wanted the motorcycle to impress the "ladies", who would have thought it was only so she could wrap her arms around his waist.


Her boyfriend missed her birthday; it didn't matter, he serenaded her on the balcony.


His smiled dazzled the audience and tween girls around the world, but hers captivated him.


At her second wedding and first true wedding, she actually smeared cake into the right person, without an ounce of annoyance.


When he heard she might be leaving the Palm Woods, an unknown substance slithered down his features, leaving him wondering if it was because his heart hurts.


She asked him if he wanted to study chemistry together, (un)fortunately, he thought she had meant the kissing kind.


The City is Ours she agreed as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing their bodies


Through the screen of the 52 inch television, images of her wedding played, ending with her leaving with the best man.


"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," is only true when he whispers, "No matter what they say, you will always be perfect to me."


And though young relationships may not stand forever, there is hope.


"If I beat you at Twister," he asks; "Can I have a kiss?"


Even when her attempts to woo his friend failed, he would always wink at her; signaling he would help, even though it broke his heart.


She used to hate listening to heavy breathing, but after losing him, then getting him back, she was glad she had a reminder he was there.


He added ily to every text, but she didn't know what it meant till Jo told her.


Katie taped their practice for the audition on YouTube; that was the beginning on the end with her and her boyfriend, he could not be gladder.


Nicole Scherzinger may have been his first Hollywood crush, but in no way did that oversized pop star compare to her.


He wondered a simple question, if 2x + 3y = 23, then does he + her = love?


"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous,*" he found this quote to be completely true.


Lesson number one, never wear a string bikini again if you like it.


His soft breathes warmed her neck as they spooned; she hoped he would stay asleep.


Teenage Dream by Katy Perry rang from her phone; after letting her stammer for a bit, he leaned in and announces, "I hope you put that as my ringtone."


Her boyfriend gave her a dozen roses after her first premiere, he gifted her a single, beautiful daisy.


"Step 1, step 2, step 3… Ahhh! – mmph-… Uh, hi, uh, let's just pretend I didn't just fall for you, I mean on you!"


Opening her apartment door, she found a large box of her desired chocolate with a note say, "to My Coco Crazy Girl."


As she and her (ex)boyfriend walked into the "just friends " tunnel, he pulled her aside and took her to the "more than friends" tunnel.


When they had their first date, they playfully bantered over who should pay the check; he did.


Her favorite date is January 22nd, that's the day she first laid eyes on him.


What most people don't know about her, she obsessively drinks Coca-Cola, it's her coffee; he develops the taste himself after a few dozen kisses.


Most weekends he messes around with his hair and takes oh so gorgeous pictures, this weekend he will be doing something even more important, getting her back.


Thursday, at lunchtime, they would meet and practice acting, songs, and more; Thursday was his favorite day of the week.


She acted like she didn't care about him kissing her that unscripted time; in reality, she wanted him to kiss her again.


In Big Time Rush, he was considered the weakest, but they don't know he is strong for letting her be happy without him.


One Christmas, he gave her homemade earrings created with glitter, clay, and wire; she never takes them off.


He was the singer, but oh boy did he love to hear her sing "You Belong with Me" to him.


Under a lamppost during a long wintry night, they kissed, his hand on her stomach, excuse me, baby bump.


He once spoke all day in an English accent, all because of that stupid Sherlock Holmes she loved so much.


She was not a model, he was; but he loved seeing her try on clothes… and taking them off.


As his letter drifted onto the unforgiving ground, she fervently wished war was just a game.


Her favorite book character would have to be Jacob, but he didn't compare to him and his washboard abs.


His skin may not sparkle, and his eyes are not red, but he does make all the girls swoon and chooses a girl who is definitely not in the same species as him.


During Big Time Rush's Boyfriend video, all he could imagine was asking her to let him be her boyfriend.


She likes his hair, all quaffed and styled; she loves his hair


That first kiss was scripted, the second one wasn't, but her first true kiss with him was at her first wedding, right in front of her (ex)fiancé.


They were so opposite; they should have hated each other.


But because they were so opposite, they fit; that sort of fit is called love.

*Ingrid Bergman Quote

This took me FOREVER to finish! Five pages on Word processor! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it! Was anyone else really disappointed at the lack of Jamille on the show? I was really looking forward to Big Time Girlfriend, but it was a huge let down… Oh well, have a Happy, Joyful, Merry Christmas!

In God We Trust,