Harry Potter

The Secrets of Hogwarts

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Summary: One year ago Charlie and Riley learned the truth and their first year at Hogwarts became legend. Now another year begins. But little do they realize that History is about to repeat itself and the struggle for Hogwarts future will begin.

Author's Note: Firstly: Happy Christmas! Secondly; I was bored, my ideas for my other stories have run dry at the moment and I decided to come back for this. Thirdly: I had a Harry Potter box set for Christmas *Cheers* so it will be easier for me to update. Fourthly: I hope you all enjoy this Year as much as you enjoyed 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' more changes and twists are about to ensure for Charlie and Riley as they embark on their second year at Hogwarts. And lastly: I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. xxxx

Pureblood Parties

It had been 5 and half weeks since Hogwarts had let out for the Summer Holidays; and Charlie and Riley were spending it getting back into the swing of living in the Muggle world. They werent allowed to use Magic outside of school and therefore had to restrain themselves from even attempting to do it behind the Ministry's back, that was why Professor Snape had confiscated their wands the moment he had returned from the school -much to the girls disappointments- but Serena and Carol couldnt agree with the Potions master more for his decision, especially when it came to their daughters. They wouldn't put it past Charlie and Riley to do something stupid and risk exposure of the Magical world.

Other than that, many children the friends age were glad too see them back and wanted to know every tiny detail about their school and what adventures that had gotten into while they had been away. For the beginning of the summer, Charlie had to hide away from everyone on her street because she had forgotten to as Jenn or Professor Snape to hide her scars. There was no way she could have come up with a proper excuse for them, although people probably would have believed her if she said she had blown up the science room. But the moment the two Professors returned home, Serena had requested one of them use a glamour charm on her daughter, seeing Charlie cooped up all day was rather depressing.

Also, now that Jenn was home that meant William was back too, which meant even more fun on Spinner's End as Charlie returned to her protection-nature of the 7-year-old. Especially when they recieved 'visits' from the rich kids from Clinton. Clinton was a middle-class neighbourhood which was situated on the otherside of the lake, which lay in the dead centre of the small thicket of woods, separating Spinner's End and Clinton. Every summer there was war over who would use the lake, and usually Spinner's End won because the rich kids werent much fighters. They would throw around the fact that they were richer than the kids of Spinner's End and that meant they could get anything they wanted in life. But the best thing about being a Spinner's End kid; was they knew not to take anything for granted. They never gave to recieve and they were lucky to get any presents on Christmas or on their birthdays.

But they were happy.

That's all they really cared about.

"Do you miss Hogwarts?" William asked, one evening as he walked between Riley and Charlie. They were returning from the lake after spending the whole afternoon down there swimming and playing in the water they had recieved trouble once or twice from a few Clinton kids, but it wasnt nothing Charlie couldnt handle alone; and now it was coming up close to 5:00pm and time to return home. Serena Hunter had supplied Charlie with a little extra pocket money, a thank-you for helping around the house during the days that she couldnt go out and the 12-year-old had treated Riley, herself and William to an ice cream that afternoon.

"A little," Riley nodded "We havent heard from any of our friends all summer! And we don't have an owl to write to them"

William looked thoughtful "My mum has an owl," he pointed out "You can use her"

Charlie glanced down as she licked her Rocky-road ice cream "are you sure your mum would let us?" she asked

"Why not?" the little boy asked "Come on!" and finishing his ice cream, he tore up the street towards his home

Charlie and Riley exchanged looks and followed him, they reached his gate and followed him into the house "Mum!" the 7-year-old shouted out "Im home!"

"William?" Jennifer called, as she appeared in the doorway of the living room, she smiled when she saw Charlie and Riley were with him "Oh girls, there you are," she smiled "Charlie, you're mum told me you were staying at Riley's tonight"

"Yeah," the Slytherin nodded "Why? Is there a problem?"

The older woman shook her head "Oh no! Only you've both been invited to attend a party in the Wizarding world" she turned to Charlie "Your friend Marcus Flint is turning 16 and wishes for you to attend. It would seem he has sent dozens of invitations but you havent replied back"

"I havent recieved any invitation!" Charlie responded "I havent recieved any letters from my friends,"

The Gryffindor nodded "I've recieved messages from Ron and Hermione, but that's it" she answered

Jenn frowned "Mhmm...well, would you like to use Tabby to sent your acceptance?"

"Yes, please!" the two friends answered

Jenn nodded and lead them through to her study, "Here," she handed Charlie a piece of parchment "Write your letter"

"Thanks," the Slytherin smiled, taking a ball point pen from the table and sat down "Dear Marcus..." she mumured, as she wrote. Half an hour later, she had finished and sent the letter off with Jenn's owl.

"But what do we wear?" Riley was asking

"Dress robes of course," Jenn smiled "Come now, we'll go to Diagon Alley and search for a custom dress for each of you. We must get permisson off your mother's first"

Riley and Charlie nodded as they returned to their houses, recieved permission and met back up in Jenn's house; once they were set the four prepared to travel to Diagon Alley via Jenn's Floo. Pairing up Riley and Charlie went first, as Jenn and William followed.


Coughing and spluttering Riley and Charlie stumbled out of the fireplace and into the Leaky Cauldron "I still don't like that," Charlie commented, brushing some soot of of her jacket as Riley brushed some off of her jeans, nodding in agreement "I thought we agreed last time, we would walk here next trip"

"We did," Riley nodded, looking up as the flames turned emerald green again and Jenn stepped out with William "You make it look so easy!" she complained

Jenn smiled "Years of practice," she answered

After learning that the next door neighbour was in fact a witch, Riley and Charlie had also learned she was from a Pureblood family and was forced into marriage at the age of 17 by her parents, she did so grudingly but left several weeks later after finding out she was pregnant with William. She fled to the Muggle world in hopes of her husband and parents never finding her, so far it seemed to have worked but although she was still married to her husband, she harboured no feelings for him and hoped that one day she would find someone who she did love! And would cherish her and her son, for who they were and not because of some stupid blood law.

"Jenn," Charlie spoke as she followed her friend and Professor out of the Leaky Cauldron "Can I ask you something?"

The Care of Magical Creatures professor glanced down "Sure Charlie," she nodded, tapping the bricks with her wand "What's on your mind"

"When you told us about your 'arranged marriage'" the Slytherin voiced "Why did you agree to it? I mean, shouldnt you have a say in whether you want to marry someone or not?"

Jenn sighed "Unfortunately Charlie, women from Pureblood families, don't have much say" she answered "Many witches and wizards have fallen victim to arranged marriages for centuries, sometimes neither the bride nor the groom are generally happy about it. In fact, the only truly happy people seem to be the arrangers. The betrothed couple are generally stuck with it. The contract is legally binding, and always put into blace before the intendeds come of age...which is 17 in the Wizarding world" she added

"But couldnt you refuse?" Riley asked

"No," Jenn shook her head "because the contract is made before you become of age, you can't refuse. Your lives are still in the hands of your parents..."

Charlie glanced across at Riley "And you were 17, when you were forced to marry"

Jenn nodded

"Was both you and your future husband happy about the arrangement?" Riley asked

"I wasnt," Jenn answered "But Richard..." she sighed "...he didnt care, he was from a high pureblooded family. He was bound by tradition, and couldnt wait to marry me. I remember everything he used to tell me, it still grosses me out even to this day"

By now they were in Diagon Alley and approaching Madam Malkin's store

"Do you have to be 17 to be married?" Riley suddenly asked

"No," Jenn answered "My cousin, Ruth, she was married off at the age of 16. She was forced to bear her husbands children..."

Charlie and Riley gasped and cupped their mouths in surprise, repulsion and regret. Someone had actually forced a 16-year-old into marriage and later child-birth. The Magical world did not sound so fun outside of Hogwarts.

"So she's not happy?" Charlie asked "Do any arranged marriages turn out happy?"

The Professor smiled "It depends," she told them "Sometimes a couple will end up happy; but either way they are stuck, forced to remain in a relationship that neither has a say in and with no way to stop it and no way out." she explained "But then sometimes...sometimes they just happen to find a loophole"

"Have you found a loophole?" Riley asked curiously

Jenn shook her head sadly and the two friends exchanged looks, if Jenn couldnt find a loophole...maybe they could.


This was their second time in Diagon Alley, and still it amazed her. Quickly entering the robes' store Riley and Charlie bounded up to the front counter and rung the bell, pressing it one to many times as they giggled. William watched and scampered off to play with them as Jenn scouted around the place for specific dress-robes for the two Muggleborns and her son to wear to the O'Donald party. She knew that Charlie and Riley werent going to be able to afford much from the dresses, but she wasnt looking for something ultra expensive for them. They would never agree to go if they had to wear something like that; she knew the girls all too well, and therefore knew what they would wear and how much they were willing pay. Riley, she thought is going to be easy to shop for she wasnt as much of a 'goth' as Charlie was and would also wear what she was comfortable in.

Charlie on the other hand, was stubborn about her clothes! She hated dresses and had vowed long ago to never wear one, her usual clothing choice; like this afternoon for example was a black cardigan, a pair of dark leggings and a black and green tutu-skirt, on her feet she wore no socks, but plain -but faded- daps. All in all she looked comfortable, and like the Charlie Hunter she had known from an early age. Beside her, Riley was wearing a simple set of clothes which consisted of a white t-shirt, jeans and trainers with a faded grey hoodie jacket over her head.

After a few moments of pressing the bell, Madam Malkin appeaered from the back of the store "Hello dears," she greeted them happily "Hogwarts?"

"No," Riley shook her head "We're actually dress robe shopping"

"Oh, dress-robes" Madam Malkin smiled

Charlie frowned "Whatever dress-robes are of course,"

"Their the formal wear of the Wizarding world, child" Madam Malkin explained "The men wear tailoured suits and the women the stylish of dresses"

The Slytherin scrunched her nose up at the mention of a dress "I am not wearing a dress!" she stated, putting her foot down "A skirt, yes" she nodded "and dress, not a chance!"

"But you must," Madam Malkin responded "A skirt will get you a little attention but a lovely dress will sure turn heads"

"Im 12," Charlie told the older woman "I don't want to turn heads!"

Madam Malkin nodded "Of course child, well, lets see if we can't find something for you anyway"

The Slytherin shrugged and followed her out into the store; earning a jab from Riley in the process "What?" Charlie asked, "I am not wearing a dress!"


A quarter of an hour later the group of four were making their way out of Madam Malkins, Jenn clutching a parcel for William as Riley and Charlie were empty handed. There was not one outfit that caught their attention in the shop and therefore agreed to show Jenn what they intended on wearing from their casual selection back home. But before they could do that they had to find a present for Marcus.

"But I don't know what he likes," Charlie whined "Oh! How about something to do with Quidditch, he is Chaser for the Slytherin team"

"And Captain," Riley added

Jenn glanced at the Quidditch shop "I don't think you can afford anything to do with Quidditch, Charlie" she informed the Slytherin "Why not start with something simple? Books? That's a safe bet"

"Fine," the Slytherin huffed and followed Riley into the Bookstore, walking into a promotional sign which had been propped up just inside the door "Ouch! What the hell?"

The sign -which now lay on the floor, staring up at her- was for some famous author named Gilderoy Lockhart. He was a blonde haired man, with intense blue eyes that kept smiling brightly in his gaudy clothes, perfect snow white teeth and golden hair. "Are you okay?" Riley asked, darting back to her friend and glancing down at the sign "Who's he?"

"Gilderoy Lockhart," came a dreamy voice from behind them

The Slytherin and Gryffindor turned to find a girl, slightly older than her standing there. She had shoulder length red hair, with a streak of blonde through it, her green eyes were attracted to the intense blue ones of the picture as she stooped down to pick up the sign and place it back on the stand.

"No," the two friends answered, shaking their heads

The girl did not look pleased, but before she could retort anything Charlie and Riley took off to the upper floors of the bookstore and began to search for a present for Marcu's birthday. They went through rows of books, before Riley finally found a section on novels and disappeared down them. Charlie, meanwhile had found the Quidditch section and disappeared to look at them. She looked through them and finally selected one rather big book which was labelled 'Quidditch: Through the years' she knew Marcus would enjoy something like this and therefore purchased it for her friend. After selecting their gifts, Jenn led them back to the Leaky Cauldron where she bought them each lunch before returning to the Muggle world.


Finally the day of Marcus's party arrived and Charlie found herself standing in front of Jenn's fireplace wearing her best casual clothes; she had to dig her way through her wardrobe to find them because most of her clothing were deemed 'inappropriate' for casual wear, so therefore she was wearing black daps, denim jeans, black t-shirt and a black jacket over the top, with a small charm bracelet on her wrist. Riley stood alongside her waring almost identical clothing. In their hands they clutched their presents "Here were go again," Riley complained, stepping into the fireplace with Professor Snape, who was also attending. Just like he had done in their first year, he held both firs years as Charlie dropped the floo powder into the flames.

"Flint Residence!" she shouted, the flames turned emerald and the three of them disappeared.

Upon arrival at the manor Riley was stunned at the lavishness of it all, her eyes were wide as she stared around the living room, seconds after stepping out of the fireplace. Beside her she could feel Charlie tugging at her arm "Woah, look at his place!" the Gryffindor gasped "I knew Marcus was rich, but this..." she shook her head in disbelief

"Shocking isnt it?" Jenn asked, as she stepped out of the fireplace behind Snape, Charlie and Riley. William was clutching her hand tightly, his eyes screwed up "You can look now William," she informed her son

At that point a woman appeared in the doorway of the parlor and smiled as she came forward, greeting Snape with a kiss to the cheek and Jenn with a warm hug "Severus," she smiled at the Potions master "Jennifer; lovely to see you again" she noticed William "and you are?"

"Ursula, this is my son" Jenn smiled "William,"

The woman named Ursula, had shoulder length chocolate brown curls and hazel coloured eyes, she looked very pretty in her floor length back dress, that swayed with her every movement "Hello William," she nodded at him, before turning to Charlie and Riley.

"I remember you two," she nodded "Charlie and Riley am I correct?"

The two friends nodded. Mrs. Flint then motioned for them to follow her and she led through into the front hall which was decorated with its Marble staircase, oriental rugs of emerald green and silver, looming portraits of witches and wizards who were pointing and whispering. Charlie and Riley looked around, trying hard not too look as shocked as they actually felt; it was like walking through a smaller version of Hogwarts. Snape glanced down at the two Muggleborns and rolled his eyes, as Jenn smiled somewhat sweetly at them, this was a new experience for them other than Hogwarts, they had never been anywhere so grand. Being in a manor must have been like a fairytale to them, compared to what they were used too.

"We're definitely seeing what the other side lives like," Charlie muttered to Riley, earning a jab in the ribs "Ow!"

Ursula smiled as she lead the five guests through a large set of patio doors and out into the large garden behind her home, immediately the two Muggleborns were swarmed by their friends. Charlie smiled as she exchanged hugs with Daphne, Millicent and Pansy, before moving on too Draco, Blaise and Nathan. There were also several other adults and children that were from Slytherin House, most of which Charlie recognized but never associated with, some where tolerant of her, but not exactly thrilled of her Blood Purity and the way she had been sorted; she half expected some of them to hex her or tease her into asking for a re-sort but the one they had learned about her last year, she wasnt easily persauded and she didnt take nicely to bullying.

Nathan Lestrange learned that the hard way, but she was still friends with him nononetheless.

"I'm so glad you could make it!" Marcus smiled as his mother took Charlie and Riley's gifts to the gift table "I wasnt sure you would be able too; you know, given where you live"

Charlie smiled "I guess we're lucky to live opposite Professor Snape," she answered

"And next to Jenn," Riley added, before looking down as William attached himself to her leg "Hey William,"

The little boy smiled "Mum says, I can stay with you and Charlie," he told her "If thats alright with you of course"

"Your welcome with us anytime, William" Charlie smiled, ruffling his hair "You know that"

William grinned and locked his hand around Riley's as Charlie turned back to Marcus who had been joined by Nikki, Adrian and the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team

"Why havent you replied to any of our letters?" Marcus asked, finishing the drink in his goblet and he nudged Charlie "We've sent you dozens for weeks!"

"I never recieved my letters," Charlie answered "Riley recieved a few from Ron and Hermione. None of Harry, but Ron and Hermione didnt recieve any from him either. And I havent recieved any from anyone!" she looked around at her friends "I thought you'd forgotten about me!"

Draco smirked "We did try," he teased

Charlie gasped "How insulting!" she pouted

"Mhmm, I wonder what could be making your letters go astray," Nikki mused, catching Charlie's shoulder; the younger Slytherin shrugged before looking up as Ursula Flint returned

"Marcus, dear you still have guests to attend too," she mumured "Bring your friends," she smiled warmly at Charlie, Riley and William "im sure they would like the meet the infamous Muggleborns of Hogwarts"

"I didnt invite them!" he replied glancing over her mother's shoulder to see who had just arrived

"But they are here nonetheless to celebrate your birthday," Ursula told her son "Now come. Charlie and Riley have never done rounds before. Show them and introduce them to your guests"

"Yes Mother," he nodded, "If you'll excuse us" he added to, the Slytherin team and the other 12-year-olds "Riley, Charlie; please follow me" and he turned leading the friends away from the others. On the far end of the garden were a small group of people that were talking in low whispers. "Hello, Mr. Malcolm" Marcus greeted a man, dressed in black robes. The man had a serious look on his face "Are you enjoying the party?"

"Hello to you, Marcus" the man answered "I am enjoying the party. Glad to see you have grown well" his gaze landed on Charlie, Riley and William "Who are your friends?"

Although he would have preferred to turn Charlie and Riley around and remove them from Malcolm's company, Marcus knew that would not sit well with the man who had known him since he was a mere baby. But he also didnt want to see what would ensue; Malcolm knew of his friendship with Charlie and Riley and he also knew that they were Muggleborns. Needless to say, when he had returned home at the beginning of the summer the older gentleman was none to pleased.

"These are my Hogwarts friends, Mr. Malcolm" Marcus answered, turning and placing his hand on Charlie's shoulder "My house-mate Charlie Hunter; her year mate and best friend Riley Spirit," he motioned to the Gryffindor "and this is my Professors son, William"

Malcolm surveyed the two girls "Your the Mudbloods!" he sneered, his voice turning sharp and his eyes narrowing disgustedly over the two 12-year-olds

Charlie felt Marcus's hand tighten on her shoulder and she glanced up to see his eyes darken, and she knew it was at the offensive word that his guest had just called her. 'Mudblood' wasnt a nice word and Marcus didnt take nicely to people calling his friends by the name, despite Charlie being four years younger than him, she was still his friend. His family may have been big on Blood Purity, but Charlie had proved last year that she was a witch whether she was a pureblood, a halfblood or a Muggleborn.

"Do not take that look with me, Flint!" Malcolm snapped at Marcus "I realize that one of the Mudbloods, is a Slytherin, but there was a mistake! Hopefully Dumbledore will realize that and request that she be resorted into a more approrpriate house! Mudbloods are inferior to Magic and therefore do not belong in Slytherin"

Charlie frowned "Hi," she voiced, waving her hand in the air "Yes; uh...you've probably not realized, but im standing right here! So can we not talk about me like im not?" she asked

Marcus had to bite his lip to keep from smirking, as Riley's eyes went wide and she clutched William's hand tightly. Charlie, meanwhile, looked relaxed but it was Malcolm that everyone was more worried about. The look in his eyes had darkened the second Charlie and opened her mouth and his facial expression had turned livid at the very thought of her speaking to him, especially in the tone she had used.

"Oh, and while we're on the topic," the pre-teen continued "As for the re-sort? Not gonna happen! I like it in Slytherin! The other houses don't appeal to me! You can call me the 'Mudblood Slytherin' or whatever...I could really care less" she smiled

Nikki, who had joined the conversation late, stopped dead in her tracks behind her friend "Charlie!" she scolded "Do not call yourself that horrid word!"

"He started it," the 12-year-old protested, pointing at Malcolm

"Mr. Malcolm," Nikki added to the older man "I would prefer it if you did not refer to my friend as a 'mudblood'"

Malcolm looked between Nikki and Marcus "Im aware that both of you hold loyalties to," he sneered at Charlie "her. But I hope your parents do not indulge this friendship any longer. I will have to have a word with them" he nodded at the two purebloods, and brushed past the group knocking into Riley and sending her crashing to the floor.

"Oof!" the Gryffindor yelped, knocking into Charlie, who yelped as she too hit the ground "I don't like him!"

"Im sorry about that," Marcus said, as he helped Charlie to her feet as Nikki helped Riley "Malcolm is a nasty piece of work"

Charlie shook her head "Its okay," she waved him off "I was expecting it someday and besides, I can handle it"

"Obviously you cannot handle it well," Daphne's voice reached her friends senses, as she arrived with Draco and the others "Malcolm is now speaking with each of our parents and asking them to cut our ties with you. My parents have agreed, but have also informed me that its my choice if I want to remain friends with you"

"Thanks," Charlie nodded

Daphne nodded

"At least he was the last guest," Marcus told the group, he then spotted his mother near the patio doors leading back into the house "Come on, lets go to the dining room. Lunch will be served soon" he turned to Charlie, bowed like a proper gentleman and held out his arm for her to take "M'lady, may I escort you to dining room"

The 12-year-old Slytherin giggled "You may, kind sir" she responded, curtsying like she had seen on the TV, before taking his arm and walking alongside him.

Riley and Nikki smirked and exchanged looks; before turning to Willliam who had tugged at their arms and mimicked Marcus's actions. The two girls chuckled at the 7-year-old, took his hands and followed behind Marcus and Charlie.

"Etiquette is the key here," Marcus mumured to Charlie "You should have had lessons last year, but what with everything with the Stone..."

"Marcus," Charlie interrupted him "Relax. I do have manners"

The older Slytherin smirked "I just don't want Malcolm to berate you anymore than he already has"

"I'll be fine," she promised as they entered the dining room, and went around the table to find their name plates. Because it was his birthday, Marcus sat at the head of the table with his parents either side of him. Ursula requested Charlie, Riley and Nikki to sit beside her, with Jennifer and Mrs. Malfoy next; after which it went Pansy, Daphne and Millicent. On Marcus's left side was his father Robert, beside him sat Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Malcolm, Snape then Draco, Nathan, Blaise and the Slytherin quidditch team.

Brushing her hair behind her ear, Charlie could feel eyes on her and glanced up through her eyelashes to see that Malcolm was staring at her intently across the table. She smiled sweetly at him and glanced down as food appeared.

Underneath the table, Riley was fidgeting as she could feel eyes on her; picking up her napkin Charlie unfolded it and placed it on her lap, before quickly reaching across and grasping her best friends hand the two exchanged looks and the Slytherin silently told her friend to calm down. Riley nodded and let out a low breath that she hadnt realized she had been holding; picking up the correct utensils the pair began to eat. Charlie was thankful that Marcus had remembered she was a vegaterian it wouldnt have been good manners to turn down food in a home that wasnt her own.


After lunch, Ursula instructed Marcus to take his friends into the family room, which he did without arguement after noticing the look Malcolm was giving Charlie and so grabbing her arm he pulled her from the room leaving her barely enough time to put one foot infront of the other "Little warning next time, please?" she asked, as he led her to the three seater leather sofa and she plopped down in the centre as Nikki appeared beside her; Marcus dropped down beside her and Riley sat leaning against her best friends legs as William sat cross-legged between the Gryffindors legs playing with the miniture broom that Snape had conjured up for him.

Charlie glanced down at he 7-year-old and smiled as he gasped as the room levitated a few inches out of his hand and then fell back down "Cool!" he grinned

Thankfully the rest of the day went by well; except when it came to opening presents and Malcolm tsked at the books that Charlie and Riley had bought Marcus. Marcus, however, were thrilled and pulled Charlie in for a hug, holding onto her just a little longer to spite Malcolm. Charlie laughed as she hugged him back. Soon Malcolm looked away and the two Slytherin's parted.

"He's not gonna like that," Charlie mumured to her house-mate

Marcus shrugged "Your my friend, not his"

Finally, Malcolm and the other guests left, leaving the Slytherins, Riley, William, Jenn, Snape and the Malfoys. The friends had started a friendly game of Exploding Snap while Nikki chatted with Charlie about starting her training for Quidditch and before Charlie could weasel out of getting on a broomstick, Marcus had intervened and agreed with Nikki. Damn it Charlie thought as she glared at her two friends "that's not fair!" she pouted "im forbidding you two from tag teaming me ever again!"

"Get used to it," Nikki chuckled, patting her friends shoulder

Daphne turned to Charlie at that point "Are you up for that Charlie?" she asked

"Up for what?"

"Diagon Alley," Daphne responded "School shopping."

Pansy nodded "I've grown five inches since last year, so Mother wants me to get new robes"

"Lucky you," Charlie muttered "I hope to have a growth spurt soon...im still the same height I was three years ago"

"Do any of you know if there is a book store that sells second hand book?" Riley asked, she then glanced back at Charlie "I dont think new text books is within our budget this year"

The Slytherin nodded "Doesnt Ron get second hand books?" she questioned. Riley nodded. "Maybe he can help us..."

"You know, if Ron had to live in the Muggle world he'd fit in perfectly in Spinner's End" Riley pointed out

Charlie scoffed "No he wouldnt!" she replied "Ron's too nice"

"So am I,"

"Exactly!" Charlie teased "That's why you got me!"

Riley stuck her tongue out as her friend grinned.

The other students exchanged looks, shook their heads at the two Muggleborns before going back to whatever it was they had been doing. The rest of the day was spent without incident and before time it was time for Riley, Charlie and William to return home; and so bidding goobye to their friends the three disappeared through the Floo with Jenn and Professor Snape.

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