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A Long, Lost Love

Chapter 1

Waiting For Him

A girl, with long, hazelnut hair, walked casually past the opened rooms. Her ruby, red eyes were twinkling with excitement. She was not prepared for what was coming and neither was anyone else. A girl about her age, who has long, jet black hair walked past her.

"Hello Kari…" she said with a smile.

"Hi Makoto" Kari said with a warm smile.

Kari was dressed in a black knee-length skirt and a white blouse. It was covered by a knee-length grey jacket, the sleeves were quarter length, and there was a little emblem on the left side, 'Saint Rachel's Academy.' Kari Yagami, attends a boarding school just outside of Odaiba. For a 16 years old girl, she is far more mature than all the other girls in her school. Her features were far more beautiful and the kindness in her, everyone could see through her face. Kari has the warmest smile, the gentlest touch and the best personality. Any one couldn't help but to like her. Many boys her age would just die to have a date with her but every time someone asks, she just laughed, a sweet gentle laugh and said so ever kindly, that she already have a boyfriend. Her voice was so soft and sweet, no one took this rejection emotionally. Kari's heart only belonged to one person, and that person is Takeru Takaishi. They had been dating since they were 14 years old.

Kari was on her way to her dorm, hoping to start on her assignments. She quickly opened the door and went to her room. Her dorm contains 4 bedrooms, a lounge room and a dining room. There was another 3 girls in her dorm. 1 girl has one bedroom each. Everyone else was out at the moment, so she has the dorm all to herself. Kari plopped herself on her studying table and opened up her school diary.

^Mmm, Math? Or should I do my English essay first?^ she asked herself. She was just about to start when the phone in her dorm rang.

Kari ran out of the room and answered the phone.

"Hello" she greeted sweetly.

"Hi, Kari?"

"Yes it's Kari, Onni-chan, how are you…?" she asked her brother Taichi.

"Not so good…" he said with nervousness in his voice.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked with concern.

"I don't know if I should be the one who say this to you but….but…."

"But what?" Kari asked impatiently.


"Well what?!?" she asked.

"You know how T.K went on that camping trip to the snow?"


"You see Kari, oh I can't say it, but I have to, there had been an avalanche, T.K hasn't been found yet…." His voice trailed off there.

Kari didn't answer her brother. The phone dropped out of her hand, and it hung loosely beside the small table. The blood had been drained out of her face. She could hear her name being called out of the mouth piece of the phone.

"Kari? Kari?" Taichi went on.

The door of her dorm swung open. In walked a girl also about Kari's age, with shoulder length red hair.

"Kari? Are you ok?" she asked.

Kari didn't answer her either. Her energy was leaving her. The image of the girl in front of her grew fuzzy, very fuzzy and before she know it, everything turned pitch black.


"Do you think she's ok?" A worried girl's voice asked.

"I don't know, I think so…" Someone reassured her.

"Melody, what happened?"

"I don't know, I came in, she looked shocked and then bam, she fell down to the floor…"

Kari could hear voices all around her though she couldn't quiet hear what they were saying. That bad news must be a dream, she thought to herself. Her eyes fluttered open lazily.

"Kari…" all the girls in the room whispered.

Kari sat right up ignoring the headache that she is suffering. A comforting smile came from Makoto.

"How did I get in here?" Kari asked looking around her bedroom.

"You passed out after you had the conversation with your brother…" The girl that was in the dorm when Kari passed out said.

"Really Melody?" Kari asked.

Melody nodded her head. Kari felt dizzy all over. Taichi did really call her and the bad news wasn't a dream.

"Your brother said that he was coming straight away after he heard that you fainted…" Melody continued on.

Kari didn't answer, she was lost in thoughts, thoughts of T.K. That cute smile, his golden blond hair, his sapphire eyes, those features she always have in her mind.

"Kari? Did T.K really have the accident?" A girl with short, brown hair asked. Her emerald, green eyes was shining with concern.

This made Kari numb, she didn't really want to talk about it. How could she spoke of a really sad tragedy? There was a soft knock on the girl's dormitory.

"Sakura, go and answer the door…" Melody ordered.

Sakura got up and made her way to the front door. The girls in Kari's room could hear her greeting the guest.

"Konnichiwa Taichi-kun," She greeted with well-manners.

"Hello Sakura, is Kari ok?"

"Oh yes, she's just fine, please come in" Sakura invited as she moved over to the side, giving room for him to come in.

Taichi quickly made his way to Kari's bedroom, which was the first one in the corridor. He walked past the opened door and looked at Kari with sorrow in his eyes. The sight of Taichi gave a soft thud, thud on Makoto's heart. She had always has a crush on Kari's bigger brother. His athletic body, messy brown hair, the gentle amber eyes, Makoto just couldn't resist.

"Kari, are you ok?" Taichi asked.

Kari looked down at her blanket. She could feel the hot tears burning in her eyelids. Her body started to shake with uncontrollable sadness. The tears of sorrow and pain rolled down her soft cheeks, cheeks that had been touched and kissed by T.K. Melody sat herself next to Kari and put her hand around Kari's shoulders. Makoto, watched Kari feeling helpless, there wasn't anything she can do. Sakura looked at Kari with sadness. Never in her life, she had saw Kari cry, she was always the cheerful one, cheering everyone up when they were upset. The girl that brought sunshine to everyone's life.

"Kari…we had no positive evidence whether T.K is alive or dead, don't give up hope ok?" Taichi said but he doubted his words.

Kari looked up painfully and forced a weak smile. "I wont Tai, I wont, just promise me, if you hear any news on T.K, be sure to call me, I don't care whether it's bad news or good news just make sure you tell me…" she said trying to be cheerful but everyone could hear the sadness in her voice.

Taichi smiled at his sister, admiring the bravery that she had, admiring at her effort to be strong. "Of course Kari, I will…"


Many weeks passed by, and yet no news on T.K, him and a few other students were still not found. People has been saying that it was pointless to look for them anymore, it was useless, even if they were still alive when the avalanche occurred, they would have been buried under the snow, and they would have been frozen from the cold. They should just stop wasting their time, and mourn their deaths in peace. Kari secretly agreed, but she didn't want to give up hope. In her heart she prays, that T.K is still alive, out there, and soon will be returning to her. She would be in his arms once again, and he would be whispering promises, promising that he will never ever leave her again. He would kiss her on the forehead, comforting her, and softly whispers, whispers words of love.

Kari thinks about him every night, just before she goes to sleep. And every time she thought about him, it always brought tears to her eyes. Kari's school marks were going down. She walked around the school with her head hung low. Students all felt sorry for her, pitied her. She always cheered them up and they feel like they should do the same to her, but what can they possibly say or do to cheer her up?

Days go by slowly for Kari, as she waits for her beloved T.K to return. Everyday she wait by the telephone, hoping to get a phone call from Taichi, saying that T.K has been found and that he's alive and safe. Kari hardly talks anymore. She didn't

confide in anyone. She pours her soul and feelings into her sad poetry. No one heard her sweet laughter anymore or see the happiness in her ruby, red eyes. All they see was sadness and hatred towards the world. Makoto had once walked into Kari's room to find a book, open on the floor with one of Kari's poetry. When she read it, she felt really sorry for Kari. Makoto had rang Taichi up and read the poem to him.

'What else is left in this cold, cruel world?

When Mother Nature, takes the person for me that was sent from above,

Could it be because I'm not perfect? Not an intelligent girl?

Or was it because Mother Nature was jealous of our love?'

'The sweetness and gentleness of your voice,

Has been wiped away from my ears,

You are far better than other boys,

You're too nice and kind, isn't that clear?'

'I cry many tears, I cry many nights,

Just at the thought of you,

It just doesn't feel the same without you by my side,

Why did this tragedy happen? I wouldn't have a clue'

'It hurts me to think that I can't see your face,

Or listen to your sweet melody,

You are somebody I cannot replace,

But can you replace me?'

'Love? Is there such thing?

Or is it just some word some one made up?

A word which proclaims no meaning,

A word that break millions of hearts'

Taichi had been speechless when Makoto read out to him and Makoto had bursts into tears, Kari always used to write spell-binding poems that were full of love enchantments but now, all her poems were filled with misery and woe.

Kari these days, always curled up under her blanket, crying herself to sleep. She would look up at the stars through her window, that has a perfect view of the lake, the stars and moon would shine bright, she always wondered, whether T.K is alive and looking up at the stars too, thinking about her. Love, she asked herself, is there such a thing? Or is the world just filled with pain? Kari would ask herself a million questions until she finally drifted to the world of dreams.

Kari had woken into a bright, lovely day. The atmosphere in the school was filled with excitement and nervousness. Today, the boy's from 'Saint Lukas Academy' were coming, for a special dance and a tour around the school. Every girl in the school were knocking on each other's doors, asking for opinions on a dress, or opinions on make-up or how they should do their hair. Makoto, Melody and Sakura were buzzing around with excitement. Outside Kari's room she could hear them saying 'Should my hair be up or down? Straight or curly?' Do you think blue would match me or green?' Kari blocked her ears with her hands. Saint Lukas, was the school that T .K used to go to. How could she face all those people? T.K was very popular in his school and she's sure that everyone would remember her, the girl that T.K always hanged around with in dances and tours. She felt like she wanted to go home just for the night. But she have a very special job tonight, she was to sing on the stage in front of the other students. Kari closed her eyes and tried to remember the dream she just had the night before. She remembered T.K coming back to her, and they had embraced so tightly. Kari could remember that dream very well, in her dreams is where she only could see T.K, feel his magical touch against her soft skin. How lovely it felt. Kari was lost in thoughts when suddenly and arubtly the door to her room was swung open.

Melody marched in, and sharply sat down beside Kari. She eyed Kari from her feet to her head. Her penetrating gaze made Kari felt like she was a piece of art work that needed some adjustments.

"What?" Kari asked.

"As you know" Melody started to say "Today at exactly 11:45, the boys will arrive and we will have to be ready by then, the time right now is precisely 10:00, I suggest you get ready now…I want you to have a good time today."

Kari smiled at her friend, they all cared about her, even though it was hard to have fun without T.K, she would do it for her friends. It's about time she changed her mood, just for the day to make her friends happy. She nodded her head and walked out of the room to take a shower.

Melody, Makoto and Sakura got together and sat down at the lounge room. In the center of the room there was a great, mantle with a fire place in the middle. On top of it was a large painting of a magnificent landscape that could cheer any one up when they are down. Kari had sometimes looked at it and felt slightly better. The girls gathered around and started chattering about the boys.

"Well, I'm really looking forward to it," Sakura said.

"Oo Sakura, I know who you're looking forward to meet…" Melody started to say while winking at Sakura.

Sakura blushed, hot pink. "Syaoran Li" she said dreamingly.

"I heard that he's a very ignorant person though," Makoto said, she caught the furious gaze that Sakura was giving her "What I mean to say is, he's a very serious person" she corrected herself.

Melody nodded her head in agreement.

"Well, don't talk about me…" Sakura said "Talk about yourselves…!"

"You see, I don't know any of these people," Melody said "So what do you expect me to say?"

"Makoto?" Sakura asked.

"I'm not really looking forward to meeting the boys, but I would like to be their tour guides, its fun…!"

Melody and Sakura stared at their friend disbelievingly.

"Oh I get it," Melody said a mockery tone "Your precious little heart only belongs to Taichi Yagami…"

"Shut up" Makoto said.

The girls all started to laugh when Kari walked in. She just had a bath robe over her.

"What are you girls laughing about?" she asked.

"Nothing" they all said together which made them laugh all over again.

Kari rolled her eyes playfully. "If you want to be perfect when the boys get here, I suggest you get ready…" Kari taunted which made the girls realize that they don't have much time left. They all ran to their rooms at an uncontrollable speed except for Makoto who just ran slower.

45 minutes later, Kari walked out of the room looking like a flower that has just bloomed out of the dirt. She looked fresh, enchanting, breathtaking and magical. Even though deep down her heart, she was filled with sorrow. Kari's long, hazelnut hair was put up into a French bun. Her fringes were let out. She wore an ocean blue dress that reached her knee and it was sleeveless. Her friends walked out of their rooms and gape open mouthed at her friend. They haven't seen Kari this magnificent since the accident occurred.

Kari laughed at her friends reaction, a laugh that was only a cover up for her friends.

"Don't you think we should go?" Kari asked. The other 3 nodded and they made their way to the main hall.

The hall was packed with nervous girls and excited girls. The hall buzzed around with conversations on experiences and boys. All eyes turned Kari's way as they entered. Most people smiled at her, happy that she finally recovered. Some looked at her surprisingly. Kari fidgeted uncomfortably.

Kari was so glad when the bus actually arrived. It got people's attention off her. The girls lined up in an ordinary fashion waiting for the boy's to greet them. Kari saw some familiar faces as the boys came out of the bus. Then out of the bus, came a boy with amazing golden, blond hair and gentle blue eyes. For one second she thought she was looking at T.K. He looked her way and caught her staring at him, he smiled at her. Kari then realized that, that wasn't T.K, she didn't have the tingly feeling that she always get when T.K smiled at her. She quickly looked down.

All of the boys went to any girl they wished and asked them, kindly to show them around the school, the grounds, to see how much it changed from the last time they've been here. Sakura almost squealed in delight when Syaoran Li asked her. Melody smirked while Makoto laughed. A boy with spiky, brown hair and amber eyes walked up to Makoto and asked her to show him around. Kari realized that this boy was Daisuke Motomiya, an obnoxious boy that had always has a crush on her since way back. He had been rivals with T.K, in order to win Kari's heart. It really broke his heart to see T.K having Kari. Kari was sure that her day would be filled with sadness if she was to supposedly spend her day with him. Makoto on the other hand, was pleased when Daisuke asked her. He reminded her so much of Taichi. She walked away with Daisuke with a fabulous smile across her face.

Kari wasn't expecting for anyone to choose her. After all, they wouldn't want to mess around with T.K's girlfriend or we should say ex if he's dead. To her surprise, the boy that resembled T.K walked up to her. Kari's heart gave a summersault.

"Would I have the honor, to be shown around with a magnificent girl like you?" he said sweetly as he extended his arm to her.

Kari took it and nodded her head. They slowly walked away out of the main hall, while Kari explained, coolly, the history of the school and the places that are most important.

"That's the library over there and that's the main building…" Kari rambled on.

The boy never took his eyes off Kari. He looked at her with awe.

"There's the lake, the most beautiful place in the school…so what do you want to do know?" Kari asked, feeling exhausted from all the explanations.

"I want to sit down under a big, shaded tree, with you next to me so I can get to know you…" he replied.

Kari felt a tingly feeling down her spine as she nodded. She couldn't help but to fall in love with his sweetness. They both slowly walked to the biggest, shaded tree that is within their view. When they were finally sitting comfortably the boy started a conversation.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Watashi no namae wo Kari Yagami desu (My name is Kari Yagami) you?"

"My name is Willis," he said while smiling at Kari. Kari smiled back at him.

For a few moments, no one said a word. The wind could be heard, brushing the leaves of the trees, the grass flew around gracefully. Kari couldn't help but to notice that this boy was not like any other boy she met before apart from T.K. They both are very alike. Same shapes of blue eyes, same golden blond hair, same way as the way T.K posed, the only difference were their smiles. T.K's one always gave Kari the wonderful sensation making everything within her view to change only to T.K. Willis's smile just gave her comfort, which any other smile can do.

Willis looked at the girl before her. He wondered whether she already has a boyfriend. It's impossible for her to be single. She was sweet, innocent, gorgeous and enchanting. Could it be possible that she's still single? Would she accept if he asked her to go on a date?

"KARI?!" a voice suddenly called out.

Kari and Willis both turned to the direction where the yell had came from. Melody came running to her. Kari stood up and watched her friend come to her.


"Phone call, from your brother, it's important, he said…" she said panting for breath.

Kari felt butterflies in her stomach. Could it be the news she had been waiting for?

"Melody, I would like you to accompany my guest" she said. "Willis I'm sorry but I really have to take this call…"

Willis nodded his head understandingly.

Kari ran as fast as she could to her dorm almost knocking people down on her way. She trashed the door open and ran to the phone. The cream phone was waiting for her patiently. Kari gripped the phone in her hands. Would she hear good news or bad news? She placed the phone on her ears.

"Onni-chan" she whispered.

"Kari, it looks like that …"


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